Workshop on African American Prosody

October 10, 2018

UMass Amherst

W.E.B. Du Bois Library 720 Experimental Classroom (7th Floor)

9:30-10:00 - Gathering and introductions

10:00-10:45 - Nicole Holliday & Jason McLarty: Sociolinguistic Approaches to Prosody and AAL: Findings, Implications and Future Directions 

10:45-11:30 - Shelome Gooden: How do intonational differences figure into socially constructed variation in speech?

11:30-1:00 - Lunch (Interdisciplinary Learning Center, Room N400)

1:00-1:45 - Sonja Lanehart: Have Linguistic Tools Caught Up with Complex Linguistic Issues in Society?

1:45-2:30 - Mara Breen: Using the tools of acoustic analysis to study prosody

2:30-3:00 - Coffee Break

3:00-3:45 - Alejna Brugos: Prosodic annotation using ToBI

3:45-4:30 - Lisa Green & Meghan Armstrong-Abrami: Hands-on exercise in adapting the Discourse Completion Task for AAE prosody