Transportation Specialist Representative (ODOT/DMV at Mall 205 - TSR1 LD) July 2021 - current
Specifically relevant experience includes OLIVR, ATD, field office scanners/workstations/printers, as well as PIN pads, telephony, and miscellaneous software and hardware; other position experience includes transactional interactions with customers for credentials, vehicular titling/registration/finance, as well as troubleshooting transaction issues in review/lien perfection/pending status; rising regularly to top 20 of transactions processed within 6 months and currently one of the top transaction processors in office and region; have cultivated relationships with many in the TRC workgroup; assisted RA and CSM with local, regional branding materials

Drive Examiner at ODOT/DMV (ODOT/DMV at Mall 205 - OS2 LD) March 2021 – July 2021
Customer service interactions, including conducting drive tests, work at PCS for credentials

Mobile Technical Support at Lloyd Haynes and Associates                                August 2020-April 2021
IT support for clients on- and off-site/remotely for Win/Mac workstations:  installation, repair, deployment of new equipment including router, modem, scanner/printers, cabling, and other miscellaneous needs for medium to large business clients; managed company-wide workstation initial software setup and hardware installations; remote technical support through FastSupport and others; and acted as on-call assistance via email and phone

Events & Promotions Manager at Crush, LLC                                                                  October 2013-August 2020
Management of booking;facilitation of event needs, including but not limited to catering, all technical support for registers, workstations, audio/visual equipment; content strategist for all social media presence, creation, management, and maintenance of website, all social media advertising, as well as external Liaison for business partnerships (Yelp, local print, etc); supervising staff of up to seven occupancy controllers

Digital Media Analyst at The Kroger Company                                                                 April 2012 – July 2016
Provide measurement strategy recommendations for upcoming campaigns based on historical data review and strategy knowledge, generate campaign reporting while ensuring data accuracy utilized both internally for decision-making as well as externally for validating spend and explaining campaign results to various audiences. Data analysis and trend tracking, complete data architecture for aggregated department datasets used for all reporting by Digital Media Insights; primarily through Excel with the creation of JSON and SQL additions

Interactive Media Trafficker/Digital Coordinator at CB&S Advertising                June 2010 – April 2012
Generate campaign reporting ensuring data accuracy for Media Planners & Buyers to make future campaign decisions, Manage creative assets and file structure/organization for department; Interact with site contacts regarding performance and implementation of campaign, Work with Media Planners/Buyers to establish best practices, as well as Account Managers


(further job responsibilities and additional employment history available upon request)

Executive Director at Rose City School (also owner)                                                            June 2012 - Aug 2020 *COVID hiatus
Instructor in movement & arts; branding/concepting; all admin/finance/marketing; graduating 200+ students

Owner at PrinterActive Media, Web/Design/Marketing                                                             September 1998 - present
Graphic design for print and online media, social network & email marketing, print advertising and website design

Director of Marketing at Coldwell Banker (Southern California)                                        April 2005 - May 2007

Sales Assistant at Chicago Title Insurance Company (Long Beach, CA)                               May 2007 - October 2007
Recruited to help grow business by expanding offerings to real estate agents, including property listing websites, marketing materials, and distribution of electronic marketing; as well as act as personal assistant to Director of Sales.