Black River Independent School Committee

Date/Time: 01/24/2019 @ 6:30pm

Location: Google Hangouts


I. Roll Call: Called to order by John at 6:55pm

  1. Roll Call: John Bannon, Melissa Perrino, Suzy Buckley, Megan Harlow, Marissa Selleck; Uli Donohue @ 7:13pm
  2. Discussion of Agenda: Additions and Deletions: MS to add III. B. 5: News Media Contacts Outreach

II. Approval of Minutes

  1. 11/15/2018, Fundraising Consultant Synopsis: Postponed
  2. 12/13/2018: Postponed

III. Business

  1. Updates

1. LMHUUD 01/09/2019 Meeting: Meg Powden has been in contact with Fire Marshal; they will schedule a meeting for the Fire Marshal to assess the building and if it’s viable for the new school board to rent it out once BR closes as the public school and if not then what needs to be accomplished for it to be up to code again.  

They also planned on sending an official letter to the Town to ask if they were going to accept or deny “Right of First Refusal”

2. Lawyer Contact: Uli reached out to the lawyer last week via email to catch up; will keep us posted on response.

*Discussing status of BR building’s availability as one of the current main topics.

3. New Timelines: MP offered we should renew events, ie: Fundraising, if we have none planned yet; JB suggested next step is meeting 1:1 with bigger donors and approaching that middle tier of financial capacity.

4. Update/Organize Email List: Review and renew contacts and involvement.

     B. Discussions

        1. Bookkeeping Options: MP explained that the fundraising consultant suggested

            our most appropriate option for an online financial program is a company

           called “Little Green Light;” MP reached out to their Support Techs and they

           responded with an option; depends on our current standing however.  In the

   meantime we will continue with Excel Spreadsheet as the fundraising

   consultant had suggested; have to find financially appropriate one.  JB and SB

   will meet to continue updating spreadsheet and another contact at the school/

   BRISC volunteer will assist; SB: they will each pick a section to expedite

   process; MP will get them the lists before the weekend.

2. Printing Next Round of Donation Request Letters: MP printed out 25 more with a select group of addresses to mail them to.  Discussion of how many more to print, opted to print an additional 50 letters and focus on Mt. Holly contacts to include that group as well.  SB pointed out to make sure letters are updated to read February 2019.

3. Donation/Gift Received Thank You Letters: Who/When?-Everyone of the donors should receive them technically anyway.  MS: We have templates used from last summer for gifts from two local businesses raffled off at the Farmer’s Market Pop-Up we can adjust to send to current donors; UD: We also have a template from the first donor on the Received List; UD & SB have checked mail, a few returned letters with incorrect addresses; will make a note of those so as to correct them for further mailings; MP/SB: As long as lists are passed along it needs to be organized asap, correlation between lists needs to be sorted out.

4. Alternative Locations: JB has a contact he can reach out to in order to get in touch with Bishop headquartered in Burlington to discuss possible option of school/classes in Catholic Church on High Street.  MS: Follow ups with other possible locations brainstormed at the beginning?  JB: Wait for status of BR’s ownership, community campus options to follow depending on that.

5. News Media Contacts Outreach-MS: We were provided contact for local radio station, reaches a lot of local townships; avenue for us to share progress to a wider audience.  JB: What is their structure? MS: A little of everything; morning talk shows and interviews/guests, music, lunch time programs, drive home entertainment, news/updates.  Also, get back in touch with OVTV.  JB: Opted it’s time to do another Press Release; MP also suggested we get back into Front Porch Forum resource.

        *Follow Up: Outreach, Plan/Discuss Press Release items.

IV. Public Comment-N/A

V. Suggested Items for Next Meeting

New Calendar for events (Uli can check to adding a link)

Organize Involved Contacts

Organize (Print) Donations/Gifts Received Letters

Mailing the 25 (& then 50) More letters

*MP: Update donor/donation page information on our website? UD to look into

*MP: shared list for Mt. Holly for reference to double check addresses/contacts

VI. Adjournment-Adjourned by JB at 7:40pm