Your writing must be exactly 100 words (use tools - wordcount to check).

This is a magic door. You have to decide where it is, who put it there, what it leads to & what happens when you walk through it!


Start writing here:there was a door that was blue in the middle of nowhere and if you would want to go in there you want come back alive… But one day there was a guy named jake he lived in a fortress he is used to scary stuff he was walking until he saw it the door… ¨WHAT!!!!¨ He looked in it  he said, ¨what is this?¨ he little bit but his hand the door pulled  him in noooooo!!!!!!! He landed somewhere ¨where am i?¨ he saw 2 people hey help me they started to shoot at one and other a gun was right next to him   the guy killed the other guy  then he started  started shooting at jake he run fast and got the gun he started to shoot at  him