February 11th, 2019

Location: Steele Indian School Park

In attendance: Ernesto Lopez- Secretary, Sheldon Baldwin- Commissioner, Conard Franz - Treasurer, Robert Pena -Jr Assistant Commissioner, Jinx Baldwin, Johanna Lorraine - Player Representative

Meeting Called to order at 1922

Finance: (Conard)        Chase: $22,907.28 (02/11/2019)        PayPal: $3,752.44 (02/10/2019)                 Beginning February Total: $26,659.72        Change from January: -$512.38

We currently have two outstanding invoices for $100 and $90 (Triple X, Hit Men)

Insurance was paid in full with coverage from 02/2019-02/2020 ($1,906.20 by Credit Card)

The Board has authorized Ernesto Lopez and Conard Franz to close existing bank account, paypal and any other monetary accounts and redeposit all funds in new accounts with each of those financial institutions that coincide with our business status (501(c)3).

Old Business:

Pride: Are we going to do anything?   We are not going to participate in any PRIDE events for 2019

Ernesto storage unit, not everyone voted are we going with this option? Ernesto let the unit go, so he will touch base later if it comes available.

CPR certification - Sheldon reached out to Michael about CPR certification - Sheldon is still working on pricing and times, and will update the Board at the next meeting.

Open board positions - Assistant Treasurer, Assistant Player Representative, Assistant Public Relations - Juan Chia will assist with Social Media outreach, Sheldon has spoken with Michael Hall about the Assistant Treasurer position. As we head into the season please talk with people and be realistic about time commitment.

Goals for 2019 - A cohesive team with better communication between the board and/or our members.   Working with more of the sports leagues and creating a collaboration to have a more unified group. Softball, darts, tennis, flag football, billiards, kick ball, bowling, more than bars, ripple phoenix, We need to work on recruiting, retention, recoupe former  members. (exit interview, forms, etc) Substitute player lists.

New Business:

Spring Season: Play Schedule, Board coverage schedule, Indian Steele lines, team sign-ups/captains list

Play schedule will be start at 1630 @ Las Glorias on 19th Ave and Northern. Board Coverage - Robert will work on that - please make sure you have you schedules updated on the calendar we should all be on hand for week 1. Steele Indian School Park lines - We were speaking with getting lines installed like at Rose Mofford - Johanna will update later. Team sign-ups/captains list - completed

Closing party: Ideas, venue? Quince, by March everyone needs to get a quote for food truck and looking at holding the event at Steele Indian School.

Sets On The Sand: Planning? What are we doing with softball? Donations, flyer(deadline was by sin city tournament)? (Conard, Jinx & Vince) Ernesto will update website by end of this week. Vince will update on flyer. Sheldon has $100 from Hula’s and $75 for three different places. All members will update by March with $100/season.

Sets on the Sand Tournament: April 13-15, point people: Senior Commissioner & Treasurer (idea is for them to develop and mentor the Junior assistant and assistant treasurer for the Fall Quicksand Tournament) Jinx and Conard and Ernesto will assist.  $Max 125 fee early registration will run now through 03/31 @ $75 1st $125, 2nd $75, 3rd $50 with division of 8 teams. Vince will update a flyer and get it out before Sin City - We will touch base on our them at the next meeting.

Policy & procedure manual (Robert) - Will have updated general by Friday.

Any other new business?

Meeting ended 2034


January 14th, 2019 @ 1929

Location: 1603 W. Keim Dr.

Attendees: Sheldon Baldwin, Jinx Baldwin, Johanna Lorraine, Michael Wydra, Roberto Pena, Ernesto Lopez, Conrad Franz, Vince Urban        

Not in attendance: Assistant Public Relations, Assistant Player Representative

Finance: (Ernesto/ Michael)

Review of the Financials

1st- Michael

2nd- Roberto

Discussion: Sheldon - overall down in sign ups, but with removal of “free season” income stayed pretty consistent.

Conard - No summer 6-man A and very little sign ups for Winter - need to address

Sheldon - Negative $100 in 04/2018? Could possibly be a “dispute of charges” from tournament of 10/2017 - Conard will research and report next meeting

Michael - found it was for payment for Chili Cook Off a payment of $50, $30, $20

Approval of the Financials:

1st - Roberto Pena, 2nd- Sheldon Baldwin - Aye- 7, Nay - 0, Abstain-0

Paypal: $1,972.76 as of 01/01/2019

Chase Account: $25,199.34 as of 01/01/2019

Change: -$1,039.43 (October - December expense)

Beginning January 2019 Total: $27,172.10

October 2018 Total: $28,211.53

New Business:

2018 Donation - are we going to donate -  Motion: Sheldon motion to not make a retro active donation to a 501(c)3 for calendar 2018.  1st- Roberto Pena, 2nd- Johanna Lorraine, Aye - 7, Nay-0, Abstain-0

2019 AZGV Budget (Michael & Ernesto)  Motion: Conard Franz moves to approve the 2019 Budget. 1st- Vince Urban, 2nd- Roberto Pena, Aye-7, Nay -0, Abstain-0

Insurance approval for vote: Current coverage ends 02/09/2019 - Motion: Sheldon motions to approve purchasing K&K Insurance, not to exceed $2,100.00. 1st- Vince Urban, 2nd- Jinx Baldwin, Aye-7, Nay-0 Abstain-0

UPS mailbox vote - Vote was taken with an approval for one year not to exceed $250.00 - Mailbox was purchased for $625.86 for 30 months - Renewal will be 07/11/2021 - new address 24 W Camelback Road #A432, Phoenix, Arizona 85013 included with the purchase was 24-access, package pick-up, unlimited copies with code.

Review board positions and responsibilities. CPR & First-aid certification deadline. Do as a board & hire someone to meet us at a location? Update - Policy and Procedures manual - Robert is taking the lead on ensuring that each board member completes their section - Robert will give the Board an update at the next meeting, In addition Robert will be taking care of the Board Schedule for the next season. CPR & First Aid Certification - Michael will check if we can get on his works training classes - otherwise Sheldon will touch base. OPEN POSITIONS - Assistant Player Representative,  Assistant Public Relations

Michael Wydra is official resigning his position at the end of this meeting. Motion: Promote Conard Franz to Treasurer to fill Michael Wydra term until the end of 2019. This will leave the position of Assistant Treasurer open until filled by the board. 1st Ernesto Lopez, 2nd Jinx Baldwin - Aye 7, Nay 0, Abstain 0

Ernesto will explore renting storage unit at his place, for easy drop off and pick up of equipment.

Approve 2019 Calendar (All Board Members) Decide venues for season opening and closing parties & Tournaments. Motion: Robert moves to approve Calendar from January - April with an addition of Tournament “Saguaro Cup Sports Festival” on April 12th - 14th. 1st- Johanna Lorraine, 2nd- Vince Urban, Aye-7, Nay-0, Abstain-0

Discuss two man game play day to Wednesday. - We are looking at better participation since there is no Indoor, Softball, or Kick ball. Successful change will be dependent on enrollment and marketing. 2-man format has been moved to Wednesday.  PR Cadence to  coincide - Sheldon, Johanna and Vince will set a date to meet and get a plan to meet. Monthly newsletter or some form of consistent communication with players - email acquisition will need to happen so we can get this done -  ? Any goals we want to hit in 2019 - Table to the next meeting.

Opening Party: January 31st, what do we need to do to prep. (Develop checklist)? Communication & e-mail blast cadence? Sheldon will take care of the first opening party - and develop checklist. We are looking to have the opening party at Bar1 - Sheldon will confirm by: 01/18/2019

Open Play, prep… what do we need (Develop checklist)? Feb. 4th & 11th. Equipment check, where are we, what do we need? Communication & e-mail blast cadence? Johanna is taking care of equipment check and completed with update to board by 01/21/2019. Facebook post will be done by Vince and scheduled post on Social Media 01/21/2019.

Season Start Date Monday the 18th.  Are we/will we be ready? Johanby 01/31/2019. Johanna will touch base with hotel on a good time to drop sand, ideas for improvement on the lighting. Captains meeting & rules refresh for 15 minute rule, high-light common rule breaks? Reinstitute Captain's meeting - at 2nd Open Play at 20:00 if there is not a team member present/coach they must get signed off and will touch base with Tyre regarding sand and lines and will report back to the board thru text message  before 1st game of play. Sheldon and Conard will spearhead this.

Sets on the Sand Tournament: April 13-15, point people: Senior Commissioner & Treasurer (idea is for them to develop and mentor the Junior assistant and assistant treasurer for the Fall Quicksand Tournament) Jinx and Conard and Ernesto will assist.  $Max 125 fee early registration will run now through 03/31 @ $75 1st $125, 2nd $75, 3rd $50 with division of 8 teams. Vince will update a flyer and get it out before Sin City - We will touch base on our them at the next meeting.

What do we need in prep for this tournament? Donations, marketing, event on FB, Checklist, doing in conjunction with Saguaro Cup? Item Tabled till next meeting

Open board positions: who is going to take over responsibility of open positions? Any prospects from any current players? Item Tabled till next meeting.

Long-term planning: Update roles and responsibilities for general board duties. Item tabled till next meeting.

Next meeting will be Monday, February 11th @ 7:00 p.m.

Robert moved to adjourn

Johanna 2nd

Aye 7, Nay 0, Abstain 0

Meeting adjourned at 9:35pm


October 21, 2018 @ 19:16

Location: Wyndham Garden Hotel

Attendees: Ernesto, Conard, Jinx, Vince, Johanna                                     Not in attendance: Michael, Amari

Finance: (Ernesto/ Michael)



Paypal: $1,500

Chase Account:  $26,711.53

Change: $2,044.66

October 2018 Total: $28,211.53

July 2018 Total: $26, 166.87

April 2018 Total: $26,100.64

March 2018 Total: $26,433.77

January 2018 Total: $25,593.79

December 2017 Total: $25,610.86

November 2017 Total: $25,502.31

October 2017 Total: $26,362.46

September 2017 Total: $ 24,668.55

August 2017 Total: $ 23,210.13

New Business:

CPR certification - Jinx will get CPR/First Aid certified and get us a receipt for reimbursement

Pride Parade -  We will enter a vehicle - Johanna will use her truck, Conard will get with Maria from Coors and see if we are going to combine - DJ Urban will participate

Aye - Unanimous, Oppose - none, Abstain none

Remove Amari - Ernesto moved to remove Amari, Johanna Second

Aye - Unanimous, Oppose - none, Abstain none

December move- Johanna is moving - we need to find a new storage unit or use Johanna new storage room -- we will table till  December meeting

QuickSand Recap (October) - All winning teams paid - total loss (estimate) $264.14 - Michael will review and update

Sets On the Sand (April) - Dates are set April 13 and 14, 2019 -  Opening Party Friday, April 12, 2019 7-10 pm @ Charlies, Hosting Hotel - Embassy Suite (Thomas RD and Central), Saturday, April 13th is Pool Play Rose Mofford (we are included in CCSL’s bid for Volleyball Courts)

What type of tournament - 2 or 4 = Vote for 2 Aye - Ernesto, Johanna, Jinx, Oppose - Vince, Abstain - none

Tournament will be 2 man - 3 man cap

Cost of tournament -  $150 - 04/08-04/10, $125 03/18-04/07, $100 - now - until 03/17

Prize Money - $200 1st place, $150 2nd Place, $100 3rd Place

Conard will talk to Maria/Jonathan for sponsorship of prize money for upper and lower with possible price increase of prize money

Tournament Director - Currently will be assigned to Johanna  - She will get us a  “Gantt Chart” to us by next Sunday with assignment

Vacancy - we will make with what we got

Election - We all need to be recruiting

Website - Johanna motioned - To offer Franklin $1,000 to finish our website with GoDaddy to get it online and build our payment process and fix our email system - if we need to negotiate for higher cost Franklin will submit in writing  - Ernesto seconded - Aye - Unanimous, Oppose - none, Abstain - none

Ernesto will reach out to Franklin

Conard will get with GoDaddy and streamline ownership of all information to our 

Board Schedule - done

Stocking for Christmas Closing Party

Hotel BAG - 3 BALLS (2 old balls and 1 new)

Park bag - 4 balls (1 old ball, and three new)

1 new spare at Jojo

Conard has 4 flat that he will exchange by Veterans Day

Vince moved to adjourn

Johanna Second

Aye - Unanimous, Oppose none, Abstain - none

Meeting adjourned at 20:15


July 15. 2018 @ 6:30 pm

Location: Wyndham Garden Hotel

Attendees: Aaron, Earl, Amari, Ernesto and Michael                                                                  Not in attendance: Shasta, Vince, Conard

Finance: (Ernesto/ Michael)



Paypal: $1, 500.00

Chase Account:  $ 26,166.87

Change: $1905.87

Due to transfer and summer fees

July Total: $26, 166.87

April Total: $26,100.64

March Total: $26,433.77

January Total: $25,593.79

December Total: $25,610.86

November Total: $25,502.31

October Total: $26,362.46

September Total: $ 24,668.55

August Total: $ 23,210.13




April 22, 2018  @ Wyndham Garden Hotel

6:38 pm      Attendees:  Conard, Ernesto, Aaron, Johanna and Michael                                                                  Not in attendance: Earl, Shasta, Vince, Eddie and Amari

Finance: (Ernesto/ Michael)

1st- Aaron

2nd- Michael


Paypal: $1,839.64

Chase Account:  $ 24,261.00

Change: (-)333.13

Advertizing, park fee, speaker, chili cookoff, corp commission, balls, gift certificates from Charlies

April Total: $26,100.64

March Total: $26,433.77

January Total: $25,593.79

December Total: $25,610.86

November Total: $25,502.31

October Total: $26,362.46

September Total: $ 24,668.55

August Total: $ 23,210.13

Sets on the Sand Tournament: Rose Mofford, April 14-15, 9 Teams lots of disorganization across the board.  There needs to be a timeline involved in tournament sign up. We need to be more involved with softball and where they connect and advertize.

Closing Party: Stacy’s April 30th johanna text vince about confirming Stacy's for the 30th ask for three tables by back door. And drink specials for wrist band members.

Board members looking at pricing for catering by wednesday 4-25

                        Johanna. Chipotle

                        Michael. Panda

                        Ernesto. Oreganos

                        Aaron. Spanatos

                        Conard. Harvey Wineburger

Shifts Next Season instead of nights: We do nights instead of shifts and historically it doesn’t work. To coordinate the shift with game times.  Where as if it was just the night you get it done and over with in one go. Ernesto will be creating the summer board coverage schedule and EVERYONE will have 9 shifts! All board members must have their time off in before schedule is made.  Each member must get their shift covered if they cannot make it.

Shared Space: More Than Bars, 4328 N 7th Ave, hostevents, shared storage, shared space (Johnny Stachu)

         - johanna motioned at this time we will not partner with More than Bars. it is out of AZGV budget

                        Aaron second

                        All approved

Officially reserving Courts at Steele Park: Vince talked with Tammy

        Ernesto- Tammy and Tyre conversation. The courts are not reservable due to their parks department rules and regulations. Working on MOU to let us reserve park through the board.


Board members go to park and dig up anchors to the volleyball lines.

Motion to buy nylon rope michael  

all in favor

approved by all

Trophy’s/Changing Awards: possibly changing format. Ernesto motions to remove season mvp and miss congeniality for season awards. Johanna seconds. Discussion- aaron doesn't think members will like removing the awards.. Johanna agrees however people only get their vote because they have showed up to the banquet. Conard- no one has asked about the awards except literally one person in C. who was a former board member. Michael call to question

In favor 3

Not in favor  0

Sustained 1

Pride Night at D-Backs: june 29the $25 tickets gets you ticket and a hat. Conard calling dbacks about consignment of D-Backs pride night tickets

Season Tournaments: all hands on deck games start at 6. Board members arrive at 5:45

        Tuesday Park:  Michael, Conard, Ernesto, Eddie, Vince

Tuesday Hotel: Johanna, Aaron, Shasta, Earl, Amari

Going into summer we have to be on site 30 minutes before the games to wet down sand!

Quicksand Tournament: September 2017 tournament was first week of November 4 man tournament

April 30-may 24 Early bird $80

May 2 - october 4 regular fee $100

October 5 & 6 Late registration $120

Cash prizes $200, $150, $100 for two divisions  must push for 12 plus teams                                                        OCTOBER 6TH QUICKSAND TOURNAMENT


Equipment: 4 Balls purchased with insurance with intention to return 4 old balls! Johanna currently has 2 balls Conard has 2 balls. Johanna will return the 4 balls.

Michael will create file on drive called “receipts”

All equipment gets DELIVERED to Johanna by sunday 4-29

Motioned to close meeting - Ernesto

second - aaron

All in favor Meeting adjourned @ 8:28


March 18, 2018  @ Wyndham Garden Hotel

6 pm      Attendees: Shasta De La Garza, Earl Lee,  Eddie Cruz, Aaron Montoya, Michael, Ernesto,

Finance: (Ernesto/ Michael)

1st- Earl Lee

2nd- Aaron Montoya


Paypal: $1597.30 (+)

Chase Account:  $24,836.47

Change: (+)$839.98

March Total: $26,433.77

January Total: $25,593.79

December Total: $25,610.86

November Total: $25,502.31

October Total: $26,362.46

September Total: $ 24,668.55

August Total: $ 23,210.13

Old Business:

Pride Float( #178): (Johanna)- Budget?  We are Registered for Vehicle and Trailer

 ** Find a truck ** - Jeep No longer ava.

**Confirm if we have a trailer rented

*Theme Needed*

**Pride theme - United we stand, Equality for all

**April 4th&5th trailer/truck decorations done

Opening Party: Spring: Feb 1st - OZ Bar            Summer:  Bliss (voted)                   Fall:  Diablos (voted)

Closing Party:   Spring: April 30th - Stacey’s     Summer:  Hotel  (voted)        Fall: The Rock (voted)

Spring Tournament: Sets on the Sand (Eddie) - April 14/15,  2-man, roster of three -$80, 2 day, Opening (13th @Embassy Suites on Thomas 6-9- **ALL board members SHOULD be there**)/Closing (15th @ Charlie’s 5-?) in conjunction with Saguaro Cup Sports Festival, 14th Seeding Party Hula’s (seeding party)  6-8 pm

**reach out to indoor** (get new players)

**get mimi flyers to promote tournament

**Eddie/Conard will NOT be present

** set MINI and DATE

** Staff will help run Tournament- Set up (2-man lines)

**inquire about shirts being made for teams

**Eddie/Conard Need to have a step by step of procedures of Tournament **  

Currently only 1 Pd Team - Rob Wellman

Operating Procedures: (Earl)

** Concerns of New members- not fully aware of procedures and/or policies

**Suggesting manual

        ** Job duties- as a board member (position)  

**Suggestions of Standardizing - canceling games  

Chili Cook off: (Conard) 

** Saturday, 24th @ Charlie’s (10am (setup)- 11am(opens)

** $10.00 per person


Fall Tournament: Quicksand - Nov 3rd, 4-man, One Day, Diablos- (possibly change), $100 (closing)-(Earl and Michael)

$300 per board member donations throughout the year, try to have most of this by March 30th (Eddie started a spreadsheet)

Board member






The Rock GC


24 shirts certificate






Doggie Days Bag ×4



RePose Haircut

RePose Haircut

Snooty Fox tattoo GC




Top Golf


Insurance is Purchased:  Conard was able to acquire our 2018 policy for  $1906.20, same coverage as previous year $2 Million coverage

New items:

** Transferring debit card to treasures

**Move to place card in checkbook.

**Close debit card, open credit card

** set in policies on purchasing items with card

Earl MOVES to keep Debit Card in/with Checkbook. When a purchase is needed, treasures will give out card or information - Vince seconds motion.

Infavor-  5- Michael, Vince, Aaron, Shasta, Earl (motion Passed)

Oppose- 1-  Ernesto


Meeting adjourned @ 8:05pm

1st- Aaron

2sd- Vince

Motion Passed



January 21, 2018  @ The Grand: 718 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004

6 pm      Attendees: Johanna, Conard, Vince, Michael, Earl, Shasta, Ernesto

Motion to begin meeting @ 6:15 , Adjourned:   8:28pm: 1st -   2nd -  (All in Favor)

Meeting Minutes from Dec. Approved - 1st Ernesto  , 2nd Earl Lee - Approved

Finance: (Ernesto/ Michael)

1st- Michael

2nd- Earl


Paypal:  $1,492.08

Chase Account:  $24,101.71

Change: -$17.07

January Total: $25,593.79

December Total: $25,610.86

November Total: $25,502.31

October Total: $26,362.46

September Total: $ 24,668.55

August Total: $ 23,210.13

Old Business:

Opening Party: Spring:Feb 1st - OZ Bar       Summer:  N/a    Fall: N/a

        -Awaiting confirmation with michael 7pm-9pm

Closing Party: Spring: April 30th - Stacey’s    Summer: N/a     Fall: N/a

Spring Tournament: Sets on the Sand - April 13/14/15,  2-man,roster of three -$80 2 day, Opening/Closing (charlies 15th)  in conjunction with Saguaro Cup Sports Festival, 14th Seeding Party Hula’s (seeding party)  6-8 pm

Fall Tournament: Quicksand - Nov 3rd, 4-man, One Day, Diablos, $100 (closing)-(Earl and Michael)

$300 per board member donations throughout the year, try to have most of this by March 30th

New Business:

IT Laptop / Phone Setup:  Emails, Google Drive, Calendar

AZGV 2018 Board      

Commissioner    Conard Franz  

Sr. Assistant Commissioner    Eddie Cruz  

Jr. Assistant Commissioner    Earl Lee  

Treasurer    Ernesto Lopez  

Assistant Treasurer    Michael Wydra  

Secretary     Shasta De La Garza

Player Representative    Aaron Montoya  

Assistant Player Representative    Johanna Lorraine  

Publicity    Amari Watson  

Assistant Publicity    Vince Urban  

Kick Off - February 1st, @ OZ Bar   7-9 PM

Open Play - February 5th and 12th At Steele Indian Park 6:30 -10 PM

First day of league play Feb 18

Rules: Kudo’s to Ernesto and Conard from shortening the rules from 59+ down to a manageable 39.  Review and Approve 2-man, 4-man, 6-man rules

        First -ernesto

        Seconded- Jojo

        Majority - Approved

Rainbow Fest / Pride: (Eddie)

Pride: Parade/Float (JoJo)(Shasta)

Chili Cook Off: March 24th @ Charlie’s - Save The Date, Chili & Salsa, Chance to win $$$

        People choice (Chilli)-1st - $600, 2nd- $400, 3rd- $200

        Peoples Choice(Salsa)- 1st- $300, 2nd- $200, 3rd- $100

              Booth Prizes given

        Judges Prizes -1st,2nd, & 3rd.

        $10.00 entry Fee

Discuss Location of February 18 Board Meeting (Rodeo Weekend)

February 12th - Next Board Meeting, -

Motioned by: Earl Second - Shasta to change meeting to 12th @ 7pm @ Indian Steel Park

**New Insurance needed apox. 1500- 2 million coverage **

        1st- Ernesto

        2nd - Earl

Motion carried- approved for Connie to spend amount mentioned above. By Friday, Jan. 26, 2018

Motion to Adjourn @8:12pm- Ernesto 2nd By Earl .

Motion carried- meeting ends at 8:13pm

Schedule for League Calendar

 **Please fill out the table below.



Requested Time off (if none, say NA)

Earl Lee


March 4, 5, and 6; May 3-7; May 26-June 4

**Shasta and Earl would like to be paired together, especially for the Tuesday/Sunday games that someone needs to keep the bag. Thank you!

Shasta De La Garza


April 5-9th, and April 28th / June 27th-july 1st

**Shasta and Earl would like to be paired together, especially for the Tuesday/Sunday games that someone needs to keep the bag. Thank you!

Johanna Lorraine


February 9-13 (Denver)  and July 22-28 (Myrtle Beach) May 17-22 (Bartlett Lake Bash) June 9-19 (my dad’s birthday weekend and Denver Pride)

Conard Franz

Sun BC, M-A

February 17-18, April 13-17, April 20-22, May 25-29, July 4-9, August 3-19, August 31-September 10, December 21-30


December 17, 2017 @ Diablos

 6 pm      Attendees: Conard, Ernesto, Johanna, Sheldon, Earl, Vince, Michael, Robert

Motion to begin meeting @  6:15, Adjourned:   8:28pm: 1st - Ernesto  2nd - Eddie (All in Favor)

Meeting Minutes from Nov. Approved - Ernesto 1st, Jojo 2nd

Finance: (Sheldon/Robert)

All Approved

1st- Ernesto

2nd- Eddie

Paypal:  $1,492.08

Chase Account:  $ 24,118.78

Change: +$108.55

December Total: $25,610.86

November Total: $25,502.31

October Total: $26,362.46

September Total: $ 24,668.55

August Total: $ 23,210.13

Beginning of year combined balance $21,565.95     Gained income in 2017: $4,044.91

Lack of spring tournament and fewer teams was portion of lower gains, overspent on Trophies/Food/Office Supplies compared to budget,  Year over $62.66, reminder about national tournament

Budget: Robert Explained the 3 breakdowns,

Low: 2-man $50, 6-man$100 4-man $90

Med: 2-man $50, 6-man $110, 4-man $100,

High: 2-Man 60, 6-man $120, 4-man $110

Talked about the Lower budget being the best overall and working toward Ernesto 1st, Joj 2nd, all in favor

New board introduction:

AZGV 2018 Board      

Commissioner    Conard Franz  

Sr. Assistant Commissioner    Eddie Cruz  

Jr. Assistant Commissioner    Open  

Treasurer    Ernesto Lopez  

Assistant Treasurer    Michael Wydra  

Secretary    Earl Lee  

Player Representative    Aaron Montoya  

Assistant Player Representative    Johanna Lorraine  

Publicity    Amari Watson  

Assistant Publicity    Vince Urban  

Earl mentioned his intent to move into Jr. Assistant Commissioner and ad Shasta in as Secretary.  COnard will communicate with Shasta to see if she is on board with this.

Website: Sports Engine Discussion, Ernesto explained the process which SE has called and discussed with them, Manual input of schedule still,

Functionality of website is most important, Information is not correct or up to date, the current website is not user friendly, Vince and Earl volunteered their time to look at and review the website, During the holiday break Ernesto and Conard will revamp as much on the site as possible along with separating the Rules out by division.



*Treasurer position should spearhead the Raffle Donation Items for events

*Asst Player Rep position information not there

*Asst Public Relations position information not listed

*Asst Positions need to be reviewed

*Treasurer should Co-Chair with Sr. Asst Commissioner on Spring Tournament

*Asst Treasurer Co-Chair with Jr. Asst Commissioner on Fall Tourney

*Board Member Attendance/Notification

*3rd Sunday Board Meetings every Month


*Tree: 37A: If the ball touches an overhead obstruction and remains on the side of play without affecting the trajectory, then the ball is still in play if contacts are still remaining.

*Attendance rule being dropped but reinforcing roster sign in Prior to week 4 or not eligible for tournament, adds after week 4 are Not eligible for Tournament

*Subs list by division, approval to have their name and number on the website, can only play on a team for two weeks, can NOT play/sub tournament, have to be added to sub list by week 2

Opening Party: Spring:Feb 1st - OZ      Summer:   Fall:

Closing Party: Spring: April 30th - Stacey’s    Summer:   Fall:

Spring Tournament: Sets on the Sand - April 13/14/15,  2-man, $80 2 day, Kick off 14th Seeding Party Hula’s

Fall Tournament: Quicksand - Nov 3rd, 4-man, One Day, Diablos, $100

$300 per board member donations throughout the year, try to have most of this by March 30th

Supplies: 1 blue, 2 yellow 3 red, 6 volleyballs, 4 antennas 1 extra pole, 1 good speaker, 1 dieing speaker (must be plugged in)

New Wire for the Nets, cinch strap,



November 26, 2017 @ Wyndham Garden Hotel

 6 pm     Attendees: Conard, Bobby, Eddie, Robert, Ernesto, Sheldon, Carly, Amari

Motion to begin meeting @  6:05   pm: 1st -  Eddie          2nd - Robert

Motion to end meeting @  7:15      1st  Eddie                 2nd Amari

Finance: (Sheldon/Robert)

Approved - favor all



Paypal:  $1,500

Chase Account:  $24,002.31

Change: -$860.15

November Total: $25,502.31

October Total: $26,362.46

September Total: $ 24,668.55

August Total: $ 23,210.13

Tournament Wrap Up: 9 Teams, Raffle, Diablos -- tournament was a success. Should  do same tournay the same time and weekend of next year. PR when creating the calendar for next year.


End of Season Banquet: 12/11, 7pm-9pm, Location???, Trophies & Medals - ordered and already complete will arrive on 12-1, Food - all in favor for charlie's on Dec 11- Conard  contact Charlies. Donation Donation Donation !!! Everyone get their donation of $300 in. Raffle role ? JoJo get count please.

Raffle / Holiday Prizes: text Conard with any donation you getting ASAP

Season MVP & Miss Congeniality: Get Sunday’s Today, Get all other divisions during tournament, Make sure to get tournament MVP as well

Board Positions:Must send email to board  for what position they are running for.

Asst PR

Asst player Rep

Jr commissioner

Treasurer  ( board appointed)


Asst treasurer    

Tree Rule: Robert

Rule Videos: Carly /Amari will post Nov and Dec video of the month. Or at least one video.

Park Cacti: Purchase 30’x20’ USA Flag to cover the sand and Cacti Removal - Cost $685.50

Jojo will deliver flag 11/27/17


Sand party - Sand already  at hotel: dec 3:30 pm before tourney


October 15, 2017 @ Wyndham Garden Hotel

 7 pm –  pm     Attendees: Conard, Eddie, Ernesto, Johanna, Aaron, Bobby, Robert, Sheldon, Carly

Motion to begin meeting @ 7:06    pm: 1st -  robert         2nd - ernesto

Finance: (Sheldon/Robert)

Approved -  all approved  

Paypal:  $1,500

Chase Account:  $24,862.46

Change: $1,693.91

October Total: $26,362.46

September Total: $ 24,668.55

August Total: $ 23,210.13

July Total: $25,529.13

November 4th Quicksand Tournament: 4-Man  $60 - Nov 4th

JoJo printed out flyers for both hotel and park to  push the tournament, Thank you Carly for push the event- ernesto needs help to creating  the page ( blue bar)  and  he will  make a coding.  Who ever wants to help email/text ernesto. Zero teams have signed up. Need push  for teams.  No matter what we need to  keep tournament   on and no  matter what ! promote promote everyone!   Everyone should be at the Tournament.

Duties - Conard and Ernesto will get supplies - Robert will  get some food donated ( hotdog buns)  / deep eddie, carly talk to  local brewery and JoJo do inventory on supplies  and see what we need.  Eddie talk to Matt /Maria Diablos .

Raffle Prizes: Where are all of our donations? $300 per year per Board member. :)

Conard has  all donations.  All board members have until Dec 11 to get $300 Donations. Please plus for donation!! Please ask for any help.    

Rainbow Festival:  Volunteers, Shirts, Shifts, Leads, Trainings (reprint fee if needed)

Shirts have have  order per Eddie will have by Friday Oct 19th,  Eddie get with Sheldon for payment.  Eddie will order certificate  for Eddie Sheldon Robert Ernesto.  Conard will buy morning shift a drink, and buy drink at Stacy’s or bar1 for evening shift on Saturday and sunday.

Rules and Board Duties while at courts:  We need to continue holding ourselves to a Higher Standard as a board.  Yes we are there to also have fun, Yes we are there to play with our Team, NO WE ARE NOT THERE TO BE DRUNK, No we are not there to be the ‘Referee’ but we are there to Watch Assist and Offer Guidance.  If you do not Know the Rule ASK, Look it up online, or text the group - PLEASE do not make it up - If you do not know it is okay to say you do not know.

Posting  rule videos -  Did  anyone looking up videos?  Ernesto will work on rules  for  all divisions ( 2man 6 man and 4man) Carly Nov 1st  make video - will do one video every months. Robert write up rule about the  tree  for next season. And will voted on it. Have by next meeting in Nov.

Sand at Hotel: What is our Drop Date? What all do we need to do to haul it onto the court?

Ernesto canceled sand delivery-  hotel asking about  delivery ?  jojo let the hotel know the drop off date nov 3rd and we will be at  hotel Nov 5 to place sand on court at 10PM  JoJo a get with  Park about any cost due - cactus have been moved.

Sand At Park: We need to triple check with City on cost, if any

Cactus Removal:  The park cacti are GONE, we need to send a HUGE Thank You!

Scores and Binders: everything has been reprinted and it should all be in there, if something is missing please let Conard know.  Also please update scores the NIGHT of games.  We can all do this from our phones through the drive.  Conard is working diligently to have ALL Standings updated each week but MUST have scores to get this completed

All binders have been updated . Thanks conard. Please up date score on the spot on your night of duty- conard will update standing when all scores are updated.

NEW BUSINESS: (Please Place your Suggestions/comments here)

Sheldon- website is confusing  coming from other players.

joJo manager Stephanie  is willing  to help build new website.

Carly - Dicks sporting Good build free website  

Nov 4th

Website upgrade to be more user friendly/intuitive. We have the money and it would be a definite ROI for our members. If a go, a deadline of spring season would be awesome.  Have ideas by Nov 4th

AZGV budgeted charitable donation; open discussion for types of 501C organizations (LGBTQ centered?)

Deadline - for election  for  board position  Nov 1st of  position open. On social media.

Robert  first adjourned, Second Sheldon, All fav 8:54pm      


September 17, 2017 @ Hula’s Modern Tiki

   6:20pm –         8:28pm     Attendees: Eddie, Aaron,Jojo Sheldon,Amari,Robert,Bobby

Motion to begin meeting. 1st Eddie 2Nd Jojo

Meeting Minutes (Bobbi)- Recap August minutes, why is this not updated on the drive? Why wasn’t the agenda done for this meeting? (Conard) - get with Bobby to teach him how to start minute agena.

Finance: (Sheldon/Robert)

Approved - Eddie

Second- Robert

All in favor

Paypal:  $ 2,823.93

Chase Account:  $ 21,464.62

September Total: $ 24,668.55

August Total: $ 23,210.13

July Total: $25,529.13

Opening Party Recap:


Amari, what happened with the planning pieces, (venue, FB event?) venue was moved to Bar1 , Amari dropped the ball will better appeared for next event.

Thank you to everyone that came and helped out!

  • 16 new players signed up



Thank you for updating the opening party location!!! Sets On The Sand Tab, why is this not Quicksand? Quote from Ernesto , “The tabs are too complex and I don’t know how to change them without a lot more research - it is confusing to me and will take a lot more time to learn because it’s a repeating page throughout the website- in addition not one of the two peeps in charge of the website (Aaron or Jojo) have reached out to me about the upcoming season- creating scheduling or anything.

-Aaron and Jojo get with Ernesto about coming schedule

-We are going have to pay little money to fix the website to make easier for guests to navigate

             -Need get quotes to fix

              - Player reps and PR’s to learn website now and when we fix issues

              - Homework for ALL : look at different organization website and see how their website navigates and bring to next meeting.

Two Man


Only 2 teams signed up so far and they are last season’s winners? Is Thunder planning on returning? (Johanna)

  • All games will moved to 3PM- at  open play talk to players about the Fall season.
  • Need have 4 upper and lower teams

                   -Will not modify  to combine upper and lower divisions -  8 all in favor / 0 oppose / 0 abstain

City Park and Wyndham Hotel :(Johanna)

Any issues we are aware of? Update on cactus and sand.

-  PARK removal of cactus Oct 2, 2017 / sand drop Oct 22, 2017

HOTEL- sand drop off Sept 30,2017 - Make sure that will be guaranteed date for drop off - JoJo  



Do we have everything we need? Is open play ready? Do we have colored name tags to distinguish players looking for a team and division?

-JoJo needs name tags for new players looking to get picked up on team - Sheldon will buy all in favor to purchase- Jojo bring one white board and speakers

Important dates coming up, let’s plan and be ready. We have end of season tournaments (all hands on deck), closing party. CONTACT THE VENUE!!!!

- closing party will be at Club Volt  or Diablos. Armari get with Eddie to find exact location and for venue


We have only 2 teams signed up. Do we cancel, see what we can drum up for sign-ups during open play, move the date? This tournament funds Las Vegas. No tournament/no trip. Where are the donations?

  • Two team have sign. Need vote on reschedule or cancel tournament. All in favor to reschedule to change to later date Oct 14 as one day tournament  $80 early reg / $100 for same day  reg
  • Sheldon follow with with Justin for new tournament flyer Jojo will print out new flyer with her printer - Amari get new advertising up when you get new flyer for social media

Board Coverage:


Ernesto will build coverage schedule again? Accountability?!?! We MUST DO BETTER!!!!



-Inventory was taken by JoJo

- Jojo will need zips tie for power cords to attach to speakers

-approved to purchase one  new blue lines , two hammers ( two  hammer for park and one hotel bag)

- Jojo get with Stan for list of what needs to be in first aid kits

New Business

Rainbow Fest -  Eddie and Sheldon represented  AZGV at the  meeting.- there be no alcohol consumption  prior/  during shift  2 people at soda /water +18  and alcohol booth

-order new shirts -8 all in favor to purchase  tournament blue  shirts with white lettering for rainbow fest for volunteers.  

-Eddie and Sheldon talk with each other to order new table banner and updating it as well

Medals and Trophies - Eddie has them all for this pass season - He will bring to open play

Open position -  Election season is coming up. - Open position TREASURER, ASST TREASURER, PLAYER REP, PR, SECRETARY- Jojo will be the only one looking to join again. Bobby undecided and Sheldon and Robert will not be back on the board

NAGVA TOURNAMENT: NAGVA dues, plus tournament doesn't cover is out pocket cost to board members going.

GOING- Ernesto, Jojo, Conard

NOT GOING-Bobby ,Sheldon

MAYBE- Amari, Aaron,Eddie, Robert

Motion to adjourn meeting  1St Sheldon 2nd Armari  8:28PM



August 14, 2017   -  Steele Indian School Park

Attendees:  Conard, Johanna, Ernesto, Amari, Sheldon, Bobby, Eddie, Aaron

Start:  6:20pm    End:

Meeting Minutes:  

Finance: (Robert/Sheldon)

Approved (Robert)

Second (Jojo)

All in favor

Paypal: $ 1,500.00

Account:  $ 24,029.13

Increase: $ 1652.00

August: 25,529.13

July: $23,877.13

May: $19,647.52

April: $22,178.31

March: $22,869.95


January: $19,662.27

December: $21,483.38

November: $19,889.91

September: $20,080.83

August: $16,237.88  

Fees Option to Increase:        Treasurers will work it into budget:

Low: 50,90,100  Med: 50,100,110 High: 50,100,120

Rainbow Festival: (Eddie)        All agree to participate in the Rainbow Festival, Eddie will communicate with

Rainbow Festival team and work out the specifics

Equipment: (Conard/Jojo)        Board agreed to throw away all flat/old balls as they are no longer able to be returned per the warranty, message was sent from the warranty company that No more Thorn Punctured balls would be replaced Period,  Board agrees we will have Five balls in Park Bag, Three balls in Hotel Bag, Four balls on standby at all times.  Board agrees that inventory will be completed at the end of this season and new balls will be purchased by Open Play.  Twelve balls total at all times.

Cactus: (Jojo)                        Jojo is meeting with the park to point out the specific cacti that need to be replaced, once the park personel know which ones are needing to be removed they will be able to provide a better cost estimate and time frame for completion

Raffle $300: (Sheldon)                Sheldon brought $25 Bar 1, Hulas x 2 gift cards, it was discussed all need to get raffle items for the Tournament, current items will be help for Tournament Raffle


July 23, 2017   -  Wyndham Garden Hotel

Attendees:  Conard, Johanna, Ernesto, Amari, Sheldon, Bobby

Start:  6:20pm    End:

Meeting Minutes:   Ernesto moved to dispense,  Johanna Seconded, all in favor

Finance: (Robert/Sheldon)

Approve (jojo )

Second (amari)

All in favor

Paypal: $ 1,500.00

Account:  $ 22,377.13

Increase: $ 4,229.61

July: $23,877.13

May: $19,647.52

April: $22,178.31

March: $22,869.95


January: $19,662.27

December: $21,483.38

November: $19,889.91

September: $20,080.83

August: $16,237.88  

Sunday 2-Man League        : (Conard)        Forfeits, Way more than Last Year to Date

                                Players Feel for the Morning Games is too early

                                Move the day?? (Pending)

Keeping two man league. (all in Favor)

                                Conard will have a conversation with Rob

                                Jojo/Conard send out a text to Sunday league by Monday  7/24/17

September Tournament: (Conard)        September 23-24, 4-man, Early $100 up till 9/19,  $125 until 9/22                  

                                Diablos Saturday Night, Awards @ the courts                                                                        Flyers are printed, Amari-Facebook event, start promoting EVERYONE!!!                                                Jojo/Amari work together on social media flyer and sharing.                        

                                     All  in for tournament (Conard and  Robert is out)                                                                        Beer permit (Robert), special event permit (Jojo) contact Tammy, food (Ernesto)         

LAVO Tournament: (Ernesto)         Estimated $581 team free 7 players,  

Email acquisition: (Ernesto) JoJo share emails with Ernesto

Rules update:(Ernesto) Fixed rule 47, Ernesto will separate 2-man, 4-man, 6-man rules

General Board duties: (Ernesto): Everyone needs to step it up, we are slacking on All accounts, Communication and pulling our own weight, Who are you developing, What is your role in growing the league,  Everyone on their duty night to update scores (live). Aaron get with Ernesto for google log in and with Jojo about Player rep duties.

Sand: Ernesto called Tammy at the park but on vacation, Need to schedule date to drop sand at hotel. 60 tons of sand at the park. And 20 ton at the hotel Sept 30th sand party  - Player rep (Jojo/Aaron) work with Tammy.  

Park Cactus: $1000 to remove/replace cactus and plant trees, Ernesto will work with Tammy all in favor

Tree @ Hotel: (Conard)   Still playable if stays on your own side, Out if hits the tree and then crosses the net. Similar to all indoor situations 3 in favor Ernesto Amari and Sheldon to leave standing rule- Aaron and Bobby opposed  to exchange eddie no .  

End Of Season Tournaments: (Conard)      Amari-Create Facebook events for each league                                        2-man AB & BC : August 13, Morning @ Steele Indian Park                                                                6-man A: August 14, Steele Indian Park                                                                                6-man B: August 21, Seele Indian Park                                                                                6-man C: August 14, Steele Indian Park                                                                                4-man AB: August 15, Steele Indian Park                                                                                4-man BC: August 22, Steele Indian Park

Banquet: (Conard)  Sunday August 27, 1:00pm @ Wyndham Garden Hotel         - $1400                                        Amari - Create a Facebook Event                                                                                        Amari/Bobby - Triple Check with Hotel of Date and time (get menu)                                                 Ernesto/Sheldon - Order Food, horderves, and ask for it ALL Poolside (inside pool gate)                                Conard - Order Awards, Season, MVP, Miss Congeniality, Tourney MVP, and 1/2/3

Mercury Recap: (Sheldon/Conard) 51 tickets sold out of 60. Next time everyone has to be responsible of the tickets they need sale. All in favor   Bobby Amari Conard Sheldon

Publicity Position: (Conard) - everyone keep open eye or  mind  for the position.

Players in Correct Division: (Johanna)

Board Group Texts: (Eddie) Everyone keep group text about AZGV. Eddie starting new text thread.  

Donation Status: (Sheldon)   $300 for the year                 Conard: $40                        Ernesto: $150                         Eddie:                        Robert:                        Sheldon: $150                        Johanna:                        Aaron:                        Amari:                                Bobby:

2-year plan:(Ernesto)  (Tabled)

Conard Will Discuss board duties/rules with Robert

Will add the 4 beginning teams will help set up the courts and the final team playing will help take down!


Move meeting Aug 14 all favor

To   motion  adjourn Eddie / second Ernesto all in fav 9 :00


May 21, 2017   -  Pizza People Pub

Attendees:  Conard, JoJo, Ernesto, Jake , Sheldon, Bobby  

Start:  7pm    End: 9:12pm

Meeting Minutes: Ernesto moved to approve, Sheldon Seconded, all in favor

Finance: (Robert/Sheldon)

Leave 1,500 in PayPal Account. Moving the rest funds to bank account

Motion - Ernesto

Second- JoJo

Approve (Ernesto )

Second (Jake)

All in favor

Paypal: $ 13,580.09

Account:  $ 6,067.53

Decrease: $ 2,530.79

May: $19,647.52

April: $22,178.31

March: $22,869.95


January: $19,662.27

December: $21,483.38

November: $19,889.91

September: $20,080.83

August: $16,237.88  

Kick Off:        Stacey’s on Melrose                May 25th, 7-9 PM  (Ernesto is out, Conard is Out)

Attending Opening party Jojo Sheldon,Jake, Bobby,

Stacey’s going donate a bottle of vodka to make jello shots.

Food - cookies and chips - getting from Nesto  dropping off to Sheldon on Wed.

Mercury booth - Jake will being handling

Conard - bring banner and closing division. Sheldon giving PayPal swipe and sign sheet

Monday night B division -

 Monday - 9 team for A  and B  

Tuesday - Gonna be a upper division and lower division

Sunday -  Gonna be at the hotel.  One block starting 9am - motion Ernesto sec Sheldon all in favor.

Open play -  Jake and Amari  make event flyer for open plays. Jojo doing Instagram

Sign in to play individual on white board. Have board member not play as much to watch.

Have 2 white boards for upper level and lower level.

Mercury Tickets:        $30 each                T-shirt, Meet & Greet Danielle Robinson, Game

Tshirts- puting Mercury Pride Night on Tshirts under AZGV.  If Mercury Pride Night not owned going add to Purple shirt with Orange lettering  - All in favor to use orange AZGV logo.

Sheldon and JoJo will not be at Pride Night . Condard will be contact will Sykler.

Sheldon ask Skyler if we can have Coolers Light on our Banner

Conard contact Jonathan with Coolers Light to get new banners.

By May 31st  all shirt sizes NEED in. After the 31st rest  will be Lg and XL.

Jake will have final flyer June 2 - will be printed june 13. With Quick sand and Calendar of the year events of AZGV.

Tournament:                 September 23-24        4-man                Early $100 up till 9/19,  $125 until 9/22

                        (Conard is out)

Jake has rough draft of flyer of Quick Sand Tournament. Will have NEED have Final draft by Jine 2 and will be NEED printed by June 13st .

Going  add calendar of season to opposite  

Nagva - everyone pay  their own $40 due fee. Motion Ernesto Second Bobby all favor yes

Banquet Wrap Up:        ~70 attended

koozies  - mixed emotions  

Conard will email all team captains about koozies and feedback .

JoJo -call/email Tami we need 40 tons of sand. And ask to remove cactus and we AZGV buy new plants - Park

-Going need return five more volleyballs at Dicks. But might have push.

Lighting at Hotel. Need new lights. Talk to Hotel to replace lights or go half on purchase. Gwin Point of contact at hotel.

  Jojo ask to drop off sand at hotel to Gwin

Rent Bobcat to add sand at  thehotel

Need  20 tons of sand

Need to discuss rules for 2 man - meet at 2pm on June 7 pm  

Binders- will need be updated for next season - JoJo

Sheldon will be giving supplies  to JoJo

JoJo needs approval  for rack-   all in favor APPROVED. Ernesto will be buy 5/22/17

Will buy polos  for member that need them  Amari,Jake Aaron and Bobby - contact Eddie to order black polos

Adjourn meeting

Motion Sheldon second JoJo all in favor  



April 25, 2017   -  Steele Indian Park

Attendees: Conard, Ernesto, Robert, Sheldon, Amari

Start: 7:08     End: 8:09

Meeting Minutes: Ernesto moved to approve, Amari Seconded, all in favor

Finance: (Robert/Sheldon)

Approve (Robert )

Second (Amari )

All in favor

Paypal: $13,549.45

Account:  $8,628.86

Decrease: $691.64

Expense: Corporate Commission, Balls, Pride, mailbox, trophies,

Income: teams and tournament

April: $22,178.31

March: $22,869.95


January: $19,662.27

December: $21,483.38

November: $19,889.91

September: $20,080.83

August: $16,237.88  

Tournament:                 Saturday April 29th         4-man                1-day                $100

Set’s on the Sand        Teams: 1 team Karissa   Orlando, Jeff, Rob, Robert were interested

                        CANCELED - Only one team signed up, All in favor

Pride Wrap Up:        Invitation to the Pride Gala is coming, we have to have at least one person going to accept the check, Robert Volunteered at this time.

Float:                         Rode bikes, decorated at Robs on Friday Night, and had approximately 9 people attend

Banquet:                May 1st @ The Rock      7-9 PM

                        All awards and trophies should be in by friday April 28th, 300 Koozies, 150 Shot Glasses, Trophies, Shot glasses will be for each person that comes to the event, Koozies for Tournament winners, Raffle tickets for prizes

Summer Season: Kick Off - May 25th @ Stacey’s (Ernesto is out)

Open Play May 29th (Ernesto is out) and June 5th 6:30-10 @ Steele Indian Park

Donations: Sheldon: 2 Hula’s Gift Certificates ~$150 (75 each)

Conard: Yeti Coors Light Package ~$40

New Business:  Ernesto is completing new Summer Calendar on Saturday

We are all meeting at Refuge at 11am on Saturday in lieu of the Tournament to correct website, calendar, and MORE! Taxes

Posting the meeting minutes and Financials online for all to see.


March 19, 2017   -  Wyndham Hotel Courts

Attendees: Conard, Ernesto, Eddie, Sheldon, Amari, Bobby, Aaron

Start: 6:15    End: 7:45

Meeting Minutes: Ernesto Moved to dispense, Eddie Seconded, All in favor

Finance: (Robert/Sheldon)

Approve (eddie)

Second (amari)

All in favor

Paypal:  $13,281.22

Account:  $9,588.73

Decrease: $197.95

PayPal should be updated by Wednesday

March: $22,869.95


January: $19,662.27

December: $21,483.38

November: $19,889.91

September: $20,080.83

August: $16,237.88  

Chili Cook Off                March 25, This weekend.  1 Chili and 1 Salsa

Start setting up at 8Am  and start cookoff starts at 10AM. Sheldon bring table. Will need help getting table to cookoff and Ernesto bring popup tent and buying chips  . Aaron making salsa. Robert making chili.

Tournament                April 29th                 4-man                1-day                $100

Amari making flyer needs time pricing ect. Will post  asap. Food ( burgers and hotdogs)  coach meeting 8Am and games Start at 830 Am. Earlier Reg $100 on Thursday. And $125 Friday and Saturday.   Donations due by 4-11, ~$100 for this event.  Drawing through Banquet

Parade:        April 2nd    Spot # 21  

Eddie will getting email for spotting. Starting at 8am r. Will be changing idea of float. And will be going with Conard idea for float. Will be designing float at JoJo’s house on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.(3/29-3/31). Jojo did buy chicken wire.

Pride Volunteers:  8 volunteers  min at all times for each day ( Sat & Sun ) min 160 Hr  11 Am to 9 PM. Slots 10:30 to 2:30; 2 to 6,  5:30 to 9:30. Each board member needs 6 volunteers. They will get FREE admission to Pride Fest. Need volunteers list no later than 3/28.
Hotel Closing:  New Location Options Closing April 1. Looking  for new courts. Conard will go check out Herberger Park Wednesday. Aaron will contact Encanto Park to allow us to have games there.  Eddie will go check WAC Park . Fall back park Los Olivos Park
2-man, Rules, Reffing, Roster, need to square the league away a little more ‘professional’

Ernesto “BALLS! Where are all the balls”  Volleyballs seem to go missing week after week.  Board members accounted for lost ‘over the wall’ volleyballs which seem to disappear.  The replacement flat balls are on Conard’s floor.  The remaining New balls are also at Conard’s.

Website.  Ernesto needs help.  Eddie stated he will assist if notes are printed up. Will work with more board members for website efficiency.  Must have a laptop.

Eddie Motioned to Adjourn, Amari Seconded, All in favor


February 19, 2017   -  Wyndham Hotel Courts

6:15pm   –    8:24pm     Attendees: Conard, Ernesto, Amari, Robert, Sheldon, Eddie, Aaron,

Meeting Minutes - Approved Ernesto moved to approve, Eddie Second… all in favor

Finance: (Robert/Sheldon)

Approve (eddie)

Second (aaron)

All in favor

Paypal:  $13,591.17

Account:  $9476.73

Dispute in bank account for

Withdrawal error (chase error)

Increase: $3,405.63


January: $19,662.27

December: $21,483.38

November: $19,889.91

September: $20,080.83

August: $16,237.88  

Schedule                Thank you to Ernesto, Eddie, Aaron for working on 2/15 on the schedule

Deadlines and Cutoffs:        Summer 2017 We HAVE TO have a Hard Deadline WITHOUT Extensions.

Discussion about moving the Deadline, talk about a ‘late fee’ if missing the deadline, Eddie motioned to move fee deadline to the last open play before league play, Robert seconded, All in favor

Eddie motioned a Late Fee of 25% of the cost of the format of play, Robert second, All in favor

Board Coverage           Eddie created a calendar called Board Coverage, everyone has days which they are in  charge of, please make sure you are looking at our day and trading with a board member if needed

Working TOGETHER: phone messages are for Board Duties not for banter

Board member Replacement:  Eddie: motioned Bobby is being nominated for the role of secretary of AZGV, to fulfill the remaining 2 year term, Second Sheldon, all in favor

Discussion for Amari to help find a PR Replacement

Pride: The 75$ was paid and we are registered for the parade, application is in for the beverage booths, Eddie will send a follow up e-mail expressing our past years commitments and ability to fill volunteers, March 18th is Parade Orientation, Pride theme is “Stand Up, Stand Proud”, Eddie will start the sign ups for pride and parade  

Sets on the Sand: March 25  Steele Indian Park, Changing to a 4 man format, $100 up to March 27th, $125 after up til 8:00 am March 29th, Beer/Hotdogs, etc, beer permit for  Eddie Motioned; Changing the Sets on the Sand to the one day Saturday tournament, Amari Second 5 in favor 2 opposed Passed as a one day on Saturday, Saturday evening at Charlie’s, Registration Closes day of at 8:00 am

Robert - Permit, making a list for items tuesday

Conard - Talk to Coors - Jonathan, Calling Charlie’s

Ernesto - Food (Spiketron’s), Water, supplies etc, updating website

Jojo - Special event for the Tournament e-mail Tammy

Revisited the $300 per board member in donation for the Year,

Robert motioned to adjourn meeting, Sheldon Second, All in Favor


January 22, 2017   -  Hula’s

6:15pm   –    7:43pm     Attendees: Hank, Justin, Robert, Eddie, Aaron, JoJo, Conard, Ernesto

Meeting Minutes - Approved

Finance: (Robert/Sheldon)

Paypal:  $ 10,880.54

Account:  $ 8,781.73

January: 19,662.27

December: $21,483.38

November: $19,889.91

September: $20,080.83

August: $ 16,237.88  

Decrease: $1821.11

Kickoff Party

Bar-1 February 2nd 7-9PM

Has Bar-1 been contacted?



Bar-1 had been contacted

Ernesto will get Cookie Tray/Chips - $50

Robert, Hank, Eddie, Justin (out)

Open Play

February 6 and 13th:    Expressed that board members need to be present, will do the individual name sign up again, Dry Erase Marker Board as well, Los Olivos will be used if court at Steele is Not Complete

2-Man League

discussed teams returning and cost for all divisions. 100,90,50


Purchased! $1871.10

2,000,000 coverage, 1,000,000 Board


Archiving Past

Update to the Payment page

Justin stated it would be completed by the Kickoff on Thursday, both the archiving and the Doubles Update, the Fee Cost update will be in place by thursday as well.  Conard has already updated PayPal cost code

Vegas Tournament

100 hours

Tracking Form - This will be created in google docs by Justin

Name, Date, Hours, Project

Corporate Commission

New Business

Due 4/20

Addresses of all Board Addresses Needed, board wrote e-mails down

Sets on the Sand         March 25/26                Looking at using Rose Mofford again, but is Indian School is                                                                          fixed/up to date we may use Steele

Pride/Parade                April 2 & 3                Yes to both