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Procedures for clients, candidates and employers


Our aim at Boom Training is to provide you, whether you are a client, a candidate or an employer, with an outstanding service throughout the length of your engagement with us.

In order to ensure we continue to do so and to continuously improve, we depend on feedback from all of our clients that tells us what we do well and where we may be able to improve.  This document outlines the procedures we ask you to follow in providing feedback and/or complaining about something we have got wrong.

These procedures will be implemented in accordance with other related policies such as:


We have formal feedback procedures in place that include the use of surveys we undertake with both client employers and apprentices at three stages of the apprenticeship journey.  These are:

We encourage both apprentices and client employers to complete these surveys as they provide us with valuable feedback concerning our achievements and where we need to improve.

If you wish to provide us with informal feedback (negative or positive) about our service or something specific we have done at any stage, please do so by email wherever possible.  You can address this email to your main point of contact (usually your Tutor or Account Manager) who will forward it on, or directly to Andrew Hooper at

If you wish to remain anonymous please write an unsigned note to:

Andrew Hooper
Boom Training Ltd
Unit 1
Capstan Rd
SO19 9UR

We would also encourage you to give your feedback verbally to the person concerned or your main point of contact as this will often be the quickest way to have your feedback acted on as well as being greatly appreciated.


Stage 1: submitting your complaint and our initial response

All formal complaints to Boom Training are dealt with by one of our 2 Directors: Andrew Hooper and Shirley Wolfe.  You can address your complaint to either of these.  Our preference is that you do so by email ( or but you can also write to either at the postal address provided above.  We refer to the Director dealing with your complaint as the ‘Complaint Director’.

If you are making a formal complaint we will need to know your identity and how we should contact you so please include these in your correspondence.  If you wish to remain anonymous, please submit your complaint by post and we will respect this wherever possible.  If during the course of investigating your complaint we have no option but to reveal your identity we will discuss this with you first so that you can:

  1. give permission to reveal your identity,
  2. withdraw the complaint or
  3. agree to allow us to manage the complaint informally as well as possible without revealing your identity.  However, this may impact on the outcome we are able to achieve.

Our first action in responding to your complaint will be to acknowledge it.  We will do this in writing within 5 working days.

At the same time, we will usually contact you to have a discussion about your complaint in order to develop a fuller understanding of the circumstances and your concerns.  Wherever possible we will seek to resolve your concerns at this stage.  If we are able to do so we will write to you following the discussion to confirm what actions we have taken/are taking to address your concerns and ask you to write back to us to confirm you are happy with the proposed resolution.

Stage 2: investigating your complaint

If we are unable to immediately resolve your concerns we will give you as much information as possible about the actions we will be taking to investigate your concerns.  In doing so we will:

  1. describe the actions we will be taking and
  2. give you a timescale for these actions and a date by which we will report back to you

Once we have completed our enquiries, we will report back to you in accordance with the timescale given above and advise you of our conclusions and any further action we will take in order to address your concerns.  If you are happy with our response, we will ask you to confirm this in writing.

Stage 3: appealing against our conclusions

If you are not satisfied with our response you can raise an appeal.  Your appeal will be passed to the second Director (the Appeal Director) for review.  The Appeal Director will:

Following this the Appeal Director will advise you whether s/he believes further investigation is justified.

Before writing to you, the Appeal Director will submit his/her conclusions to the Senior Management Team (which includes the Complaint Director) to outline his/her conclusions and confirm their agreement with these.  If you are happy with the outcome of the appeal, we will ask you to confirm this in writing.

Stage 4: taking your complaint further

If you remain unhappy with the conclusions reached by the Appeal Director, you will need to take your complaint to the Education and Skills Funding Agency (the ESFA) which is a unit within the Department for Education.

The ESFA’s Complaints Procedure can be downloaded from here.  The contact details are in the document.  We would request that you read the document before submitting your complaint.

If you need any help in submitting your complaint to the ESFA we will be happy to assist in any way we can.

Document control

These procedures will be reviewed and updated annually by the Boom Training Senior Management Team.


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September 2019

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September 2020

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