1. First came to Boston to attend the Berklee College of Music
  1. Graduated in 3 years with a degree in “Contemporary Writing and Production”
  1. Moved out to Los Angeles and worked in the competitive music industry for 10 years.
  1. Started as a personal assistant before becoming:
  2. Union Music Copyist/Arranger/Orchestrator
  1. Over 20 Major Motion Pictures
  2. Dozens of Albums
  3. Several seasons with American Idol
  4. Director of Quincy Jones’ music library
  5. Finished Music Career as a Union Rep for Local 47, American Federation of Musicians
  1. Moved to Quincy
  1. Started as an Administrative Assistant, MIT
  2. Progressed to Program Coordinator, MIT
  3. Now Assistant Director of Administration, Center for Bits and Atoms, MIT


  1. I will continue Councilor Laforest’s custom of keeping you informed through email and social media.
  2. Additionally, I pledge to return every email, social media message, postcard, phone call, and post-it note.
  3. I will hold weekly office-hours at locations around ward one so that anyone can drop in and chat with me.  
  1. I will publicize the location and time of the office hour
  2. Locations will be convenient and varied
  3. Soft-drinks on me :)
  1. I plan on using my website to provide static locations where constituents can check on their own for ward news, upcoming meetings, agendas, past-notes, etc., so you will not have to ask around.


  1. Prioritize Infrastructure improvements over luxury projects
  1. Roads and Sidewalk updates
  2. Faster response for potholes, tree trimming, public space landscaping
  3. Replace century-year-old water mains (prevent road ponding / sinkholes)
  4. Finish seawall repair and upgrade
  1. Improve the snow-removal plan
  1. Quincy pays more per mile than other dense municipalities.
  2. Contracts should be put out to public bid
  3. The procurement process should be in the open
  4. Sidewalks around schools are often neglected even though they are part of the removal plan
  5. During serial storms, snow must be removed not just piled on sidewalks
  1. Work to bring fiber internet to Quincy to compete with the monopoly Comcast has in the area.
  1. With a competitive robust option, Quincy residents will be able to negotiate better deals with Comcast
  2. Access to the internet is no longer optional or luxurious.  Fast, reliable internet has become a necessary utility like water, gas, and power.
  3. Quincy should plan for city-provided internet in the future for all or at least low-income residents.
  1. Help make Quincy the first completely lead-free water system in Massachusetts, I will work to finish that initiative.


  1. I will Call on Mayor Koch to join the over 350 other cities in the US and become a Climate Mayor, ensuring Quincy will still abide by the Paris Climate Agreement.
  2. I will continue opposition to the Weymouth Compressor Station.
  1. I have written open letters to Coastal Zone Management
  2. Have contacted Governor Baker’s Office
  3. I will continue Councilor Laforest’s support for The Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station.
  1. I will reduce single use plastic bags in Quincy.
  1. By selling advertising on high-quality reusable plastic bags we can provide them to residents at no cost to taxpayers.
  2. We must all educate our neighbors on the problems with the lightweight single use plastic bags (waterway pollution, littering), fostering a cultural shift (similar to recycling years ago)
  3. With these steps we can avoid legislation or a “ban” on the single use bags.
  1. I will work with our large retail concerns to end the practice of destroying and throwing out usable product that could be donated to worthwhile charities.
  1. We need to facilitate coordination between these retail chains and local charities
  2. And assist businesses in any documentation needed for their tax write-off evidence.
  1. I am calling for zoning regulations that require all new business construction to incorporate pro-active, green technology systems like: partial or better solar power/illumination, skylighting, water reclamation for irrigation.
  2. We should expand the rain barrel program
  1. Increase the supplier list to allow for more variety of barrel
  2. Have local artisans hold workshops on how to make your own barrel and provide other tips on how to make the setup work for particular aesthetics.


  1. Protect the integrity of ward one neighborhoods by only allowing complementary development.

  1. Hold neighborhood meetings about projects that will significantly impact neighborhood fabric
  1. Publicize these meetings online and offline, with plenty of notice, so affected residents can plan to be there.
  2. Have a central repository online where people can check the status of  upcoming meetings as well as the notes from previous meetings on their own.

  1. Support Order No. 2017-022, a moratorium on “Res b” and new multifamily units for one year.

  1. Make sure applicants do not exploit the Zoning Board Process by playing “rope-a-dope” with withdrawals, continuances, and reapplications.


  1. Increase and expand property tax exemptions for long-term residents who own and occupy their homes.  This will provide some relief to residents who have seen their property values rise rapidly and significantly.
  1. Boston is doing this now
  2. The Boston boom is driving up our property taxes through increased property value

  1. Support legislation that taxes income-only property at the commercial rate or at a new income property rate.

  1. Increase the commercial tax base of the city, as well as the variety of amenities offered, by bringing in new, and varied, businesses.
  1. This not only increases revenues allowing us to pull down the millage rate on single family residences it
  2. It also increases the number and types of amenities we have, increasing quality-of-life.


  1. Attract new and unique businesses to Quincy so we don’t have to spend our money in other towns.
  1. More enriching activities: art, theatre, music, educational, cultural concerns.
  2. Make it easy for local entrepreneurs to start businesses featuring local service providers and artisans.
  3. Small business leveraging our coastline and historical heritage (e.g. kayak tours, fishing, ghost tours, etc.)
  1. More services geared to our young people and seniors alike.
  1. Senior activity centers
  2. Recreation centers for youth to congregate safely
  3. Mini-golf, bouncy house facilities, etc. for families to enjoy within Quincy
  1. Private/Public partnership to bring free artistic and intellectual enrichment to the city on a regular basis.  Shakespeare in The Park, Community Orchestras and Bands,  Paint Nights, Poetry Slams, Talent Shows, Science Fairs, Quincy Historical Presentations, Open Mic…

About our hospital?

  1. Propose legislation that requires a fully capable Emergency Room facilitate to remain in Quincy.
  1. The ER should be able to take in and stabilize true emergencies like:
  1. Trauma
  2. Major Cardiac events
  3. High Risk Births

  1. Quincy should have a view to bringing back a hospital eventually.  In the meantime the former Quincy Medical Center property should provide our needed medical services.  Perhaps including:
  1. A center for children and adolescents with language based learning-issues and autism
  2. Facilities for geriatric medicine
  3. Satellite labor and delivery center so people will be born in Quincy again.


  1. Traffic is one of the most frequently cited quality of life issues in Quincy.
  1. Do we need a 3 Million traffic study to tell us what we already know?
  2. The City should take a fraction of that money and hire people who can adjust the traffic light timing as needed.
  3. We should beta test smart traffic signals at select locations in Quincy
  4. It should not take 40 minutes to cross the city.
  5. This is a critical issue that should be treated as a top priority as the city attracts more and more residents.
  1. Quincy is not listening to local residents about their own streets.
  1. Many residents are asking for speed relief, bumps, signage, increased enforcement and they feel ignored.  This is a dangerous concern and should not be ignored.
  2. Many residents need traffic flow alterations.  Intersections get clogged with left turns, people parking on either side for school drop off.  Traffic flow needs to work for the drivers and those who reside on the street equally.
  1. Stand up for Quincy’s MBTA Commuters
  1. The MBTA is taking on all four Quincy Stations at once
  2. While this refurbishment is welcome and long overdue, the plans for these projects are focused on the convenience and cost-control of the T
  3. Quincy residents, long neglected by the MBTA, should not face several years of burden because of the T’s mismanagement
  4. Mayor Koch and the City Council should demand construction plans that make the Quincy Commuters a priority.
  5. Adequate station parking, expanded bus service, and constant communication will be needed.
  6. Failure in any of these areas will lead to more Quincy Commuters giving up on the T and taking to the road which will impact Quincy’s auto commuters as well.

  1. The 216 and 214 bus service should continue separately 3 times an hour later into the weekday.  
  1. For people who work in the city past 6 pm, they come home to find themselves waiting for a bus that only comes once an hour.
  2. This bus is also sent into Germantown and Houghs Neck
  3. If we want more cars off the road, we need the MBTA to do their part to make the bus service frequent and reliable to incentivize the shift from automobiles.


  1. I will have an open-door policy for any Quincy educator who wants to discuss their concerns with me.

  1. Quincy teachers should not have to spend their personal money on classroom and education supplies.

  1. I will support our PTOs to aid in their efforts to raise money for discretionary spending.

  1. Our schools should be maintained like palaces.
  1. Indoor environment and temperature should be always conducive to learning.
  2. Security systems should be maintained and upgraded often.

  1. Any adult (teacher, coach, instructor) who interacts with our students should be trained and properly equipped to educate our youth on the dangers of opioids.

  1. Anonymous systems should be in place where bullying, physical, emotional, or substance abuse can be reported by the victim, or a 3rd party, without concern of identification.

Thank you all for your support and attention.  I would love to hear from all of you:

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Printed in-house with campaign-funded supplies