Dear Valued Customers:

We hope you had a fabulous fun-filled summer season!

With the water levels being so high this year many of you had issues with your legs not being long enough and/or dock being out too far after installed early in the season. Just some more fun mother nature has through at us to remind us that life is never easy. Thank you all for being patient as we had to provide many service calls throughout the summer to correct all the arising issues. Unfortunately, we foresee many of the same problems next spring, but being a little more prepared we should be able to combat those issues in a more timely manner.

If you have not received your fall 2019 removal card in the mail, please email or call to set up your removal. We plan to have everyone out of the water by the last week of October. New this year, we will be offering some winter services such as: driveway and roof snow removal, firewood, and house checks after a storm.

Please contact us via phone or email with any questions or concerns or fore pricing inquiries on our new services.


Pat & Jessica Bearden