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Organic Herbal Haircolor, Direct Dye Lifting/Gentle Lifting Service & Seamless Beaded Weft Extensions

Organic Color

Congratulations! You have now taken your first step toward healing your hair with our Organic Colour services here at Æther Holistic Salon. We want to help ready and assist you in your journey to properly caring & maintaining your haircolor until your next appointment.

Some wonderful benefits to our Organic hair color is that it makes your hair extremely strong, voluminous and lustrous and aids in exponential growth. It has a very soothing effect on the hair and is a natural hair dye without causing any damage. It keeps dandruff away, reduces hair fall/shedding, repairs split ends and most of all it is an all natural conditioning product.  Apart from being an all around wonderful ingredient to naturally dye your hair (especially white & grey hairs), our Organic Hair Color is also known to strengthen, condition and nourish the tresses from deep within.

Now onto some experiences with our color service that we’d like to help in getting you the absolute BEST out of your new Organic Colour!  The process of colouring with our Organic Colour can cause a temporary change on the surface of the hair’s strand and follicle. The hair goes back to its normal texture & state within just a couple of days.

 This pdf pamphlette will discuss in further detail the physical structure of hair, the sensory interpretations of “dry” and “moisturised,” and offer solutions for lessening the undesirable texture which some may experience during the first few days following an Organic Colour Service treatment.

 All hair is subject to weathering over time. The cuticle structure is resilient and can withstand quite a bit manipulation. Hair can flex, stretch, and be exposed to daily friction and tangles and still maintain healthiness. Hair that is straight tends to have a more round diameter, while curly hair would appear elliptical. The cuticles of straight hair tend to overlap more tightly, while cuticles on curly hair have more space between them. Because of the way cuticles are arranged, those with curly hair sometimes find that their hair is more prone to breakage.

The cuticles on curly hair are not as tightly arranged as on straight hair, and the cortex is flatter.

 It is normal that the cuticle layer is tighter and thicker near the scalp, where the hair is newly grown and has not yet had time to experience damage. Nearer to the ends, the hair is older and apt to have a thinner cuticle layer that is more jagged. Split ends are the result of the complete loss of the cuticle layer, and the splitting apart of the inner cortical bundle

 Hair that has been processed with chemicals or otherwise damaged will  have cuticles that stand up more rather than cuticles that lay flat against one another. Environmental factors can temporarily alter the hair’s cuticles. On windy days, your hair is thrown around, and the friction between strands causes the cuticles to lift. The strands tangle as the lifted cuticles catch onto one another. Dirt and build-up in the hair can further exacerbate tangling.

Damaged hair will show gaps in the outer cuticle layer as well as the inner cortex.

 You may notice that on humid days, your hair is more frizzy. Moisture can cause the cuticles to be raised, and for the structure to weaken. Utilising the suggested Æther Holistic Salon haircare products to wash and condition your hair is a great way to keep it smooth and prevent excess moisture from weakening your hair.

 “Dry and Damaged” vs. “Smooth and Healthy”

 When the cuticles are raised, the hair feels more coarse and less manageable. We often misinterpret this texture as “dryness”, believing that the hair is lacking moisture. As mentioned above, moisture itself can sometimes cause raised cuticles. It is simply a temporary change in the physical shape of the hair strands as a reaction to its environment. While dry and damaged hair can also exhibit similar physical changes, the two are not synonymous.

 Similarly, just because hair is artificially smoothed with silicones and glycerols, it does not necessarily mean that the hair is in a healthier or more moisturized state than it was prior to conditioning. It is a temporary fix to the way the surface of the skin feels and appears from the outside. A majority of us have used store-bought hair care products since youth, we have been brought up with an implicit notion that tangled, crunchy feeling hair indicated dryness, and smooth, sleek hair indicates moisture.

Damaged hair that is coated with conditioner is still damaged. Silicones and glycerols artificially smooth the surface.

What Occurs Hair to Hair During the Organic Hair Colouring Process

 During our Organic hair color services, moisture and acidity from the paste, along with the intermediary dye molecules migrate into the outer layers of the hair strand. The dye bonds to the keratin with the help of a bonding process.

Hair plumps as it is exposed to the wet and hydrogen-rich hair color paste, and as hair color paste molecules migrate into the outer layers.


 Because our Organic Colour molecule binds to keratin in a lasting way, the hair is strengthened and reinforced. The added reinforcement prevents breakage and balances moisture levels. Our Organic Color does affect the physical texture of the hair, so those with naturally curly hair may see a loosening of their curl pattern. For some, this comes as a blessing. For others who want to maintain their bounce, adding amla into the organic color mix prior to staining can help to maintain the curl pattern.

 Despite common misunderstanding, this organic color does not coat the hair; the herbal color migrates into the outer layers of keratin, staining them. Hair that has been organic coloured can still absorb outside moisture, and it can be treated with oxidative dyes, lighteners, and relaxers. If you have any other inquiries about your haircolor services please feel free to contact us at our salon 910-978-3636 or visit us at 201 N. Reilly Rd. Fayetteville, NC 28303.

Direct Dye Lifting/Gentle Lifting Service

This service is great for those wanting to remove existing color or to lift and brighten their hair without affecting the integrity of the hair and creating damage. This product is free of vegan, paraben free, ammonia free, gluten free and free of fragrance. This service is great for removing unwanted stains and colors as well.


For gentler lifting, Consultations are required for receiving this service to ensure hair is in the most optimal health to receive this service.

**This service is great due to its ability to be activated with or without developer**

**If you opt out of a strand test for this service you will be required to sign form in saying so, as well as understand that you as the client are completely liable for any and all reactions due to this service** Although this service is not comprised of harsh chemicals such as bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxides, an organic chemicals known as potassium persulfate & sodium persulfate, sodium carbonate(natural mineral) are utilized, we still encourage clients to do their due diligence and research, as well as participate actively in the consultation phase and lastly conduct a proper strand test with their stylist***

To ensure hair feels it’s best we HIGHLY Recommend pairing with our Reconstructor, Protein & Moisturising Treatments to help facilitate in the hair feeling amazing!

Seamless Beaded Weft Extensions

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