Norway House Annual Donors 2014-2017                        

$500,000 +

John and Sharon Haugo

$250,000 - $499,999

Janet Dolan Moore

$100,000 - $249,000

Lee and Louise Sundet

Telemark County Norway

$25,000 - $99,999

Brad and Mary Bakken

Jim and Elaine Halls

Lowell and Cay Hellervik

Kenneth and Linda Holmen

Hubbard Broadcasting Inc

MeRoy and Carol Lillehaugen

Jon and Sophie Pederson

Michael and Shirley Santoro

Jeffrey and Paula Soholt

Lloyd and Annelotte Svendsbye

Thrivent Financial

Erik and Rima Torgerson

Ertugrul and Karen Owen Tuzcu

$10,000 - $24,999

Alden and Karina Allen

Connie Bakken

Jeffrey Bakken

Donna Boller

Marilyn Carlson Nelson

Jeff Coleman

Helen and David Distad

Ruth Donhowe

Marian Ducharme and David Lindblom

James and Joy Erickson

Ellen Sue Ewald and Terje Mikalson

Gaylen and Penny Ghylin

Russell Hagen

Bill and Evelyn Halverson

Rev. Gary and Beth Hanson

Warren Herreid II and Jeannine Rivet

J.A. Wedum Foundation

Phil Kvam

J. Milo and Mary Meland

David and Linda Mona

Charles and Sharon Olson

Don and Beverly Oren

Ruth Paulson

Bob and Joyce Rosene

Betsy Skjervold

Sons of Norway

Sons of Norway Vonheim Lodge 108

Dennis Sorheim


Maxine Wallin

Gary and Sandy Ulsaker Wiese

Gary and Betty Zinter

$5,000 - $9,999

Jim and Linnea Anderson

Stacy and Jack Baehman

Bergin Fruit & Nut Company

Borton Overseas

Harriet Broin

Bygdelagenes Fellesraad Inc

Judith Christensen

Elaine and James Hasleton

Carol Hayes

Kari Hellervik Hoskin and Mark Ede

Finn and Jorunn Henrikssen

David and Barbara Holt

Roald and Shirley Kindem

McGough Construction Company Inc

Medtronic Foundation

John and Karen Meslow

Herb and Virginia Morgenthaler

Marybeth Nelson

Les and June Nielsen

Donald Notvik

David and Karen Olson

Nancy Sand Olson and Lowell Edlund

Ronald and Kay Olson

Royal Norwegian Embassy


Selmer Simonson

Sonja Somdahl and Sig Nordland

Marilyn Dahlen Somdahl

Jackie and Robert Sorenson

Clifford and Barbara Swenson

Bradford and Cynthia Wallin

Dan and Kris Walseth

Karen Weiberg

Benson and Mary Whitney

Lynn Winger

$2,500 - $4,999

Nancy Albrecht

Arne Alnaes

Loren and MaryAnn Waalen Anderson

Larry Angeles and Kathy Otis

Bruce and Cindy Backberg

Curtis and Marilyn Bah

Bradley and Gwendolyn Beard

Gary and Marilyn Berg Cooper

Meredith Berg

Kari Bjorhus and Kenneth Carlson

Svenn and Susan Borgersen

Gary and Ann Bormes

Borton Volvo

Marcia Brekke

Eric and Elizabeth Sorenson Brotten

Patricia Brown

Barbara Chase

William and Joy Egeberg

Luther and Ilene Forde

Reidun and Georg Gauger

Scott and Lisa Gilyard

Gus and Anne Haugan

David and Kim Hakensen

Hallinglag of America

Sharyl Hansen

Paul and Ruth Hauge

Gerald and Sally Haugen

Janice Heusinkveld

Don and Bonnie Holman

Erling and Martha Husby

Ted and Molly Irgens

Inez Jukulen

Stan and Virginia Karbowski

Alice Kirn

Jean Knaak

Rep. Kate Knuth

Ole Koppang

Land O'Lakes Inc

Micheal and Kathleen Lillehaugen

Richard and Finette Magnuson

Kathryn Moen

Dave and Janet Nelson

Jerry and Andrea Nelson

William Nelson

Steven and Patricia Olson

Dennis and Turid Ormseth

Greg Page

Marjorie Quie Vaiden

Leland and Gladys Randall

Randi Helgeson

Greg and Carol Sundheim Roverud

Ron and Janet Schutz

Linda Senneseth Spiess

Signature Bank

Sons of Norway Kristiania Lodge 47

Jerry and Rebecca Jorgenson Sundquist

Kathleen Thomson

Totenlag in America

Bob and Kathi Tunheim

Harold and Pam Ulvestad

Talleiv and Karen Vollen

Warren Watson

Steven and Catherine Roessler Webster

Donald and Mary Weller

Ronald Wilson

Joyce Young

$1,000 - $2,499

John and Joanna Aamodt

American Scandinavian Foundation

Bank of the West

Daniel and Gaelyn Beal

Sandy and Kermit Bensen

Jean Borgerding

Bremer Bank

Scott and Sarah Bjelde

Philip and Carolyn Brunelle

Carlson Printing

Sharon Carlson

Susan L. Carlson

Richard and Jean Clarke

Christopher Dahl and Deborah Hopp

Liv Dahl

Gary Dahle

Donald and Inger Dahlin

Adele and John Davis

Paul and Mardeth Dovre

Wallace and Susan Hayes Droegemueller

Gordon and Marilyn Eid

Martha Engebretson

Earl and Shirley Evenstad

Hugh Fagan

John and Kari Friel

Fred and Marie Friswold

Robert and Marian Fronk

Leola Furman

R E and Lorraine Gandrud

Richard and Valerie Germundsen

Meg Gisslen

Ted Grindal

Gudbrandsdalslaget National

Richard and Barbara Gunderson

Hadeland Lag of America

Timothy and Carol Hearn

Donald Helgeson and Sue Shepherd

Eunice Helgeson

Jon and Emily Carlson Hjelm

Rodger and Beatrice Hole

Ronald Hovda

Thomas and Paula Iverson

Rev. Robert and Marjorie Jameison

Rev. Manuel and Darleen Johnson

Thelma and Mark Johnson

Nancy Kath

Judy Kirk and Mike Schroeder

Clara Knoff

David and Carolyn Kompelien

Karen and Kurt Kreienbrink

Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren Ltd

Jacob Steen

James Lewis and Bill Bloedow

Bryan and Debbie Lillehaugen

Kent Lillehaugen

Lorayne Lillehaugen

Mark and Carolyn Lillehaugen

Judy and Albert Linder

Laurel Lovestrom

John and Evelyn Lund

Britt Lundgren

Richard and Marie-Rose Lundgren

Kathryn Macek

MOAC Mall Holdings LLC

M. A. Mortenson Company

Jeffrey Mueller

Thomas and Susan Nelson

Joan and Richard Niemiec

Nordic House

Northland Aluminum Products Inc

Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce - Upper Midwest Chapter

Jerry and Jane Noyce

Paul and Lori Olson

Brian Osberg and Jean Marie Hamilton

Paul and MaryAnne Peterson

Rev. Timothy and Donadee Peterson

Philip and Dora Quanbeck

Hon. Al Quie

Stephen Radtke

Barb Gulbrandsen

Ryan Marth

Royal Norwegian Embassy

Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate

Sylvia Sabo

Shirley Lokstad Schoenfeld

Clinton and Carolyn Schroeder

Jerry Seck and Candace Campbell

Rick and Linda Seime

Harold Sersland

Kenneth and Bonnie Sersland

Mike and Else Sevig

Tom and Patti Shadick


Jan Robertson

Jerry and Deb Soholt

Evelyn Sonnack

Sons of Norway Lauris Norstad Lodge 558

Sons of Norway Sagatun Lodge 18

Paul Sortland and Carolyn Anderson

Diane Steen-Hinderlie and John Olson

Ken and Soni Styrlund

Andrew Sybilrud

Dennis Sorheim

Jerome and Roberta Takle

Telelaget of America

Fred and Allyson Thomson

Thrivent Colonnade Group

Les and Joan Torgerson

Rolf and Nancy Ulvestad

Valdres Samband

Paul and Bette Vandersteen

Minnesota Vikings

Adolf and Helen Walser

Rikka Weiberg

Arlene Wollertson Wilson

Wings Financial

William and Wendy Wustenberg

$500 - $999

Marian Aaker

Abdo, Eick & Meyers, LLP

American Institute of Architects

Mary Ellen Andersen

Mary Anderson

Britt de Lange Ardakani

Charles and Peggy Arnason

Ann Arvesen Gjelten

George and Sherry Biltz

Odell and Joann Bjerkness

Dean and Joyce Bliss

Karen and Douglas Boyum

Robert J. Brown

Jerry and Lila Burmeister

Cindy and Steve Chapman

Lis Christenson

Audrey Clay

Sherman Coltvet

Edward and Karayn Cunnington

Daughters of Norway Pauline Fjelde Lodge 51

DECO Catering

Deer Valley Press

Cynthia Raitt Devereaux

Pat Eide

Jim and Anne Eidsvold

E. Duane and Marlene Engstrom

Richard and Nancy Enstad

Faegre Baker Daniels LLP

Bruce and Deb Folken

Dr. Jim and Allison Gaasedelen

Nicholas and Ingrid Gangestad

Bruce Gjovig

Robert and Karen Gusaas

Chari Hall

David Hansen and Karen Lilley

Carol Hanson

Michael and Muriel Hanson

Robert and Natalie Hanson

Arden and Janna Wallin Haug

Joy Haugen Williams

Kathy and Eivind Hoff

Kenneth and Cordelia Hoffmann

Joe Hognander Jr.

Dave Holden

Leslee Lane and George Hoyum

Dolores Jacobson

Bill and Mary Johnson

Dale and Wilma Johnson

Marlys Johnson

Kontakt Club

Solveig Kramer

Thomas Kvam

Robyn and Tim Leer

Leland and Ardis Lillehaug

Elise Linehan

Lockridge Grindal Nauen P.L.L.P.

Mitch Long

Mary Ann Matson

Dennie McCoy

Mindekirken Norwegian Language and Cultural Program

Ragnvald Mjanger

VR and Joyce Nelson

Pam Nerhus


Bettye Olson

Mark Olson

Pam and Jeffrey Petersmeyer

Jay and Kathleen Peterson

Julie Susan Ponath-Whiting

Paul and Betty Quie

Richard Raitt

Lois Rand

Morris and Terry Reistad

Marcia and William Rickman

Laura Rude

Diane and James Safly

Noelle & Heath Schubert

Carol Sime and John Grafstrom

Lee Skavanger

Carsten Slostad

Rolf Carsten and Margrete Smeby

John Soteberg and Christina M. Kennedy

Rev. Kristin Sundt

Donald Teigen

Sonja Thompson

Duane and Sharon Thorbeck

Ronna Thorson

Roland and Edith Thorstensson

Charles and Joan Threet

Robert and Ardelle Torkelson

Tronderlag of America

Tom and Linda Veblen

William Wangensteen

Kathryn Williams

Larry and Katherine Youngblood

$250 - $499

Duaine and Ann Amundson

Signe Andenas Bobbitt

Runar and Sandra Andersen

Emilie Anderson

Jeffrey and Lori Anderson

Mark and Janis Aune

Barbara and Gordon Bauman

Donald Beck

Lois and John Bell

Phyllis E. Berg

Barry Bergquist

Crystal Bloecher

Joel Botten Jr.

Gary and Luci Botzek

Steve and Carol Broback

June Bunting

James and Carol Engebretson Byrne

Jackie Carlson

Leonard Carlson

Ralph Carlson

John and Birgitte Christianson

Janis Clay and Elam Baer

William and Anne Craft

Clara M. Dahle

Dorothy Dalquist

Shirley J. Decker

Eivind and Gwenn Djupedal

Ruth Drolsum

Conrad and Kristine Eastwold

Rev. Michael Edwins

Charlotte and William Egeberg

Stephen Eide

Duane and Carolyn Eklin

James Enestvedt

Lowell and Carol Erdahl

Beverly Erickson

Hans Erickson

Georgia Fisher

Lisa Fjoslien

Tamara Fjoslien

Mette Flor

Angela Gaare

Eva Susanne Blazek Gabrielson

Dick Gandrud

James Garberg

Kent and Betty Garborg

Christopher Glasoe

Marcia Glick & Erik Lindberg

Robsan Itana

Zylpha Gregerson

Kirsti Grodahl

Mary Gross

Jerome Grunstad

Carlyle and Mary Haaland

John and Joan Hagman

Jeff and Heidi Haines

Leroy and Margie Halvorsen

Erma and LeRoy Hammond

Sarah Hansen

Barbara and John Hanson

Luther Hanson

Roger and Sharon Haugo

Jim and Jan Hausmann

Connie Hessevick

Mary Kay Hicks

Alice Mae Hilstad

Thomas and Sonja Hirsch

Kathryne Hoffland

Jock and Susan Holmen

Karin Holt

Leaetta Hough and Robert Muschewske

Anna Marie Huesers

Lorraine Jasinski

Einar Johansen

Bob and Sigrid Johnson

Bruce E. Johnson

Carol Johnson

Char Johnson

Dennis and Carole Johnson

Orville and Betty Johnson

Theodore Johnson

JoAnne Jorud

Martin and Esther Kellogg

Ann Kennedy

Stephan and Karen Cooley Kistler

Marilyn Kjorlien

Dan Klassen

Rick and Patty Kleven

Brian Knoblock

Charles and Liz Knutson

Kowalski’s Markets

Sue Ann Krause

Juliane Kvalbein

Lynn Kvalness

Thomas Lanman

Kevin and Laurie Linde

Robert and Meredith Lins

Margit Lund

Mike and Miriam Lundeen

Randi Lundell

William and Margaret Lydell

Peer Lykke

Eric and Mardelle Madsen

Sid and Louise Martinson

Carolyn and Charles Mayo III

Estelle Melby

Kay Mickelson and David Greenspon

Gerald and Frida Mindrum

Karen and Rep. David Minge

Sarah and Mancel Mitchell III

Vice President Walter Mondale

Alma Morgan

Joyce Morris

Deb and Frank Nelson

Lowell and Barbara Nelson

Sandra Nelson

Rev. James and Carolyn Nestingen

Mary and Kirk Nesvig

John and Shirley Nilsen

Ann Nordby

Liv and Michael Norderhaug

Elaine Nordlie

Norman and Eunice Jones

Norway Lake Lutheran Historical Association

Edward and Charlotte Oliver

James Olson

Robert Olson

Mark and Karoline Orvick

Janet Osmonson

Doris Overby

Phil and Eve Overby

Randy and Christine Owen

Cary and Anita Strand Pao

Arthur Paulson

Shirley and William Pickett

Lois Quam

Joel and Sarah Quie

Philip and Solveig Reeker

Debra Riggs

Timothy Rockstad

Paul and Donna Roe

Romerikslaget i Amerika

Ann Romo

Julian and Eileen Ronning

Kristian Ronning

Karin and Richard Roof

Pamela Rose

Brynhild C. Rowberg

Donald and Karen Rudrud

Dagmar Runyon

Teri Sapienza

Marlin Schenck

R. Craig and Mariana Shulstad

Eldbjorg and Paul Skare

Wallace and Marilyn Small

Sons of Norway Hjemkomst Lodge 599

John and Collie Stodolka

Sylvia Storvick

Herbert and Esther Tatley

Jeff and Cheryl Thompson

A. Lowell and Barbara Torkelson

Raymond and Carol Tranby

Tony and Jill Urdahl


Joel and Barbara Watne

Joel Wiberg and Priscilla Young

Peter and Ellen Zimmerman

$100 - $249

Sid and Viv Aarestad

Ronald and Donna Aase

Tor and Kristine Aasheim

Edith H. Adams

Elizabeth Ambrose Amin

Tim Amlie

Anita Anderson

Bonita Anderson

Bruce Tillman Anderson

Gary and Julie Anderson

Joan Voxland Anderson

Marcia D. Anderson

Marvel Anderson

Patricia Anderson

Paulette Anderson

Russell Anderson

Sonja Anderson

Bob and Sue Andringa

Sally and Peter Anson

Barron and Carole Lea Arenson

Muriel Arms

Orn and Margret Arnar

John Arneson

John and Barbara Ashland

Maureen Austinson

Ulf-Eiel and Caroline Bach

Harald and Synnove Bakke

Paul Bakke

Sissel Bakkelund

Martha J. Balfanz

Mary Bang

Robert and Gail Barsness

Lynn Bartness

Mary Bates

Ann and John Beane

Judy Benke

Liv Eggen and Bruce Benschine

Alva Benson

Nancy Benson and John Ferman

Lois and Laverne Bergan

Joshua Bergeron

Reidunn Bergheim Petroni

Mary Bert

Rolf and Idelle Bjelland

Andreas Bjorneby

Charles and Emily Boigenzahn

Carolyn Bondhus

Karsten and Nancy Braaten

William Bracken

Andrea Brainard

Gene Brandvold

Caitlin Brauer

Brekke Tours & Travel

Lois and Scott Brownlee

Richard and Mary Brubacher

Jason and Sarah Halvorson Brunko

Phyllis Brynestad

Paula and Thomas Buchner

Joan Campbell

Christina and Steven Carleton

Paul and Mildred Caspersen

Lisa Christen

Mary Lou and Fredrik Christiansen

Helen Clarke

Jeff and Ayanna Coleman

Jonathon Coltz

Justin Comparetto and Farrah Friona

Anne-Grethe Cook

Tove Corbett

Al Corcoran

Pam Cottrell

Sue Crockett

Christopher Cross

David and Gaynal Cross

Paul and Dawn Dahlberg

Gene Dalhin

Karen Daninger

Ann and Bob Davis

Donald and Jana Deach

Tore and Beth Detlie

Barbara Olson Dettle

Eunice Dietrich

Mary Dolan

Jock and Sara Donaldson

Vicky Dosdall

David and John Doty

Pat and Deborah Doubek

Katherine Drivas

Dick and Jan Easterday

Kevin and Kristen Eide

Patricia Eide

Susanne Eikeland

Janet Eitreim

Kay Elliasen

John and Linda Ellingboe

Steve and Jennifer Embretson

Rachel Enerson

Daniel and Corinne Engstrand

Jinx Engstrom

E. Richard Ensrud

Elton and Orpha Mandsager Erdahl

Rolf Erdahl

Kenneth and Lois Erickson

Marilyn Erickson

Paul and Marilyn Erickson

Roy Everson

Patricia Ewer

Anne Farning

Gregg Feigum

Jonathan and Kathleen Fenske

Douglas Fitzgerald

Gary Flatgard

Nancy Flatgard

Karen and Richard Folden

Solveig Foley

Sharon Folland

John Forliti

Bjorn Forsdal

Sharon Fortunak

Robert and Robin Fossum

Nicole Frank

Penny Freeman

S. Philip and Marilyn Froiland

Roland and Tulla Froyen

J.S. Futcher

Gary and Miriam Gandrud

Stephen Eric Gangstead

Micheal and Rebecca Ganzel Thompson

Dan and Marty Gilbert

Charles Gillin

Russell and Janis Gilyard

Bob Gjengdahl

Rolland and I. Jean Glessing

Bill Gordon

Myrtle Grette

Hamlin and Ruth Hagander

Daniel Halvorsen II

Tor and L. Sunny Hansen

Kathleen Hanson


Samuel and Judith Haroldson

Stan and Jodi Harpstead

Sharlene and Jack Hauer

Stig and Shelly Smith Hauge

Mark Haugen

Richard and Joanne Haugen

JoAnn Hawthorne

Adrian Helgeson

Lisa and Patrick Hellervik Mach

Ron and Betty Hemstad

Sharon Hepler

Patricia Herbison Jones

Harold Herum

Sonja Hill

Maggie Hjalmarson Lesher

Gene Hoff

Orvis Holm

Klara Huesers

Julie Ingebretsen

Raymond Jacobsen

Elizabeth Sunita Jacobson

Janice Jacobson

Bill Janye

James Jaranson

Ingrid Johansen

LaVonne Johnson

Patricia Johnson

Sherry Johnson

Veronica Johnson

Keith and Karla Jorgenson

Patricia Kachel

Shirley Kallevig

Anne Kaphingst

Kevin and Jennifer Kelley

Monica Kelley and Bruno Chaouat

Carol and Donald Kelsey

Bob and Ann Kern

Johan Kirkeng

Linda Kjerland and Sonja Maren Blackstone

Jo Ann and Richard Kleber

Don and Gail Kleven

Dale and Violet Klungness

Mark and Kari Knapp

Scott and Elisa Knudson

Roger and Judy Knutson

Catina and Troy Koenig

Eric and Celine Kronback

Meredith Kvalness

Severt and Mary Kvamme

Roberta Lafleur

Leo and Mary Beth Lake

Scott and Karla Lalim

Landings Laget

Kirsten and Alan Langohr

James Langseth

Karla Larsen

Mark and Sue Larson

Mark B. Larson

Wendy Larson

Stacy Lasley

Mark and Susan Lasoff

Karen Laumb

Michael Leadholm and Barbara Eastwold

Paul and Sharon Ledin

Peter and Kim Lee

Sue Lee

Gwen and Lee LeFevre

Paige Lillehaugen

Ted Lillehei

Obert and Joanne Lillo

Ernest and Jeanne Lindstrom

Richard Lodmill

Jason Loewen

Brian Lofquist

Mary Lonning Skoy

Odd Lovoll

David and Peggy Lucas

Oscar Lund Jr.

Roar Lund

Leann K. Lundberg

Susan Lyback and Doug Jacobson

Olav Maehle

Marc and Kathy Manderscheid

Susan and Gregory Mansfield

Kay Martin

Vivian Mason

Tim Matson

Sandra Unstad McCalvy

James and Martha McCartney

Peter McLaughlin

Gary and Barb Melom

Sara Meslow

Leslie Metzen

Irene Meyer

Donald and Mary Sue Meyers

Bob and Sue Midness

Milan Village Arts School

Gary Miller

Lucille Miller

Hans and Lucille Misvaer

Rueben and Sherry Mjaanes

Blair Moe and Shelly Silvernail

Carol Moland

Judith Mondloch

Bjorn and Margit Monson

Russell Moore

Gary Moorhead and Karen Nelson-Moorhead

Mike and Laura Morris

Gerald and Ruth Morrow

Keith Myhre

National Sognalag of America

Paul and Kristie Nelson Neuhaus

Gordon Nelson

Marian and Daniel Nelson

Diane and Robert Nelson

Lorraine and Debra Neuger

Marilynn Neuville

Thomas and Karen Nichols

Lois Nokleby

Stephen and Anne Noonan

Nord Hedmark og Hedmarken Lag

Hans Nordby

Paula Nordhem

Nordhordlands Laget

Nordic Waffles LLC

Timothy Nordland

Darlene Nordos

Norwegian American Genealogical Association

Jay and Jennifer Novak

Heidi Nurse

Liisa Ojala

Carol Olean

Erik Olsen

Donald Olson and Patricia Christensen

Jim and Phyllis Olson

Oliver Olson

Raymond Olson

Thomas Olson

John Reese

Lars Odin Opseth

Odd Osland

Kathy Otis

Lorena Palm

Charlotte Palmer

Curtis and Ramona Pearson

William and Nancy Penk

Dallen and Glennis Peterson

Lynn and Jean Peterson

Mary and Craig Peterson

John Pierce

Richard Pietz and Brian Jorgensen

Harry and Edith Pihl

Cynthia Piper

Anne Marie Plante

Ethel Plasek

Marjorie Provo

Ben and Ginny Quie

Johan Quie

Sonia Rache

Scott Ramsdale

Steve and Linda Ray

Karl Reichert

Pam Nimmerfroh and Jorn Remmem

James A. Rice

Kathy Rice

Ringerike-Drammen District Lag

D. Bruce and Janet Robb

Walter Rockenstein

Vidar Romarheim

Kari Hubbard Rominski

Jill Rose

Charles Ruen

W. Dale and Lola Ruff

Roger and Marsha Runningen

Kari Saba

Ole Meerwald

Kris Sanda and Richard Johnson

Richard and Judy Gross Sandeen

Leroy and Fay Sandven

John Sater

Ann Sather

Susan Schafer

Dennis and Pam Schulstad

Susan and Dennis Searle

Dale and Jean Searles

Claire Selkurt and Dianne Legg

Dean Selvig

Debra Serum and John Hennum

Sharon and Dale Severson

Denise Sheehy

Dick and Linda Shinofield

William Short

Carol Skaar

Sandra Skaar

Peter Skjervold

Anders and Beatrix Skoglund

Glen and Anna Skovholt

Carol Skulstad

Kendall Smith

Diane Snell

Steven Snyder and Sherry Stern

Rev. Roger and Trisha Sonnesyn

Sons of Norway Fjell Syn Lodge

Sons of Norway Solglimt Lodge 547

Sons of Norway Stavanger Lodge 538

Angeline Sorenson

Allan and Eunice Sortland

Sara Springmeyer

Susan Starkson

John Steinke

Nancy Steinke

James Stephenson

John and Jane Stevenson

Bonita and James Stockhaus

Rev. Olaf and Lila Storaasli

Wendi Storhoff and Sally Costello

Lynn Street

Linda Stuckey

Linda Sugerman

Elizabeth Sunita

G. Rolf and Patricia Svendsen

Roger and Patricia Sween

Ricky Syhre

Lee and Faye Tallakson

Robert Tengdin

Gloria Tew

Daryle and Suzette Thingvold

Lowell and Viola Thompson

Mark and Mary Thompson

Arlen and Marlys Thorsgaard

Baard and Karin Thue

William and Diane Toscano

Jon and Carolyn Satrum

Nancy Quammen Truax

Douglas and Susan Tuve

Odd and Randi Unstad

Barbara Ann Upens

Zdenek and Solveig Urban

Nancy Vaiden

Nancy Vandervort

Karen and Norman Vinnes

VIP Club

Edward Wahl

Joanne Wang

Jill and William Wargin

Nancy Watkins

Maren Westby and Karen Johnson

Chadborne Whiting

Sandra and Jim Wilson

Donna Windsor

Kevin Winge and Kevin Shores

Tore Wistrom

Michael Wold

Women's Club of Minneapolis

June Wrolstad

Joann Youngstom

Craig Zuidema

Margaret Zverinova