Emerald Hill Writing Newsletter


  • Write first and last name using correct upper and lowercase lettering.
  • Write a 3 to 4 word sentence using sight words.  

First Grade

  • We are currently focusing on writing two or more sentences.
  • Continue to practice starting with a capital and ending with punctuation.
  • Continue to practice identifying the noun in each sentence.

Second Grade

  • Using descriptive words to write complete sentences.
  • Various graphic organizers.
  • Working on 5 step writing process; Prewrite, draft, revise, edit, publish.

Third Grade

We are currently working on writing complete sentences with correct capitalization and correct punctuation.  We would like to see our students writing at least a  paragraph.  

Fourth Grade

The fourth grade is using the four-square writing model to teach writing. This strategy helps students to organize their thoughts for writing on a particular topic. We are encouraging students to write bold beginnings, mighty middles, and exciting endings too.

Try and provide as many writing opportunities as possible such as trips taken, pen pals to friends, grandparents, seasons, persuading topics, or even to people in important positions! Whether students are writing a lot or a little, It can ALL make a difference!

Fifth Grade

Fifth graders should be writing paragraphs with a main idea and supporting details.  They should be able to write a 3-4 paragraph paper on a particular topic.  Finally fifth graders should be writing complete sentences with appropriate capital letters, commas, and other punctuation marks as needed.