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A message from Pacaso Co-Founder and CEO Austin Allison
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A message from Pacaso Co-Founder and CEO Austin Allison

Published Date: January 5, 2023

Earlier today, Pacaso Co-Founder and CEO Austin Allison communicated the following to Pacaso employees.Crew - Today is a difficult day. In the last few weeks, the economy has become more unstable and a global recession now seems likely. Like any business in this environment, Pacaso must make proactive changes to ensure that our expenses align with revenue. As a result, we will be reducing our workforce by 30% while we streamline operating costs. There will be no change to owner services or in-market home operations. Our long-term relationship with owners, and their homes, remains our top priority and will continue to receive exceptional service. A big part of my job as CEO is to make tough decisions based on what is best for Pacaso, and to be transparent with you about why we're making them. Early in 2022, the capital markets ā€“ venture capital firms and public market investors ā€“ were enthusiastically funding growth stage companies. Our business expansion and headcount were designed for this hyper-growth environment, which was appropriate for the market conditions at the time. Fast forward ten months and we now must prepare for a recession. This change reverts our headcount back to January 2022 levels, and right-sizes our team for the immediate road ahead.We all should be proud of what we have achieved in just two years of operation:

As we reported last week in our Q3 Second Home Analysis, the luxury second home tier declined 28% quarter-over-quarter, however, demand is up 152% since the beginning of the pandemic. This is why we remain as excited as ever about the future of co-ownership and the mission of Pacaso to enrich lives through second home ownership, but we have to be realistic about the impact a recession could have on demand in the near-term.I want you all to know that we will do our best to help our impacted crew make the transition. We will provide them with severance, healthcare coverage and career help.To those of you we will be saying goodbye to, I am sorry. We will miss you dearly and will be forever grateful for your contributions to Pacaso and our community of inspiring Owners.To those of you who will continue on, Iā€™m honored to serve you as CEO as we work together to build an enduring business and enrich millions of lives through second home ownership. Austin