Good morning. As a relatively new member of the Brimmer community, I have been continually struck by the shared value of kindness without sounding self righteous, but crucial nonetheless in reminding ourselves what really matters. No community is perfect, but it is our willingness to improve, to educate and to grow that defines our versatility, and our ability to convene and show solidarity in the face of suffering.

We are a community of activists, thinkers, and, as Mr. Neudel would remind us, up-standers. Above all, we are a community of genuinely kind, well-intentioned young people. We are not gathered here with the communal intention of changing the legal rhetoric of gun laws. Nor are we protesting the specific actions of our school administration. That being said, a little revolution doesn’t hurt now and then.

Today, we are simply congregating to reflect on the importance of solidarity, to examine how we, as both individuals and as a society-at-large, can work to make change and prevent tragedy. We hope in organizing an event such as this, we can help perpetuate the shared understanding of radical compassion. Thank you.