Tairangi School Procedure Statement


        NAG 2 Personnel

The following procedures will be followed by the school:

  1. Each teacher is expected to plan work for their students in each of the seven essential learning areas as outlined in the NZ Curriculum Framework.  Specific learning outcomes must be set which are based on achievements objectives, specific skills and processes.  A balanced programme will cover each strand in each curriculum area over time.  All achievement objectives and processes for Maths and English will be covered at each level each year.
  2. Planning will include what material will be assessed at the end of the teaching time.
  3. Classroom programmes in action will reflect the careful planning that has taken place.
  4. Syndicate leaders are responsible for ensuring teachers in their areas plan adequately.  They will view the planning of their syndicate teachers in terms 1 and terms 3 each year, giving feedback to these teachers.  Planning minimums are explained in the attached document.
    If there is a problem with any individual teacher’s planning, intervention and support will take place.  If this is not successful, the Principal will be informed.
  5. Provisionally registered teachers will have their planning monitored by their tutor teacher at least twice a term.
  6. The Principal will view senior staff work plans and provide written feedback to teachers.
  7. Syndicates are encouraged to share the planning of common units and activities.
  8. Syndicates will provide evaluations of all units.
  9. Syndicates will provide term by term overviews of programmes to the Principal.  They will also provide a yearly overview of Science, Social Studies and Health topics.
  10. Syndicate and classroom programmes will be based on the school curriculum implementation documents and school curriculum statements.
  11. Where school-wide planning formats are provided these will be used by all teachers.

Planning Of Classroom Programmes

Planning Folders

The following is a set of minimum expectations for planning folders.  These will be followed by teachers in the school.

  1. A teacher statement reflecting on the needs and abilities of the class and ways in which these will be catered for to be completed by 5 March each year.  The statement, which is not to exceed 1 page, will be updated periodically.
  2. Copies of syndicate long term plans.
  3. Weekly outlines
  1. Weekly planning sheets for Mathematics, Reading and Writing showing:

If a weekly planning sheet is not being completed then a unit plan for these areas which also show the above requirements is necessary.

On the back of these planning sheets will be completed assessment sheets and best fit levels.

  1. Unit plans for Science, Social Studies, Health, Technology.

Any unit plans for P.E., and The Arts,

Unit plans are on syndicate planning sheets.

Unit plans to show the following:

Children will be assessed against a best fit rubric, which is appended to the assessment sheet.

  1. When a Social Studies, Science, Technology, Health or Arts Unit has been completed a unit assessment sheet will be filled in and sent to the Principal.

File:classprograms12.doc        Procedure Statement – Planning Classroom Programmes