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Policies_RSOP Recreation Center Policies January 2021 (Linked on Website)
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Recreation Center Policies

Patrons are responsible for adhering to all policies related to our facilities at all times. RSOP continues to monitor Minnesota Department of Health guidelines and will adjust program policies and services as appropriate. It is the responsibility of users to abide by the health recommendations that have been broadly communicated.

COVID-Related Policies

  1. The University of Minnesota has announced that masks are currently required on all campuses, including the University of Minnesota - Duluth. This policy applies to all Recreational Sports Outdoor Program facilities.
  2. To request an accommodation, please contact:
  1. Disability Resources:
  2. EOAA (Religious requests): email
  1. Physical distancing: Remain 6 feet apart from others at all times.
  2. Health Screening: Continue to check for symptoms of COVID-19 before entering using the posted health screening signs; if you are experiencing symptoms do not enter, go home, and contact your doctor.
  3. Equipment Updates:
  1. All equipment should be sanitized before and after usage.
  2. Day use items are available to checkout for free with a valid Membership ID from our Welcome Desk. A list can be found here.

Recreation Center - General Policies

  1. Individuals interested in using the recreational facilities must present a valid Membership ID in order to enter. All participants are required to carry their pass with them at all times while using the facility. Individuals may be asked to show their Membership ID at any point while visiting the facility.
  2. Misuse of a Membership ID (sharing or presenting a card that is not yours) may be cause for immediate suspension from RSOP facilities and programs.
  3. Guests must be 16 years of age or older to access the Weight Area, Cardio Area or Maroon/Ab Room.
  4. Guests are responsible for using the fitness equipment as it was intended to be used.
  1. For example: benches may not be elevated, propped or inclined separate from design; Olympic bars may not be used for landmine exercises. Failure to comply may result in suspension or loss of privileges.
  1. Use clamps or weight collars each time free weights are used in order to prevent injuries.
  2. Please be courteous to other guests using equipment by immediately returning all weights, dumbbells, mats, and bars to their proper areas. Never rest any weights against walls, mirrors, or on top of benches.
  3. Weights must not be dropped. Always maintain control when exercising. Olympic lifts are allowed only if the weight can be managed and set on the floor under control.
  4. The use of chalk or any other lifting substance is prohibited.
  5. Limit the use of cardio equipment to 30 minutes during peak usage times.
  6. Please notify Recreation Center Staff of faulty or potentially unsafe equipment; never attempt to repair a machine yourself.
  7. It is each guest’s responsibility to wipe off all strength and cardio equipment after each use.
  8. Do not alter fitness center layout (i.e. moving benches, rearranging weight trees, etc.). Equipment must remain in designated areas. Specific activity area equipment needs to stay in designated areas.
  9. We recommend spotters when excessive weight is lifted over the body. Please use caution when using free weights; use of a partner is recommended. Recreation Center staff will not act as a spotter.
  10. No open drinks or food allowed. Water is permitted if contained in a plastic sports bottle with a secured top. No glass containers are allowed.
  11. Large personal items including, but not limited to, bags, purses, pocketbooks, laptop cases, skateboards and books will not be allowed in the Recreation Center. RSOP is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Day use lockers and coat racks will be made available for small items such as jackets or shoes.
  12. No outside personal training and/or instruction is allowed. Only a RSOP staff member may provide these services. Providing these services may result in dismissal from RSOP and loss of privileges.
  13. Multiple machines may not be exclusively used at the same time; machines may not be saved for any purpose.
  14. Any activity that may damage the facility/equipment or is deemed unsafe by a RSOP employee must be stopped immediately.
  15. Weight belts are not allowed on exercise equipment if the buckle makes contact with the upholstery.
  16. Personal headphone music only.
  17. Cell phone use is prohibited except in cases of emergency. Please respect your fellow guests.
  1. Phone calls, texts, and photography are strictly prohibited at all times in any activity area, locker room, or restroom.
  2. Cell phones may be used with headphones for listening to audio or using fitness-related applications.
  3. The use of any device, including a mobile phone or tablet, for photography and/or videotaping is not allowed unless prior written authorization is obtained from RSOP.
  4. Members are permitted to use electronic handheld tablets with headphones in RSOP for personal viewing and/or audio use.
  5. Inappropriate use of phones, cameras, and electronic tablets may result in corrective action, up to and including permanent dismissal from the facility.
  1. For reasons of hygiene, safety, and protection of equipment, appropriate dress attire is mandatory at all times while using workout equipment. Closed-toe athletic shoes are required. We consider appropriate footwear to include a sole and to be secured to the foot via laces or Velcro. The following list of attire is strictly prohibited:
  1. Open-toe shoes or flip flops
  2. Crocs or other shoes with no heel or other support
  3. Pants and belts with exposed zippers, rivets, buttons, or chains.
  1. Only clean, dry shoes may be worn in the facility.

Reminder: Policy Adherence 

As a reminder, all patrons are responsible for knowing and adhering to all Recreational Center policies. In order to best serve all individuals, we ask that you help keep our environment a safe and respectful environment.

If a staff member approaches you, please be prepared with your Membership ID (UCard, White Card, etc). If a staff member gives a second reminder on a policy or deems a situation unsafe, they may ask to record your information as a next step approach or may ask you to exit the facility. Our staff will utilize UMD’s Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution as a resource as well as UMD’s Police Department if a policy issue escalates.