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Dart League Rules

League Coordinator: Jamie Pechota


Phone: 319-693-1974

Revised and Effective Date: 8/30/2017

Camden Dart Leagues

League Coordinator: Jamie Pechota


Phone: 319-693-1974

Larry Elbert


Phone: 319-389-1558

Revised and Effective Date: 8/30/2017

Thank you for playing the best dart leagues with the most opportunities for the players!

Basic Information

        This guide is designed to assist captains and players in insuring leagues run as smoothly as possible. It contains information that is mandatory for all league players to know. Most problems and disputes arise from the lack of understanding the league rules and policies. By having a complete understanding of the rules, policies and procedures, the leagues will run smoother and allow players to have more fun.

        Sportsmanship and fair play are in every player’s best interest. By following the rules and procedures set forth in this guide all players and teams will be insured to have a fun and enjoyable season. Players, please remember that we are here to have fun and promote the game of darts!

Sanction Fees

All Camden leagues (excluding Extreme Leagues) are 100% NDA sanctioned. This requires all players to pay a $8.00 sanction fee per year. The sanctioning year runs from June 1st-August 31st every year. Camden will take the $8.00 sanctioning fee out of your first league payout that takes place after the new sanctioning year starts. This is included for all players on the team, including subs. The sanction fee will only be taken out one time throughout the sanctioning year.

Captain’s Expectations

As Team Captain you will be expected to:

  1. Attend any meetings called by the league coordinator that require your presence. If you are not able to attend, then one of your teammates can attend in your place.
  2. Make sure you have a full team on league nights.
  3. Perform any talking during league play to help with any disputes or issues.
  4. Be sure that the correct handicaps are entered for subs from both teams before starting league play.

League Rules

  1. Starting time for leagues vary from league to league, you must be aware of the start time for the league that you are signing up for. If a team does not show up 15 mins after the start time (real time, not bar time), the opposing team has the option to take a forfeit, wait for the team or reschedule the match. If a match is forfeited, the forfeiting team is responsible for paying the league dues for both teams for the forfeited match. Be courteous to other teams, if you know you or one of your teammates will be running late, let the other team know. There is a captain’s list on the website that has all captain’s phone numbers listed.
  2. Players participating in leagues must be 18 years of age to participate in Camden leagues, however if you have someone under the legal drinking age on your team it is your responsibility to make sure the location allows minors in their establishment before showing up to play your match.
  3. Any team that does not show up for league without contacting the league coordinator, or refuses to play a match against another team, will receive one warning. If they do it again, they will be suspended from Camden leagues for 6 months and forfeit their prize money for the league that the infraction took place during.


  1. Subs averages will be entered in at the board by the Team Captains. All averages should be taken from the payer rating list found on the Partners Promoting Darts website, The league coordinator will also be available to help you find your sub’s average before league start time, if you are unsure of what average to use. If you feel that your opponent is not using the correct average for the sub, you must contact the league coordinator before starting the match.
  2. All subs, new players or known players will be brought into handicapped leagues with the highest known handicap or based upon their known ability. It is up to the team captain and the players to advise the league coordinator if a new to Camden player has an average from a past league played through another vendor.
  3. A new player brought into a league that has never played in a league for Camden or any other vendor will be brought in at a 20.0 PPD & 2.0 MPR for men and 18.0 PPD & 1.8 MPR for women. This will be their starting average for the first week and during that player’s first week of play, that player will establish an average to be used in all subsequent weeks.
  4. 2 person teams will be limited to having 2 subs per team, 3 person teams limited to 3 subs and 4 person teams limited to 4 subs. Singles league are not allowed subs.
  5. New subs are not allowed to be entered in the last two weeks of league, not including position round, unless they have league coordinator’s approval and will only be allowed in emergency situations. If a player was listed on your roster at the beginning of the league but never played, they are still considered a new sub and not allowed to play in the last two weeks.
  6. If you use a sub in a capped league, it is the captain’s responsibility to make sure the team is still under the cap. If a sub is used that puts the team over the cap, all wins will be forfeited for that match.
  7. When entering a sub at the board, first and last names must be entered or the player will be deleted from the league and not maintain an average and they will not get credit for game count towards NDA or TOC.
  8. A player is allowed to sub on more than one team within a league as long as they are not a permanent player or subbing for 2 teams playing each other. A permanent player is a player that has played on the same team 4 weeks.


  1. A team that is unable to attend the scheduled match must contact the other team and schedule a make up at the opposing teams convenience. This should be done 4 hours prior to the scheduled start time. If there is an emergency situation and a team requests a reschedule and it is not within the 4 hour window, the opposing team should try and work with the other team. If there is a dispute, it must be brought to the league coordinators attention immediately.
  2. There will be one week added to the end of the league schedules for make up matches. All matches must be played by this date to ensure an accurate end to the league and a prompt payout.
  3. Leagues that have a position round will have a make up week entered prior to the  position round week, to allow all make up matches to be played.
  4. Matches are typically never cancelled due to bad weather, if your team feels that it is unsafe to participate in league due to road conditions, contact the opposing team and reschedule the match.


  1. If a team is later than 15 minutes after the scheduled league start time (real time, not bar time) the team captain has 3 options.
  1. Forfeit the opposing team,
  2. Reschedule the match,
  3. Allow more time for the opposing team to show up
  1. If no contact is able to be made with the opposing team, the team captain can choose to have the league coordinator try to contact the other team to set up a rescheduled match or receive a forfeit.
  2. If a team is forfeited, that team will pay the league fees for both teams involved in that match and those fees will be taken out of their payout at the end of the season.
  3. The team that forfeits receives 0 wins and the opposing team receives ½ of the games or their win percentage, whichever is higher at the time of the scheduled match.

Dropping out of league

If a team drops out of a league, they will be removed from the schedule and all their league fees will be added to the payout at the end of the season and be paid to the remaining teams in the league.  All games played by the team dropping out will be removed from the standings.

        A team that drops out of a league will receive one warning, if the team joins another league and drops out again, they will not be allowed to play in any Camden or Extreme leagues for a period of one year.

League Play

  1. All league matches will be played on Camden owned or sanctioned G2 or G3 dart boards under the play league option. All Camden leagues are 100% NDA sanctioned and all team leagues will count towards TOC events and NDA events for game count and average.
  2. League fees must all be put into the board before starting league.
  3. It is the Captain’s of each teams responsibility to insure that all subs and their averages have been put in correctly and their team is in the correct shooting order before starting league.
  1. If a league is started and a team forgot to put in their sub then the match needs to be cancelled and the team causing the infraction will need to pay all leagues fees required to start the match again. The team captain will need to contact the league coordinator the next day to arrange a refund for those league fees.
  1. If a team is short a player when league starts, the team may still start league but they must push the player change button every time it is the missing players turn to throw. If the missing player arrives after league start time, they may throw when it is their turn.
  2. If a dart sticks in the board but does not score correctly, the team captain should notify the other team captain, then back up that dart and tap it in so it counts the correct number scored.
  3. It is each player’s responsibility to ensure that the board is displaying their name and they are throwing on the correct turn.
  1. If a player throws on one of their teammates turns, they must back up the darts that were thrown and the player who should have been throwing gets skipped. If the infraction is not noticed until the round is over play moves on with each person throwing on the correct name.
  2. If a player throws on an opposing team’s turn, the team has the choice to keep what that player hit or back up the turn and throw their three darts. If they choose to back up and throw, they must throw all three darts.
  3. If a player throws their dart while the board is displaying the ‘do not throw’ screen, that dart remains in the board and does not count and the player can continue to throw their remaining darts.

Match Rules

Players must stand at, but not over, the throw line. It is legal to lean over the line. If a player steps over the line while throwing their dart, their dart must hit the board before their foot lands on the floor. If a foot foul is called the player loses the dart that was thrown when the infraction occurred, this is done by backing up the dart that was thrown on that turn. The player may throw their remaining darts.

A player’s dart must have plastic tips, they can not exceed 8” in total length (flights included), flights can not be wider then ¾” measured from shaft to flight edge and have no more than 4 wings and they may not exceed 21 grams in weight.

Each player will throw no more than 3 darts per turn. If a dart is thrown but does not register the player may not rethrow the dart.

If a dart board is not working properly during a league match and the teams can not continue the match the team captain must call the service line and report an issue with the board. A technician will come out and access the board and advise if league can continue for the evening. Each location has the service number to call in such instances.

X01-All handicap leagues will be reverse handicap which means the lower player will start at X01 with the higher player starting above depending on the average difference. Each player throws 3 darts per turn until their score reaches zero. If a player scores more than what they had remaining they will ‘bust’ and their score will return to what it was at the beginning of their turn.

        When playing X01 with four scores, the freeze rule will be used. The teammate of the player that takes out the game must have an equal or lower score than the total of the opposing team’s score. If a player takes out the game while they are frozen that team will lose the game.

        Cricket-The bulls eye will be a double bull in all cricket games, unless specified in a specific league’s match format, the outer ring being worth 1 bull or 25 points and the inner circle being worth 2 bulls or 50 points. The object will be to close the numbers 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, and the bulls eye, by hitting 3 of each, before your opponent(s). The player/team that closes all numbers and the bulls eye first and has a greater or equal point score, wins.


League Standings

        Finishing order in a league will be decided by games won.  Ties will be broken by Total games won, then Head to Head games won and then Team PPD (Main Roster Players only).  If there is a tie for a trophy place a 1 match playoff will be played consisting of the same match format that was used throughout the league.  The teams will be responsible for league dues during this playoff.  Home team will be decided by the Tie Breaker Rule above.

Smoke Breaks

  1. Smoke breaks are allowed during a match, these should be limited to 2 per match and agreed upon by both teams. During remote play it is important to communicate these breaks via text or phone calls.

Prohibited Players

        If a player is not allowed in a particular location, their team must find a substitute to play in that location.  If a player can make arrangements with the bar owner to play and leave immediately following play, that is up to the bar owner.


        All players are expected to show good sportsmanship at all times. If you are playing either  remotely or locally, all players should be respectful of each other on and off the board. If a team reports unsportsmanlike conduct, the matter will be addressed and the team in question will be spoken too. The first instance will result in a verbal warning. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and any person engaging in it may result in suspension from league, future leagues and tournaments, if a refraction occurs after verbal warning a player will be suspended for 6 months.

        No harassment will be tolerated from players or their spectators.

        Absolutely no physical violence will be tolerated, any player involved in such actions will be immediately suspended from the league.


Team Drinks

        Some locations are willing to offer the teams that throw out of their bar a team drink. This is a courtesy not a requirement for locations, please be respectful of the locations decision. If a location does offer team drinks, the player should only get what they have been drinking throughout the league match.

Protest Procedures

        A team that would like to file a protest must have their team captain submit their protest in writing to the league coordinator along with a $25 protest fee within 96 hours.  If the team filing the protest wins their protest they will receive a refund. If they lose their protest, the $25 fee will be added to the payout at the end of the league.

        When a protest is made, the league coordinator will contact both teams involved in the protest to hear both sides of the situation, then the league coordinator  will refer to the rules  to make sure there is a reasonable dispute and use said rules for reference to resolve the dispute. If there is no clear rule to resolve the dispute the league coordinator will form a committee of five league players at random, not involved in the dispute or the league in question. After forming the committee the situation will be explained/described so that they may have a clear understanding of the situation. The teams involved in the protest and the players involved in the committee will all be withheld. After the dispute is explained to the committee members, their opinion will help determine how the situation should be resolved. Majority vote determines the outcome.


Extreme League

         Extreme leagues are ran by the Partners Promoting Darts group on the Camden dart boards. The Camden league coordinator can help answer any questions that you may have, but they do not have access to the league set ups. If you are participating in an Extreme league it is very important that you visit the PPD website and read the league rules.  Any issues or questions during Extreme league play should be addressed on the Horizon Darts Extreme-Team Leagues and Tournaments Facebook page. It will be a helpful tool for you to become a member of this page.

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