Academic Challenge

Mr. Tierney

The academic challenge team participates in trivia-based competition with other schools in the area. The number of competitions vary year to year but there is roughly one each month or two. Attendance at each competition is not required. 

Bible Club

Mr. Beachy

The Bible Club is a club that is run by students for students. It is a place where students can come to discuss the Bible with other students. The discussions are always student-led. The Club is appropriate for Bible "beginners" with very little previous Bible knowledge as well as those who have spent significant time in Sunday Schools and church youth groups. 

Brass Ensemble

The Brass Ensemble is an auditioned, upper echelon music ensemble here at High School East. Members of this group display the highest level of musicianship and are pushed to their limits. They are exposed to extended instrumentation (Piccolo Trumpet, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, and Tuba) and many different genres of music (Contemporary, Classical, Baroque, etc.)

This ensemble is featured at concerts throughout the year, and performs off campus for fundraisers and other events.

Color Guard

Mrs. Gillette

Color guard combines dance with the use of various equipment (flags, rifles, and sabers) to express dynamic passages in music. During the fall, the outdoor color guard performs with the marching band during their competitive field shows.  Auditions for this are held in the early summer months. During the winter and spring, the indoor color guard performs on their own in competitions across NJ.  Auditions for this are usually held in November.  The two groups are separate - students can choose to participate in outdoor color guard, indoor color guard, or both. Students with a dance background do well in color guard, but no experience is necessary! 

Computer Science Club

Mrs. Signorelli

Computer Club - We do arduino (electronics), fashion made with code, raspberry pi (make a game - learn scratch or play with minecraft), create an app, google cardboard (virtual reality), makey-makey, sphero (robot), finch robot (java), etc. We participate in Hour of Code and MakerFest.

DART Youth Prevention Coalition

Mrs. Aulisi

DART Youth Prevention Coalition is a group of students whose goals are to reduce and prevent underage alcohol consumption, teen tobacco use and other drug use at the individual, school and community level.  We are sponsored by RWJ/Barnabas Healthcare system. Students and participating staff members and community members undergo annual training on strategic and environmental strategies to reduce substance abuse. The club meets monthly and participates in school and community wide events.

East Ambassadors

Mrs. Schultz

Mrs. Daniel

This is a prestigious club of Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Students, that must apply and be accepted into the program. These students represent HS East and are technically Mr. Thomas' Ambassadors. They attend a variety of events, such as Back to School Night, the school play, Graduation, Scholarship Night, and other coordinated events throughout the year. The Ambassador Program also coordinates the food drive for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

East SB

Mr. Smith

Mr. Tourjee

Mr. Ebert

East SB is an inclusive group of skateboarders of mixed ability levels who come together to watch skate videos, discuss the history and present state of skateboarding, and promote positivity and community through skating. We plan weekend trips to local skate parks where we meet up to skate, learn from and support each other, and clean the park before we leave it as a service to the community. We are also partnering with local skate shops to help grow the skateboarding scene here in the area

Eastside Theatre Company

Mrs. Delucci

ETC is the Eastside Theatre Company.  The students consist of a 30 member cast diligently rehearsing their music, acting and dance, in addition, a 30+ crew ready to build, paint, and move set pieces!  

Fishing Club

Mr. Koscinski

Not only do we fish, we are also involved with dune grass replenishment, conservation and the environmental concerns. We are a self-sustaining club with dues, bagel sales and corporate donations. The club is open to all and is a great place for kids to meet others that they normally not meet with common interests.  Fishermen create a bond with each other and form lasting relationships.

French Club

Mrs. Doulong

Students participate in International Cuisine Night, door decorating for Halloween, different tasting events, movie nights, bagel sales, visiting coffee shops and tutoring.

French National Honor Society

Mrs. Doulong

Students are eligible for induction into The French National Honor Society if they 1) are a senior who has successfully completed French 1,2,& 3 with an A 2) Maintain B average or higher in all other subject areas during period of selection and maintain throughout involvement in  FNHS 3) Free of suspension or instances of dishonesty and/or patterns of inappropriate behavior 4) Active member of French Club

Future Business Leaders of America


Mrs. Hatton

Mrs. Mahony

FBLA is a country-wide chapter of students looking to get into the business world.  We compete on a National level, do community service in the forms of Breast Cancer Walks, Volunteer at the Peoples Pantry, and bring in speakers from the professional world.  Our goal is to give the students at East a background for business and prepare them for the real world by practicing interviews, resumes, cover letters, and pointing the students in the right direction for college.  

German Club

Mr. Tourjee

Cultural events, monthly meetings

German NHS

Mr. Tourjee

Students are eligible for induction in The German National Honor Society if they 1) are currently enrolled more than ½ the year in German 2 and

 2) 3.6 GPA in German and a 3.0 overall GPA

History Club

Mr. Cohen

4 trips a year to various historical cities & sites

Interact Club

High School division of Rotary International.  Work with our sponsoring Rotary club to perform community service on the local, national, and international levels. 

Jazz Band

Mrs. Sanford

The jazz band is an auditioned, after school ensemble that performs jazz music at several festivals, concerts, etc.  Auditions for the ensemble are in November, and are open to students who play the saxophone, trumpet, trombone, bass guitar, guitar, piano, and drums

Key Club

High School division of Kiwanis International.  Work with our sponsoring Kiwanis Club to perform community service on the local level and beyond.   

Math League

Mrs. Medina

All of the High Schools teams in the county are hosted at HSE to compete in Math competitions. Advanced level Math students are eligible. Competition includes individual tests & group questions.

Medical Club

Mrs. Applegate

Mrs. Kretz

The Medical Club is a career club.  We investigate careers in the field, through guest speakers, student research, trips to view surgery live and trips to various related exhibits at museums.

Movie Club

Mrs. Robinson

Watch various movies after school rated G to PG13. Student vote on movies via Google Classroom

National Art Honor Society

Mrs. Seeland

We offer our artistic skills creating murals in the school, evacuation flags, help with play scenery and props, sometimes participate in arts/crafts shows, paint rain barrels and participate in art contests. The National Art Honor Society (NAHS) is designed specifically for high school students in grades 9-12. In The NAHS strives to aid members in attaining the highest standards in art scholarship, character, and service, and to bring art education to the attention of the school and community.

National Honor Society (NHS)

Mrs. Morgan

GPA & Community service requirements

Peer Leadership

Mrs. Hay

Mrs. Nadeau

Peer Leadership is an organization which aims to develop students’ leadership skills through interactive activities and real world experiences within the school through two annual trainings that prepare upperclassmen to plan and execute monthly icebreakers and activities that highlight character education traits at East during Freshman Academy presentations. Peer leaders develop and practice leadership skills as they learn the tasks associated with the administration of the peer leadership program through day-long trainings in November and May. Although teacher advisors facilitate the goals and objectives of the organization, it is critical for students to have opportunities to set their own goals for the delivery of Freshman Academy projects.  *Promotes social, emotional, and personal development

* Develops listening, communication, problem-solving, teamwork, trust, and understanding

*Increases respect among students and enhancing self-respect

Photography Club

Mrs. Steinert

Students interested in Digital Photography

Raider Readout

(school newspaper)

Mrs. Daniel

Raider Readout is a class: It's a combination of Journalism I, II, and III students.


(school magazine)

Mr. Cicalese

Reflections is the school's literary magazine; it features original student art and literature. Student members stay after school and work to edit the student submissions and eventually build a magazine.

Robotics Club

Mr. Patelunas

Mrs. Signorelli

Mrs. Applegate

We do designing, CAD, building, electronics, android studio java programming, to make a robot and then compete locally in meets and qualifying tournaments. We create an engineering notebook and do marketing and a business plan and find sponsors and do fundraising.

Sailing Club

Mrs. Applegate

Some sailing experience preferred. Students practice two days per week 3:00 - 6:30 and race against other NJ High Schools on a third day.  Approximately 14 NJ high schools are in the league.  All activities take place at Toms River Yacht Club and students must have own transportation.  Attendance at Saturday regattas may be required as well.   Life jackets and cold weather gear required and must be provided by students.

Ski & Snowboard Club

Mr. Konopka

Mr. Cicalese

Students go on trips to various ski resorts

Spanish Club

Mrs. Rodriguez

The purpose of Spanish Club is to explore all sorts of cultural activities that we don't necessarily have time for in class. We have fiestas, go out to restaurants, go on field trips etc. etc. We currently have about 90 members and an executive board

Spanish Heritage Club

Mrs. Rodriguez

The Hispanic Heritage Club helps all students share their roots, their traditions, and their cultures with the school as well as the community through different types of activities. Although the Hispanic Heritage Club consists of mostly Hispanic students, other ethnicities are welcomed.

Spanish NHS

Mrs. J. Mika

Students are eligible for induction in The Spanish Honor Society if they 1) are currently enrolled in Spanish 4 and maintain an A/B average, and 2) have received an A average for the year in Spanish 1, 2 and 3, or Spanish Heritage 1 and 2.

Spirit Club

Mrs. Hatton

Mrs. A. Fitzgerald

The Spirit Club is in charge of spreading spirit throughout the hallways of East.  We decorate the hallways, paint faces, host patio parties on Fridays, and host the Spring pep rally.  We organize Mascots, go on spirit expeditions to get the students to grow and learn about Character as well as community service to help others.   Our goal is to create a spirit of pride within the wall of East that will spread outside these walls for a lifetime.  

Student Council

Mrs. Calicchio

Student Council is a way for students to make their mark on the history of High School East.  Students involved will be organizing and running dances, proms, and school events.  They create and hold various fundraisers in order to help offset the cost of all of the fun things that make up the high school experience (ex., junior prom, senior prom, senior night, and senior breakfast).  Instead of going along for the ride, student council allows you to help decide what those experiences will hold and the legacy that your class will leave.

Thespian Honor Society

Mrs. Reimertz

The Thespian Honor Society is a club that is for students interested in the theatrical arts.  Students can perform, produce, write, and design for our events.  We hold at least two events a year and attend the NJ Festival that has workshops on different aspects of the performing arts.  In addition, some of the students compete with their expertise. To become a part of the club one must get points from participating in theatrical events at the school like Xtreme Theater, the musical, or One acts which will be in April this year.  Once one achieves the points, community service, and GPA (lower than NHS), one can become a full member and attend meetings, planning workshops and festival.


(Together Everyone Achieves More)

Mrs. Aulisi

T.E.A.M is an educational program that conducts classroom presentations in the 4th and 5th grades that encourages social responsibility and teaches decision making using refusal skills. In addition, TEAMSTERS participate in Service Learning events throughout the community.

Writing Center

Mrs. Schindler

Junior and Senior students may serve as peer tutors in the Writing Center.  Tutors are asked to sign up for tutoring sessions at least twice a month (once every two weeks).  You will be able to choose whatever days each month.

The Writing Center is a great opportunity to earn community service hours, both for your National Honor Society application and your college resume.  Tutors are awarded one hour of service for each tutoring session they participate in.  Also, we provide everything you need to know in order to help other students.  We train you on how to tutor and give you the necessary materials to help with the writing issues you may encounter.