Gone in 60 microseconds


After creating 52 custom pieces of ice based on Android Netrunner and a random server generator for structured network encounters we need to run some play tests. I'm looking to organize a number of distinct, 3-hour, one-shot style sessions called "Gone in 60 microseconds" where a band of runners have to infiltrate and steal data from 50 servers within 72 hours (sound familiar?), this means looking for players to bring their existing characters (all XP levels welcome) or create characters specifically for the event.

If we get several groups I'll also post a leaderboard to see how many servers people broke and how much money they made

Why Play?

These sessions bring a massive amount of custom content to the forefront in a unique real-time game. A game where real-world hours equal in-game days. Taking time to plan or discuss an approach could make the difference between failure or success. Do you join forces to crack hardened servers or spread out to multiple, weaker servers at the same time. Does your team run the risk of being traced to their high-tech safehouse and arrested by the NAPD, or hunted by something even worse. Does one of your team flatline running into a particular nasty piece of ICE leaving you a player down, to complete the biggest data heist in human history!

You can finally live your dream of running the biggest, most dangerous servers in all of New Angeles and beyond!

I'm Jacking In...

If you're interested in taking part join the discord server here: https://discord.gg/NRSDFfc 

Official Rules


Group Composition / Character Generation

Variations on the above is possible but should be considered a different category of session/leaderboard



Each runner receives a PAD, Big Rig and an optional Brain Machine Interface (pg 98), all delivered/pre-installed at the team’s primary safehouse. 3,400 credits to spend only on ice or ice breakers then an additional 2,600 credits to spend on any other gear of their choosing other than ice or ice breakers.

Rules above replace the normal gear/loadout rules from character generation.

End of Day Encounters

After each real-time hour the GM should roll 1D100, add the total number of servers the group has accessed this game and consult the table below:




Nothing Happens  


Gang shoot-out takes place nearby, Police patrol presence is beefed up for the following day and the NAPD can respond to a trace 5 rounds faster than normal


A person who lives near the safehouse knocks on the main door. Something about the noise?


Someone desperate tries to break into the safe house, doesn’t necessarily realize the group is inside


A beloved family member or friend of a PC calls with a serious, urgent predicament


Due to the remote location of the safehouse, rolling brownouts on the power line tapped to power the safehouse causes power disruptions. Data transfer is halved for the next day.


A large water pipe bursts inside the safehouse. If left untreated could flood the building within half a day, resulting in a full power outage or attention


Remote node commonly used by the group to mask their signal is revealed on the shadow net as a government honeypot. Any active runners immediately are given 1 trace or any runner resting the next time they receive a trace they receive an additional one once


A fellow hacking group becomes aware of the players and looks to make contact

Appendix 1: ICE Breakers and ICE