Special Education at Burroughs

Burroughs Special Education Team works under the Minneapolis Public Schools Special Education Mission Statement:

The special education department is relentlessly focused on students receiving individualized services and equitable instruction in their least restrictive environment. We are committed to educational evaluations and services that are not predicted by a student’s race.

Burroughs offers Special Education services to students who qualify for services.  We provide support to make gains in speech and language, academic, social or behavioral skills, and self-help/functional skills. Related services including speech/language, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and adaptive physical education are also provided based on individual need.

More information can be found on the
Minneapolis Public Schools website.

Special Education Teachers:
Kim Galloway – Special Education Resource Teacher
Rose Gebhart – Special Education Resource Teacher
Holly Hoiland – City-wide Program, Special Education Teacher (K-2)

Derek LaSalle – City-wide Program, Special Education Teacher (3-5)

Special Education Assistants:
Darshan Hendricks
Ben Kristensen

Kristine Mosing
Karyn Polland
Jeanie Rowe
Jason Ziehm