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Battlepark Rules
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Battlepark Rules


-Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.

-Never point the weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot.

-Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to fire.

-Know your target and what is beyond your target. (No excuse for shooting or safety killing your own team mates or the ref).


-Be aware of hazardous plants; poinso ivey, poison oak, poison sumac, briars, etc.

-Be aware of hazardous animals; spiders, snakes, ticks, fire ants, coyotes, dogs, etc.

-Be aware of the terrain; be sure of your footing and avoid injury on stumps and branches.

-Be aware of the weather; if your hear thunder return to the parking lot.

-Be aware of your body’s condition; internal heat, hydration, blood sugar, etc.

-Stay with your friends; if you’re alone you’re wrong.


-Every player is a safety officer; if you witness an unsafe act, have the courage to call a cease-fire and bring it to the ref’s attention.

-Players are not allowed to have live weapons on their person while playing. This includes firearms, pepper spray, batons, sheathed knives, tasers, etc.

-DO NOT REMOVE YOUR EYE PROTECTION WHILE ON THE FIELD. This includes when the game is over. First infraction is a mandatory ejection from the game. Second infraction is a mandatory ejection from the field for the day. No exceptions, new players and regulars alike.

-Do not climb on top of or over anything. For example, barriers, friends, trees, etc.

-Do not rearrange cover. This is not fort night.

-Keep ammunition out of your weapon while in the parking lot and staging area.

-Barrel covering devices are required in the parking lot and staging area, and must be applied before walking on from the field. 2018 addition.

-Do not engage in physical contact without consent.

-Do not continue to shoot a player after they have called out AND displayed a dead rag. A dead rag is a bright red cloth to indicate you are dead.

-When hit, call your hit loudly, stay behind cover, and display your dead rag. This is the ONLY way an admin will address a complaint of over shooting. Pro-tip: Dead rags do not prevent BB’s already inbound from striking you.

-Incoming fire has the right of way.

-Stay on the property during game play.

-Players under the age of 18 are required to wear full face protection during play.

-Players over the age of 18 are required to wear full seal eye protection. Standard safety glasses are NOT permitted due to the lack of a full seal.

-Lower face protection is highly recommended regardless of age, teeth are easily shot out by stock airsoft guns.

-Alcohol is not tolerated on the property.

-Illegal drugs will not be tolerated on the property.

-Fighting will not be tolerated on the property.

-Rude behavior or loss of temper is grounds for ejection for the day. This applies to new players and regulars alike.

-Threatening another player will result in being banned.

-If you have a genuine problem with another player (hits not being called, over shooting, cheating, etc.), notify the head ref IMMEDIATELY. Complaints are extremely difficult to resolve if not reported in a timely manner.

-All guns must be chronographed by a ref.

-Any player using an HPA powered gun that is caught adjusting their gun to efficate in a higher FPS will be banned from using HPA at Battlepark, unless the player has their gun re-chronoed by a ref.

-Every player has a 15’ safety kill range regardless of gun.

-Safety kills are mandatory inside of 15’.

-There is to be no weapon fire at another player inside of 15’ regardless of weapon. Any weapon fire inside of 15’ does not count as a hit due to this rule being broken.

-To safety kill another player you must have clear line of sight, your weapon must be loaded and functional, and your weapon must be pointed at each player you intend to safety kill. If two players safety kill each other at about the same time, they are both out.

-”Blind” safety kills do NOT count.

-To minimize risk of fire, notify a ref prior to using a smoke grenade. Only commercially produced cool burn smokes are permitted.

-Guns must chrono under 400FPS with a .25g BB.

-Snipers are permitted to shoot 550FPS w/.25s, and have a 100’ minimum engagement distance.

                4. GAME RULES: PLAY FAIR

-You cannot mislead the other team as to what team you are on.

-Dead men do not relay intelligence. If you communicate or gesture to your teammates while you are dead, anyone you relayed intelligence to will be forced to respawn.

-Shooting a ref can result in being forced to respawn. Refs will make reasonable attempts to stay out of active firing lanes.

-Do not argue with a ref.
-You must allow the enemy team to respawn, no camping it unless otherwise instructed by the ref.

-Do not engage the enemy’s respawn. You may maneuver through it, but while you are maneuvering through it you cannot shoot or safety kill anyone. While you are maneuvering through the enemy’s respawn, the enemy IS allowed to shoot and safety kill you. After you clear the enemy’s respawn, you cannot turn around and shoot back.

-Thunder B’s, Thunder V’s, Thermobaric, AI grenades with the Sound Mods have a 15’ kill radius.

-Grenades that project BBs must strike a player in order for it to “kill”.

-EG67 pea grenades have a 15’ kill radius, AND kills anyone outside of 15’ struck with a projectile.

-Do NOT call hits on players on the other team. Repeat offences can result in being ejected for violating the “If you have a problem with another player, report it to the ref immediately” rule.

-Call your own hits.

-If you think you’re hit, call it.

-Weapon hits DO NOT count (unless it is a slung rifle or holstered pistol).

-Ricochets off of hard surfaces do NOT count.

-Being shot through brush DOES count.

-You must shoot over cover, or around cover, but never through cover. If you cannot fit your head through it, do not shoot through it.

-Do NOT blindfire.

-Players wearing full ghillie suits are NOT required to wear team tape, though team tape is recommended to minimize friendly fire.
-Friendly fire counts.

-Do not use FRS channel 1 on your radio, this channel is reserved for admin use.