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How to Create Your 1st Facebook Nail Bar
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How to Create Your 1st Facebook Nail Bar

This is where you’ll create an online Facebook Nail Party and where you’ll post daily before, during, and after the party. You can name it whatever you want but do NOT use the words “Color Street” in the name.

✔️ On Facebook, click "Groups"

✔️ Click "+ Create Group"

✔️ Name your group - DO NOT use the word “Color Street” in your title

✔️ Only add your Upline for now

✔️ Leave the Group Privacy on "Private"

✔️ Leave Hide Group on "Visible"

✔️ Select "Create"

✔️Add Description (can be found on party template)

✔️Add a cover photo

Link to Charlie’s Polished Angels Facebook Party template:

👉 If you need any help with this, please reach out to your Upline. She is there to support you!

See it in ACTION here: