Español AP

Spring  Semester ‘19

Profesores: Ben Soper / Grant Adams / Course Calendar

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Descripción de la clase:

This class concludes the five-year sequence of Spanish Language and Culture courses offered at the high school. All students enrolled in this class are expected to take the AP Spanish Language and Culture exam.  The course is conducted entirely in Spanish, offering students opportunities to demonstrate their proficiency across the modes of communication in the Intermediate to Pre-Advanced range. Students develop a strong command of the Spanish language by integrating the three modes of communication: Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational.  All students broaden their knowledge of the various cultures that comprise the Spanish-speaking world through the thematic approach of the AP Spanish Language and Culture course.  


Libros de la clase

  1. Temas: AP Spanish Language and Culture
  2. AP Spanish: Preparing for the Language and Culture Examination, José Diaz
  3. Triángulo

Las calificaciones:

10% -           Effort: Class work, homework, tertulias, listening/viewing logs and daily participation

30% -         Final Oral Exams: Simulated Conversation and Cultural Comparison

30% -         Final Written Exams: E-mail and Persuasive Essay

30% -         Final Listening and Reading Exam (multiple choice)

Note: Formative grades will be posted throughout the course to gauge progress.

Los paquetes / El Cuaderno:

Students are to bring their chapter packets (workbooks) to class every day. They contain graphic organizers for readings, practice AP activities, journal entries, vocabulary lists, note-taking pages and more.  They will be reviewed at the end of every unit of study.  

La participación:  

Activities may begin as teacher-led discussions but mostly end as student-led discussions. Students are given the opportunity to offer opinions and support them with evidence, ask questions, ask for clarification, and discuss the material with each other in pairs, small groups, and as an entire class.  

La teletarea:

Students are required to complete listening/viewing logs. Students view (or listen to) authentic sources for a minimum of 45 minutes once a week and record: main points, new vocabulary, and a reaction. Logs are to be completed online through a Google Form provided by the teacher.

Las comparaciones culturales:

At the beginning of the course, students will choose a Spanish-speaking country that they would like to study in-depth.  At the end of each unit, students will present orally to the class (in a variety of formats) a compare and contrast of products, practices, and perspectives between the target culture they have chosen and their own culture based on the unit theme.

Los exámenes:

This course will prepare students to take and pass the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam.  After reviewing each context (2 contexts per theme – 6 themes total), students will take portions of practice AP tests.  

Los 6 temas del curso:  

These are the six themes presented throughout the course.

Tema 1: Las familias y las comunidades


  1. Las redes sociales 
  2. Las tradiciones y los valores

Tema 2: La ciencia y la tecnología


  1. Tecnología, individuo y sociedad

2.   La ciencia y la ética

Tema 3: La belleza y la estética


  1. Definiciones de la belleza
  2. El lenguaje y la literatura

Tema 4: La vida contemporánea


  1. La educación y las carreras profesionales
  2. Los viajes y el ocio

Tema 5: Los desafíos mundiales


  1. Los temas económicos
  2. El bienestar social

Tema 6: Las identidades personales y públicas


  1. La enajenación y la asimilación
  2. La identidad nacional y la identidad étnica
  3. Los héroes y los personajes históricos (en breve)