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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Learning Opportunities/Quality Works, Inc. to positively impact the lives of individuals through support, advocacy and connection to resources.

Board of Directors

Mary Kendrick, President

Kayla Murphy, Vice President

Marsha Kelley, Secretary/Treasurer

                   J.R. Latta

          Shelley Buhlig

Wendy Hays, Executive Director


Growth Points

Growth points are initial problems, threats, or challenges to an organization that require a response.  LOQW strives to see these growth points as opportunities rather than threats.  “Accept the best.  Be prepared for the worst.  Celebrate it all!” –Larry West

From past growth points, Learning Opportunities/Quality Works, Inc. overcomes barriers and builds social capital.  Never regressing to prior levels, we exponentially grow to new heights by increasing capacity, amplifying leverage and fueling results.

Date              Challenge                        Steps Forward                       Result

1983        Lack of services for adults with                Form 501(c)3                        Contract with Missouri Department of

developmental disabilities                                                Mental Health

1984        Lack of transportation                        Write grant to MoDOT                Grant received & original vehicles

                                                                        purchased.  Continued to write grants to

MoDOT on a regular basis to improve accessible transportation options.

1988        Lack of funding for programs                United Way grant                        Received 1st Venture Grant.

1989        Need for Employment Services                Applied for contract                        DVR contract awarded

1990        Need to evaluate services                Wrote grant to Region VII RCEP                Program evaluation system

1990         Need for additional space in                 Grant pursued through Monroe                 New building built in Monroe

        Monroe City                        County SB40 Board                        City (101 S. Washington St.)

1991        Lack of state funding                        Applied for Medicaid Waiver                Waiver contract received,

                                        contract                                funding is a 60/40 match.

1991        Benchmark for service quality                Applied for national accreditation        Received 3-year accreditation CARF!

1992        Need to localize services in                  Open Satellite Office                        Opened office in Marion County

        Hannibal                                                                Court House in Hannibal

1993        Request to provide services in                 Pike and Shelby Counties                Assisted county board in Pike Co.

        additional counties                                                        to begin employment program

1995        Request to increase services by                 Contract received for Adair and                 Service Expanded

        Vocational Rehabilitation                Macon Counties

1995        Services needed in Adair and Macon        Opened satellite office in Kirksville        Service Expanded


1996        Changing Agency Name                Completed paperwork for Secretary        Name changed from Learning

                                        of State                                Opportunities to Learning

                                                                        Opportunities/Quality Works,


1997        Expansion in services to Macon                Applied for administrative agent                 Received Administrative

        County                                position                                agent agreement

1998        Individuals with Mental Illness                Applied for Vocational                Grant received for 3 years

        need services                        Rehabilitation grant to provide                funding

                                        employment services

2000        Need for additional space                Location secured in Hannibal                Property purchased in June.

2001        Need for employment services                Pursued contract for Transition                MOU now in place with Monroe,

        for youth                                                                Hannibal, Palmyra, Knox, Macon                                                                         Kirksville, Brashear, Randolph

                                                                        and Lewis County schools


2002        Need for comprehensive                Contracted with Advent (Job Point) to        Contract received

        Vocational Evaluations                provide services

2003        Need for coordinated services to                Applied for service                        Grant received

        Individuals with Dev. Disabilities        

2003        Need for jobs for people                Applied to become a NISH agency        NISH contract received

2004        Collaboration with Career Centers        Service Coordination Grant                Rented desks at Hannibal and

                                                                        Kirksville Career Centers

2005        Document Destruction service                Investigated and discussed opening        Opened a shredding business

needed for area businesses                a shredding business                        The “Shred Shed” is located                        which provided opportunities for                                                 is located in Hannibal Missouri                

employment for people with                                                                            

disabilities and provided service  


2006        Navigating Career Center and                Wrote Grant for a Disability Program        Provide Disability Program

        employment system                        Navigator        to NEMO WIB                Navigator services to 4 area

                                                                        Missouri Career Centers

2006        Need for services in Randolph                Contract received for Randolph county        Service Expanded


2007         Lack of planning for people with                Received a grant from MO Foundation        Now writing wellness                        

        Mental Illness                        of Health                                recovery action plans


2008        Lack of space                        Monroe County SB40 and Sheltered        New Building located at                                                        Workshop created a partnership to         201 N. Locust Street, Monroe City                                                “trade buildings”.                        Corporate Offices located here.

2008          Beginning service coordination in        Coordination of TCM Services funded        TCM Service Coordination is begun

partnership with Macon SB40 Board        by DMH                                 in Macon, Monroe, & surrounding counties

2009        Need to expand employment to people        Grant written in partnership with Social        Grant received with emphasis on working

with disabilities                          Security and Programs in Industry        with Career Center staff to expand capacity

to work with individuals who have a disability

2009         Maintain National Accreditation                 Review all agency policies and processes        6th 3-year accreditation

2010        People with disabilities fear of losing        Train staff in benefits analysis to provide         Two staff certified in Comprehensive

benefits if working competitively                info & education on the benefits of work        Benefits Planning

2010         LOQW needs recognition in the small         LOQW worked to receive the funding and        LOQW purchased and moved into 2 new

        Communities as a viable business                location of buildings in Macon & Shelbina        facilities in Macon and Shelbina

2011        Communication and standardization of         New server purchased & all office linked        LOQW staff now can operate and

        service implementation in 14 counties                                         communicate more efficiently


2011         Data collection on consumer progress         Implemented a new progress log sheet         Program data is more comprehensive

        Meets all program audit requirements        that staff can complete on server


2012        Maintain National Accreditation                Review all agency policies and procedures        7th (3 year) CARF accreditation

2012        Expand Benefits Planning Services        Prepare for National Accreditation        Becomes 1st organization in Missouri &

                                        in Comprehensive Benefits Planning        only the 5th in the nation to receive CARF

Accreditation in Comprehensive Benefits Planning (3 year accreditation received)

2012        Immediate need for increased service        Expand partnerships with DVR, DMH,        Moved into new office location in Moberly

        options in Randolph County                and Randolph County SB40 Board        and expanded workforce to include a full

time Employment Consultant/Community Services Coordinator

2012        Need for affordable, web based                 Research, purchase, development, and        SET-works went live and staff began using

        information management system                implementation of SET-works information        the new system in stages with all staff online

that will accommodate all in services        management system.                        & utilizing SET-works by the end of 2012.

2013        Limited Career Planning and Early         Pursued and awarded funding through        Northeast Missouri Show Me Careers Project

        Work Experience option for Youth        UMKC-IHD Show Me Careers Project        began January 1st, with launch of the 3 ½ year

Project targeting the Pilot Communities of Moberly, Macon, and Kirksville Missouri.

2013        Expand access to non-traditional                 Research and develop plan to expand        SEED grant awarded from the Missouri

        employment services for our non-        current Ticket To Work Program. Proposal        Planning Council to enhance our Ticket to

traditional customers in the region.        submitted to Missouri Planning Council.        Work & Partnership Plus in Northeast MO.

2014        Need for increased office space as well        Researched locations and properties in the        Building purchased in downtown Kirksville!                as a location accessible to our customers        community.  Pursued & received grant for        LOQW moved to new location in May 2014        and financially feasible for organization        down payment from Adair County SB40.        at 215 East McPherson Street in Kirksville!                in the Kirksville community.

2014        Need for more customer driven products        Researched more and expanded options        Support Brokerage added to LOQW’s DMH                and services as well as increased options        focusing on self-determination and social        contract meeting area’s need for expanded,        and support for individuals and families         connections.  Pursued DMH funded         non-traditional options for service delivery!                planning to self-direct their services.        Support Broker services as an option.        1st Support Broker services deliver in 2014!

2014        Need to enhance agency’s philosophy on         Participation in research project with        Evidence of successful outcomes        in the     self-determination and begin to expand         UMKC’s Institute for Human Development        Self-Determined Career Development Model options in this area in Northeast Missouri.         on self-determination and its effect on         Research project with UMKC-IHD to date!        Funding to support progressive efforts.        successful employment outcomes.        Pursue grant with MO Foundation for Health.

2015        Maintain National Accreditation                Review all agency policies and procedures        8th (3 year) CARF accreditation

                                        along with products and services delivered                                

                                        and the overall operation of the organization.                

2015        Need to become more efficient in the         Expand utilization of SET-works to include        LOQW has began using SET-works for

        operation of payroll and billing efforts.        payroll and completion of service billing.        all staff timesheets and expense reporting.

                                                                                This has improved timeliness and accuracy

                                                                                significantly throughout the organization.

2015        Need to become more efficient in the         Expand utilization of SET-works to include        LOQW began using SET-works for

        maintenance of personnel records and        all personnel records and tracking training.        all staff personnel records on 7/1/2015.

        information to include improved privacy                                        This has improved privacy of information and security of information.                                                significantly reduced space needed for files.

2015        Nominated by SELN staff to be included        Participated in screening and selection         The case study included site visits by the                 in Case Study Research Project being         process with research staff resulting in         researches with interviews with a diverse,        conducted by the Institute for Community         LOQW being 1 of 3 organizations selected         group of customers.  New Community Life                Inclusion at UMASS-Boston.                nationally to be included.                Engagement Policy developed by LOQW.

2015        Program conversion of day program        Hold focus group to discuss alternatives        Open Community Center for all to access

2016        Program conversion of day program        Expanding integrated services for people        “The Hub” Community Center open to all

2016        Need for expanded Career Planning &        Seek funding and support for project        Funding received from Riedel Foundation for Early Work Experience options for youth        development and implementation                Youth Leadership Academy in Hannibal and

                                                                                Work Experience Prog for High School youth

2017        Increased need for affordable office space        Offered made on second Hannibal Office        Purchased Hannibal office building on Clinic due to continued growth & expansion        building to meet needs                Road!  Moved in July 2017!!!

2017        Need for improved accessibility and        Plans developed and funding sought        Parking Lot completed at Monroe City   safety in the Monroe City location        to complete parking lot project                location Summer 2017!

2017        Increased need for benefits planning        Partnership developed and staff selected        Training for 6 new benefits planners and  services and continued skilled training        to build benefits planning team                updates for 2 existing planners on staff

2018        Maintain National Accreditation                Review all agency policies and procedures        9th (3 year) CARF accreditation

                                        along with products and services delivered                        

                                        and the overall operation of the organization.                

2018        Maintain Employment Competencies        Funding support provided by the Adair         Workplace Supports curriculum is in

        & promote Employment First culture        County SB40 Board for Workplace        development and 1st training sessions        

        throughout our region                        Supports trainer credentialing.                planned for late May 2018!

2019        Began serving on the Customized         Monthly Meetings                        Implementation fall 2019

        Employment Team with Vocational


2020        Participated in a state team to implement       Monthly Meetings                        Implemented in fall of 2019\

                  technology in employment services

        COVID 19 has significantly impacted

                  all services--delivery, staff, budget                                        March 2020

Future Growth Points

Date                Expected Growth Point

2018        Expand Career Planning and Early Work Experience Options for transition age youth and young adults through High School Work Experience Program and increased Summer Employment Options.  Capitalizing on progress made through Show Me Careers, Youth Exploration for Success (YES), and other projects.

2018        Expand Ticket to Work program to become financially self-sufficient as a program service

2018        Expand Comprehensive Benefits Planning Program.  Develop funding sources for this new service.  Increase number of staff fully trained as Certified Benefits Planners.  Training began in 2017 and expected to be completed by all in early 2018.

2018        Expand agency’s Support Broker services to include all counties served.

2018        Enhanced Self-Determination.  Restructuring processes and materials to help facilitate organizational shift to a more customer driven, self-determined operational model as opposed to monitoring focused & rules oriented way of doing business for our customers.

2018        Purchase and implement an encryption program which will improve confidentiality and tracking as well as enhance compliance with the law and usability by our workforce.

2018        Expand use of The Hub & activities offered through full access Community Center in Monroe City

2018        Take Charting the LifeCourse to the next level throughout organization

2018        Address support needs of individuals & families in crisis utilizing Tiered Supports model

2018        Achieve full compliance with Conflict Free Case Management regulations and continue contractual partnership with MCCDDC to provide administrative services to the Board

2019     Expanded work experience programs to the Hannibal High School with a partnership with HRH and GAMM!

             Continue the work of the Tiered Support Committee

2020      Utilizing technology to provide all services and supports during pandemic to enhance a new services delivery in the future

Guiding Principles

We believe in the value of Social Capital:

  1. We value staff, volunteers, & community members that take an active interest in persons with disabilities and those that touch their lives.
  2. We value open and ongoing communication with persons who have disabilities, their families, and all that touch their lives.
  3. We value the facilitation and enhancement of resources to ensure quality services.
  4. We value the choices, rights, and dignity of persons with disabilities.
  5. We value accountability of our services, in maximizing excellence through quality outcomes, audits, satisfaction surveys, and accreditation.

We believe in the value of Employment First & Community Life Engagement:

  1. We value individualized, community based products and services.
  2. We are an Employment First organization.
  3. We believe that full participation and true Community Life Engagement are the cornerstone of living a happy healthy life that is balanced and truly a part of the larger community.  
  4. We value people driving their own services to live a Good Life.

Collaborating Partner Organizations & Funding Agencies

Missouri Dept of Elementary and Secondary Education, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Kirksville & Hannibal District Offices

Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Developmental Disabilities

Hannibal & Kirksville Satellite Offices and St. Louis & Central Missouri Regional Offices

County SB40 Boards in Adair, Marion, Macon, and Monroe Counties

LIFE Community Learning Center                        Hannibal Parks and Rec Department

United Way of the Mark Twain Area                        Human Resource Group (Macon & Moberly)

Missouri Employer Committee (MEC)                MOCC Local Advisory Teams                

Hannibal Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse        Alcoholics Anonymous

GAMM, Inc.                                                Local Mental Health Providers

Missouri Division of Aging                                        Macon & Marion County Commission

Family Support Division                                NEMO Workforce Development Board

UMKC- Institute for Human Development                Missouri Family to Family Resource Center

APSE & APSE-MO                                        Alliance for Full Participation

SELN                                                        MACDDS

MARF                                                        SHRM

Chamber of Commerce in Monroe City, Hannibal, Shelbina, Macon, and Kirksville

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