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North Elmham CEVC Primary School

Headteachers: Mrs. Batcock & Miss Tobin

Holt Rd, North Elmham, NR20 5JS

Tel: 01362 668318, Email:


Pupil Premium Grant Allocation


Main barriers to educational achievement

(Based on on our own research as well as recommendations from other sources.)

1. Emotional & Behavioural difficulties

2. Dyslexia & general learning difficulties

3. Lack of support for learning within the home environment

4. SEND - Cognition and learning

How will barriers be addressed?


1. Extra Midday Supervising Assistant (MSA); Teaching Assistant (TA) support & personal plan/SENDCo input, intervention programme


2.Extra support at school, lunchtime club, SATs booster


3.  Support for extracurricular activities, SENDCO input & educational visits


4. TA training, support from TAs, SENDCO support,


Impact Measures


Compliance with agreed aspects of Behaviour policy

Improved engagement in lessons behaviour for learning.

Reduction in behavioural incidents.

Can identify feelings & emotions with outcomes on others

Behaviour: High compliance. No incidents of racist or homophobic bullying.

Attendance above 90%, reduced unauthorised absences

Improved progress in Reading, Writing & Maths

Greater confidence & enjoyment

Average PP attendance above  90% in all year groups. Y5 & 6 achieved attendance above 97%.

Phonics progression; Reading Scores, Key Skills acquisition

Parental attendance at support sessions

Maths 47.1% PP children have made expected attainment or better.

Writing 52.9% PP children have made expected attainment or better.

Reading 7.1% PP children have made expected attainment or better.

TA’s upskilled

TA’s greater confidence in delivering interventions.