Informatics for Community Food Resilience

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2. Notes

New pages on our website: Software for Local Food and Community Food Pathways.

Software Update:

What do these user groups need (Farmers/Farm Supporters, Consumers/Consumer Coordinators)?

Community Food Pathways Team:

Consumer group:

What is the availability of protective equipment for food distributors?

Request for Project Management Support:

Donna is interested in Grant Writing

Pam is interested in Regional Recruitment

3. Open discussion:

How did you decide to delineate the regions: USDA Service Regions

Does this mean if there are 10 states in the region that each state gets 3 interviews? Not necessarily. Some states may not be represented, and we need to be clear about it.

Confirm meetings -

Tech team - Mondays at 11am ET

Consumer Team - Thursdays at 11 am ET

Who do we want map pathways for:

Meeting call information needs to be on the website, and updated on the GOAT Calendar

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from Juliet Norton to Everyone:        12:06  PM

Document for today's notes, feel free to contribute:

from Juliet Norton to Everyone:        12:08  PM

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from Juliet Norton to Everyone:        12:08  PM

Meeting number (access code): 617 565 586

Meeting password: food

from Donna Gatza to Everyone:        12:41  PM

I can help with grant writing.

from Andrew T Flachs to Everyone:        12:41  PM

Thanks all, I have to run to the next meeting

from Pam Sherman to Everyone:        12:42  PM

Regional Recruitment

from Juliet Norton to Everyone:        12:42  PM

Thanks Donna! Thanks Andrew!

from Juliet Norton to Everyone:        12:48  PM

from Jamie Gaehring to Everyone:        12:51  PM


from Jamie Gaehring to Everyone:        12:52  PM

that works!

from Erik Hassert to Everyone:        12:54  PM

Just let me know what time you land on.  I just had to take a client call.  Thank!

from Juliet Norton to Everyone:        12:54  PM

Thanks Erik

from Juliet Norton to Everyone:        12:57  PM

Hey Erik, we're meeting on 5/21 at 11 am ET.

from Jamie Gaehring to Everyone:        12:58  PM

does anyone have a link to the notes from this past Mon's meeting for the Software Group?

from Juliet Norton to Everyone:        1:00  PM

YES give me a sec

from Jamie Gaehring to Everyone:        1:01  PM

or really, I'm thinking about action items before next Mon's meeting, not sure if that doc includes anything

from Juliet Norton to Everyone:        1:03  PM

from Jamie Gaehring to Everyone:        1:03  PM


from Jamie Gaehring to Everyone:        1:06  PM

thanks, bye!