Madera Induction Consortium

ILP Rubric


Doesn’t Meet Standard

Meets Standard

Professional Growth Goals

  • Not tied to student achievement
  • Does not address the standards for required year
  • Goal does not include growth language

  • ILP goal is tied to student achievement.
  •  Yr 1 - CSTP 1 & 2, Yr 2 - CSTP 3, 4, & 5, ECO - 3 goals
  •  ILP includes growth language ie: improve, deepen, strengthen, advance, enhance, expand, etc.

Pathway to Meeting Goals

  • Minimal PD activities documented.
  • Loosely aligned with ILP goals
  • Rationale is unclear as to how it aligns with the ILP goals

  • States a clear plan for professional growth that is strictly aligned to ILP goals
  • Provides multiple professional development activities that are closely aligned to the ILP goals.
  • Sufficient rationale given for PD activities.

Measureable Outcomes

  • Outcome is not quantitative
  • Student outcomes are not based on student achievement
  • Pre and post assessments are not evident
  • Outcome has minimal to no sources of student data collected
  • Outcome is quantitative
  • Student outcomes must be based on student achievement as measured by pre and post assessments
  • Outcome based on multiple sources of student data collected

ILP Update

  • No changes cited
  • Little to no rationale given for changes
  •  Measurable outcomes documented in November
  • Summative assessment details added in March
  • Changes are documented
  • Strong rationale given for the ILP changes