Wasatch Community Gardens
2019 Plant Sale Fundraiser

ūüĆĪVolunteer Orientation Part 2: Volunteer FAQsūüĆĪ

The Plant Sale is getting close!  Only 4 more days before we transform the Rowland Hall parking lot (at 720 Guardsman Way) into a beautiful sea of green.

Here are some commonly asked questions that our volunteers have had.  If you have more, let me know!  On Wednesday you will receive the final volunteer email on parking and signing in for your orientation.

Where do all these plants come from?

Over 25,000 of the fruit & vegetable plants being sold are from our Green Team Farm program.  They were grown with an extra dose of love and care by women who are experiencing homelessness and are part of our 10 month training program.

The remainder of the plants were grown by or purchased from 42nd Street Greenhouse, Perennial Favorites and J&J Nursery.  

What is the Veggie Valet?

When guests to the plant sale are gathering their items and have too much to carry, they can use the veggie valet service!  They park their plants at one of the spaces in the central island of the sale and continue to add their plants to their pile until they are done.  They then get in line to pay (without taking their plants with them!) and a pricer will accompany them to their plants to fill out their payment receipt.  They take that receipt to our cashier tent to pay and then drive their car to the student pick up zone in front of the school.  Our veggie valet folks will be waiting there for them with a little red wagon (or two!) full of their plants ready to be loaded up.  How magical and amazing is that?!  Encourage our plant sale guests to use this service!

Can I see what we are going to be selling before the sale?

Absolutely!  Our list of annual veggies can be found here, perennial plants and flowers can be found here. There may be some small changes made prior to the plant sale, but this is our best list to date

What do I need to bring with me?

Please dress for the weather.  Right now it's looking like it will be fairly nice (High of 67 on Friday and 71 on Saturday) but check the weather and be prepared if there is going to be rainy or cold.  The event is held outside, so wearing layers or bringing a hat may be helpful.

Also, be sure to bring a refillable water bottle!  We will have water jugs and snacks available at the volunteer tent.

Can I take a break to buy my plants?

Trick Question!  We already answered this in our last email, "The Plant Sale Pre-Sale".  Click here for that information.