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Big History Project / Grade 7


Mr. Kevin Mandala


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856-848-8200 Ext. 523

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Course Description

        Where did everything come from?  How did we get to where we are now?  Where do humans fit in?  

Where are things heading?  These are questions that origin stories of different cultures have addressed for thousands of years.  Big History attempts to answer them by examining the entire past of the Universe using the best available ideas from disciplines such as astronomy, chemistry, biology, and history.  Throughout the course, you’ll explore different scales of time and space and view human history from new angles.  You’ll learn what we know and what we don’t, consider our place in the Universe, and develop your own ideas for what the future may hold.

Course Expectations and Assessments

        Major Assessments for the upcoming year.

Course Policies 

        Homework Policy: 

Homework will be assigned periodically throughout the course.  Homework will not be graded, however, it is used to reinforce concepts covered in class which can help improve the overall grade of students.  Homework will also be a determining factor in being eligible for a test retake.    

Retake Policy: 

Primary assessments are eligible for retakes throughout the year.  Students can choose to retake a test if they have completed all of the homework assignments for that unit.  Projects are not eligible for retakes, as they are ongoing assessments.  Students may conference with teacher on projects to look for areas where additional points can be awarded.  This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Required and Recommended Materials 


        Extra help is available after school upon advanced notice (Tues. - Thurs.)  E-mail is most helpful and will be

answered in a prompt and  timely manner.

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences

My goal is for you to succeed, and I will be here to help and support you.  I’m excited about the opportunity to get to know you and I’m looking forward to a happy and productive school year!