Indian Visas - Guide to Indian Visa Types

In recent years, the Government of India has made some changes to visas that are issued to foreigners. Some new restrictions have been introduced to existing visa offers. Below is a quick overview of the types of Indian visa.

Tourist: they are issued for trips and tourist visits and have a maximum stay limit of six months. In a new rule introduced in 2009 by the Government of India, it now restricts re-entry to a gap of at least two months to curb re-entry visitors with a short break after six months.

X or entry: this non-work visa is for foreigners of Indian origin and their dependents. Without restrictions like the tourist visa and this can be extended every six months without leaving the country.

Employment: This visa is for foreigners who wish to work in India for a registered Indian entity. These are issued for a period of one year and can be requested for renewal within the country. Proof of company employment and earnings of $ 25,000 or more per year are required. The only exceptions to this rule are for volunteers, foreign language teachers, translators, cooks and High Commissions, and members of the Embassy.

Student: This is given to foreigners who wish to study in India visa at an accredited university. This also includes studies in yoga, dance and Indian music and Vedic culture. This is issued for five years and can be reapplied within the country. The "Yoga Visa" issued to learn yoga is also part of this program.

Business: Issued to entrepreneurs who want to explore and establish business opportunities in India. These are multiple entry visas but are valid for only six months.

Conference: These are matters for foreign delegates and dignitaries who have been invited by the Government of India to attend conferences.

Journalist: Professional journalists and photographers associated with news and press agencies are eligible for this visa. These do not exceed three months.

Research: They are sent to academics and professors who wish to do research in India. This visa has a six month limit.

Medical: anyone seeking to use medical treatments in specialized hospitals for specific diseases receives this visa.

Transit: This visa has a limit of only 72 hours and is used for stopovers.

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