Overview of Novato School District Climate Action Resolution Campaign

From Email to Passed Resolution in 1 Month


4 Short Statements by 2 Student Leaders at 2 School Board Meetings

2 Emails

5 Easy Steps:

  1. Intro Email 3.5.18
  2. Open Comment 3.6.18
  3. Follow Up Email 3.6.18
  4. Email Response from Board President---3.6, 3.10, 3.15
  5. Resolution on the Agenda and Passed on 4.3.18


  1. Intro Email--3.5.18

Dear Ms. Butler, (School Board President):

My name is Lucy L., and I am a junior at Novato High School. I am the president of Earth Club at my school, and have recently become involved in Schools for Climate Action.

As I become aware of my actions towards protecting the earth, I notice the vast room for improvement in the sustainable practices and education of Novato schools.

Climate Change is the most pressing issue of my future, and the future of my fellow students. Your job, as an elected official of the Novato School Board, is to protect your students in every way you can. Acknowledging that Climate Change is a generational justice
issue and adopting a resolution to take action against it is one of the most important, simple steps you can take to care for your children. I would greatly encourage you to consider passing a resolution of climate action, similar to those passed by the Sonoma County Office of Education, the Sonoma Valley Unified School District, and the Sebastopol Union School District.

Below are PDFs of the resolutions passed by the Sonoma County Office of Education and the Sebastopol Union School District. There is also a model template for the type of resolution we are looking for, as well as the link to the Schools for Climate Action Website.

Thank you very much for your time.


Lucy L.

  1. Open Comment at School Board Meeting on 3.6.18---2 students gave 2 minute statements each

Note: Every month, every school board has an open comment period at which anyone can give a short statement on any topic. This is a quick, easy, powerful second step (after emailing) to advance a climate action resolution campaign at a school district.

Example of School Board Statement: Lucy L. 

  1. Follow Up Email---3.6.18

Hi Ms.Butler, (School Board President),

Thank  you for listening to us today, and for considering this resolution. I am looking forward to hearing your response after you look over the sample and model I sent you. Let me know if you’d like any other resources or more information. We would also be happy to meet with you or another board member to develop a resolution.

Thank you for protecting your students. We are very grateful for your hard work and open mindedness.


Lucy L.

  1. Email Response from Board President---3.6 and 3.10

Immediate response from school board president:

Hi Ms. L.,

Thanks so much for reaching out to me.  Let me take a look at everything and I will get back to you by the end of the week.  


Debbie (School Board President)


Hi Lucy,

I'm going to bring this up in our agenda planning meeting this next week.  Let's hold for now and I will again circle back around with you after I discuss it in agenda planning.  Agenda planning is where the board president and vice president along with the superintendent work on future agendas and topics for our board meetings.  

Take Care,



Hi Lucy,

We should be able to get the resolution on our April 3rd Board Meeting.  After reviewing what you sent me and looking at other districts, we are leaning toward using the Sonoma County of Ed resolution and changing it slightly so it speaks to NUSD and what we are doing.  For example, I think we need to add our solar installation at 10 campuses.  Also, in May 2015 the Board approved moving from PG&E to Marin Clean Energy (MCE).  Almost all our schools do the Walk and Roll to School Program and all schools do recycling.  With our new bond which is allowing us improve facilities and add new ones, we are working to make them efficient as much as possible.  

I'm asking other staff members at the district office to review and make necessary changes.  It would be great if you came back on the 3rd and spoke again about the resolution.  

I hope this works for you and thank you for bringing this to our attention.



  1. Resolution on the Agenda and Passed Unanimously on 4.3.18

3 Minute Statement by student Kelly T.

Response by School Board Members