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Section 1.    Purpose

It is the intent of the Board to adopt policies governing the operation, educational programs, and administration of its schools to:

  1. Provide for the orderly operation of the school system.
  2. Assist the Board in meeting its responsibilities under the School Code.
  3. Establish District goals.
  4. Facilitate decision making.
  5. Clarify Board/Administration relationships.
  6. Solve specific problems.
  7. Reduce conflict.

Section 2.    Adoption Of Board Policy

Need for policy may be brought to the Board President by the Superintendent, citizen, student, staff member, and/or Board member.

The Board President refers the policy concern to the Board for discussion and consideration.

After concurrence by the Board that a policy is needed, the President will refer the concern to the Superintendent.

The Superintendent will be responsible for developing a proposed policy and accompanying administrative procedures with input from appropriate resources such as, but not limited to administrators, GMEA, other staff, citizens, students, PSBA and others.

        Pol. 006

The Superintendent recommends to the Board a proposed policy and any accompanying administrative procedures to be placed on the Board agenda:

  1. The Board, at a public meeting, will discuss the proposed policy and accompanying administrative procedures. During this meeting, representatives of the administration, GMEA, citizens, students and other groups may be present to express their views to the Board Committee and Superintendent. (First Reading)
  2. As a result of the Board meeting, the proposed policy and procedures may be referred back to the Superintendent for further studies or,
  3. The proposed adoption of the policy is formally announced to take place at a subsequent public Board meeting. At this subsequent public Board meeting a second reading of the policy will occur prior to a vote on the proposed adoption of the policy. (Second Reading)

Adoption of the policy must be made by majority vote of the full number of members of the Board.

Section 3.    Updating Of Policy

It is the function of the Superintendent to review previously adopted policies as deemed appropriate by the Board.

When it is appropriate to revise policies, the procedures for adoption, as outlined above, shall apply.

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