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Refund Policy
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Refund & Cancellation Policy

  1. The Students who shall after exerting their abilities and skills in respect of the test criteria laid down by the Company during Scholarship test, may be declared as Rankers and thus become entitled to the scholarship at the sole discretion of the Company.
  2. Once the Rankers have been declared in furtherance to a Scholarship Test, on the Website or Application, they shall be able to claim the Scholarship within a period of 20 days after such declaration being made.
  3. The Students understand that the Company shall make no communications regarding the results or about the Rankers to them except of the declarations made on the Website or Application and Students shall be obliged to regularly check the Website or Application for the results of any scholarship test.
  4. In the event of failure of the Students to claim their scholarship within 20 days of the declaration of the result, they shall no longer be entitled to the scholarship.
  5. Student has to pay nominal fee during registration but once student’s registration has been confirmed for scholarship test then Company is not liable to refund registration amount to student.
  6. The Rankers acknowledge and understand that due to some circumstances beyond the control of the Company such as weather, transportation hurdles, Government restraints, natural calamities etc., lockdown, pandemic, epidemic there might occur a delay in the scholarship for which the Company shall not be liable and no interest on the Scholarship shall be accrued by the Company during the period of delay. The Company shall keep the Rankers updated about the delays within 24 hours of such delay through email as well as user account notifications. The Rankers are required to keep themselves updated with the intimations provided by the Company.

  1. In case under any circumstance, any Scholarship Test offered on the Website or Application is not completed or termed as void due to introduction of new legislation or prohibition imposed by an amendment to the existing legislation or by judicial orders, the Company shall refund the registration amount for the test by the User and shall not be liable to Scholarship to the students.

  1. The Company shall under no circumstance be liable for any consequences, damages, costs, penalties attributable to the delay in awarding the scholarship.