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1:1 Device FAQ
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1:1 Program Device

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My device is being repaired, or I forgot it at home. Does the school have one I can use?

Loaner devices are available in the school’s Media Center to be checked out for the day. These devices are given out when the student’s device is being repaired or if it was forgotten only during standardized testing. However, these devices must be returned by the conclusion of the school day to the school’s Media Center.

My device is broken or is malfunctioning, can the school repair or troubleshoot my device?

Yes. The school will perform troubleshooting and repairs on all district-issued devices. However, if the malfunction is caused by damage, either intentional or due to negligence, a repair fee may be incurred. Devices should not be disassembled or any attempt to repair by anyone other than the school district.

When I register my device, does the school filter internet access at home?

The school utilizes Securly for filtering and safety monitoring. This filtering is in place for all district-owned devices and any activity by students when using their school-issued Google account. The district maintains a strict filter for internet activity while at school, and a slightly more relaxed filter for at-home and off-network activities. Parents can follow the link above to learn how to access Securly and set their own at-home filtering preferences.

What device is being offered as a rental?

The exact model and specifications vary based on what is available from the manufacturers each year, but the current standard device is a Dell Chromebook 3100

What is the cost of a rental device?

Per Indiana Code IC 20-26-12-1,  curricular materials (of which rental devices are classified) are provided to students at no cost

When and where do I pick up my rental device?

K-3 students will find their devices available in the classroom on the 1st day of school. 4-12th grade students will receive their devices during summer orientation or their first day of school        

Does my device have to be returned at the conclusion of each school year?

Only if the student will not be returning the following year. Otherwise, the student will keep it over summer. 8th grade students will return their devices at the conclusion of the school year and will be issued a new one for 9th grade.

Can I purchase the rental device?

The rental devices are not available for purchase

Do you offer any protection plan on rental devices?

Not at this time

If my rental device stops working or gets damaged, what is the cost to repair it?

Franklin Township Community School Corporation IT Department will assess the device and will perform any warranty work free of charge. If the damage or malfunction is due to extensive wear-and-tear or abuse, the damaged components will be replaced and you may be charged fees based upon the fee schedule.

What if I forgot my rental device at home?

It is imperative that you bring your device each day. A device will be loaned to you from the Media Center for standardized testing if you forget your device.

Will my rental device be new?

All rental devices are certified operational, but may not be brand new.

What if I forgot to charge my device and need to use it in class?

Each classroom and larger common places in the building such as the cafeteria and media center will have power strips and outlets where you can use your charger to recharge your device.