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Byron Buckley - Web Resume
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Skills & Tools

Front-end: HTML, CSS, LESS, Sass, SVG, JavaScript, Vue, Nuxt, Electron, ExpressJS (NodeJS), PassportJS, MongoDB.
Platforms: Google Tag Manager, Visual Web Optimizer, Optimizely, Segment Jekyll, Shopify, AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB), Serverless Framework.

Recent Work

Overview of Vue Experience

Employment History

Frontend Engineer
Koala Furniture | January 2018 – September 2020

Supported the growth and maintenance of Koala Furniture’s digital experience as they grew to a $500m valuation. Key contributions include: website experimentation, content infrastructure implementation, reusable product detail page (PDP) templates & scalable component development.

Product Growth
I joined Koala in Jan 2018 as they sought to push into hard furnishings and tell Australia they’re “more than mattresses”. I was first tasked with building the Bed Base PDP, which revealed a strong need for reusable templates, and a headless CMS. By 2019, I along with the engineering team had built a robust PDP template that leveraged Contentful to reduce new PDP development from ~6 weeks to 5-7 days with minimal developer interaction. Ultimately enabling Koala to scale from 4 products in the bedroom to 20 products across the bedroom, living, and dining room categories.

Supported data-driven decisions, through experiment ideation and implementation with Optimizely and Visual Web Optimizer.

Sales & Promotions
Site-wide promotions required custom theming in key parts of the site. Koala previously ran 6 or more site-wide promotions each year, sometimes back to back. I co-drove an initiative to define and limit the theming scope and co-developed a method to implement sales theming via JSON config definition. With each sale, my colleagues and I identified commonalities & developed ways to increase sale development velocity via flexible components and templates. Ultimately this enabled us to be agile enough to launch sales early, or pivot to change promotions post-launch.

Frontend Developer
Cantilever | January 2017 – December 2017

Cantilever is a boutique digital agency that creates quality websites and web applications. As a Frontend Developer, I was primarily tasked with responsive template development and integration with ExpressionEngine, Shopify and Craft CMS. Project work includes:

Web Developer
The Hero Co | November 2015 – August 2016

The Hero Co is a digital marketing company based in Texas and California, USA. My primary activities revolved around using PHP & JavaScript to integrate various websites with third-party email, commerce and analytics services. Other duties included:

Front-end Developer
Krafted By Us (KBU) | April 2015 – June 2015

KBU is a web agency based in Santa Monica, CA. During my contract tenure I was primarily tasked with responsive template development for client websites running Expression Engine or Craft CMS. While I worked with HTML and SCSS; CMS and JS development was handled by the Lead Developer. Project work includes:

UI Developer
Medullan Inc. | May 2014 – April 2015

Headquartered in Cambridge, MA; Medullan is a digital healthcare solutions firm that provides solutions for clients across the healthcare continuum. In my brief time at this company I've contributed to a few projects with my usual gusto for doing things the right way. Projects include:

Front-end Developer
RealDecoy Inc. | March 2011 – May 2014

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada; RealDecoy is a consultancy that specializes in providing enterprise search solutions for e-commerce websites using Oracle's Endeca. I was responsible for the construction and maintenance of web pages for both internal and external projects. I worked with the UX team to maintain the integrity of the visual and interaction designs during development and/or implementation. Project tasks include markup development for client implementation, as well as UI development for Java and ASP.NET web and mobile-web applications.

Business Support Officer
Capital & Credit Financial Group (CCFG) | April 2008 – March 2011
As Business Support Officer, my activities resided in the domains of Software Developer and Webmaster for a multisite Drupal installation. As a Developer, I was responsible for developing and maintaining applications and modules for the group’s foreign exchange remittance systems as well its core banking system.


Byron Buckley