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The Argus Project Trust   for information & slide presentation   for environmental data  for UK regions

The Argus Project was Established Following the Chernobyl Disaster 26th April 1986 1:23 am Moscow Time 32 Years Ago 

“We witnessed gamma readings in Northumberland rise by 80% above background and remain high for a full month. Then there were many restrictions on the movement of UK livestock that continued well into the 2000’s and so much more of concern.”

From building precision gamma monitors for universities, local government and individuals, we are very close to releasing the

Gamma Radiation Argus Environmental Mobile Monitor

We are a nonprofit distributing trust, keen to see many new contributors using GRAEMM stations with their gamma readings automatically archived and displayed on the Argus Map & Graphing website for research and educational purposes.

Join our email list to find out when our low-cost, high-resolution Solar Argus Gamma Pod, the GRAEMM station, will be available, please send an email with the subject line “POD” to:

The solar panel charges the Gamma Pod so that continuous gamma data can appear live on the Argus Map and Graphing website.

The Objects of the Trust

(a)    i      To collect data about the environment locally, nationally and internationally.

           ii     To store the collected data as an archive.

           iii    To make the archived data and the methodology of collection available to all.

           iv    To promote the dissemination of archived data.

           v     To promote the development of data collection and storage systems.

           vi    Not to undertake any licence or agreement that restricts the purpose of the trust.

(b)   PROVIDED THAT the trust shall restrict its activities to the matters mentioned in paragraph (a) and

shall not support any point of view, argument or campaign by reference to the data it has collected or

stored or by interpretation or presentation thereof, but shall use its best endeavours to collect and make

available data in its uninterpreted form, but nothing in this paragraph shall be taken to mean that others

who have access to the data may not support such points of view arguments or campaignings.


              The Argus Project Environmental Monitoring Trust · 6 St. Nicholas Road Hexham NE46 2EZ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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