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Sunday, April 8th 2018
15:00 - 16:30 CET

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Essential medical and pedagogical information to provide to expectant parents regarding a potential hearing loss or other complications in the unborn child

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Announcement: webinar on April 22

To be discussed

We will discuss this topic within a collaborative round table with an ENT surgeon, audiologist, surdologist and SLP. A very valuable contribution will be made by parents who have decided to extend their family while already having a HI child.

→ Indications for cochlear implantation; specific aspects of post-surgery rehabilitation.

→ Reasons for congenital and acquired sensorineural HL and deadness; early diagnostics.

→ Various parental standpoints concerning hearing and family planning

→ Hearing loss is no life sentence!

→ Planning for a second, third or fourth child is a natural thing to do.

→ The necessity of screening and diagnostics, and their appropriate timing.

Round table expert
B. Myroniuk

Round table expert

T. Legostayeva

Round table expert

Ye. Mefodovskaya

Round table expert

M. Guryeva


M. Lehnhardt-Goriany

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A. Flanagan