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Molly & Pyxxy do Crimes//Ep#2//Rated-X//Train Sex Chiken Finger Rave(Valentines Day Special)
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Episode two

MOLLY & PYXXY DO CRIMES ~ Episode Two (train sex chiken finger rave) // RATED X // Sybil Lamb // 21.02.13 // 

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MOLLY & PYXXY DO CRIMES ~ Episode Two (train sex chiken finger rave) // RATED X // Sybil Lamb // 21.02.13 // 

Molly & Pyxxy woke up 69ing. “We must have fallen asleep 69ing” thought Pyx, as she got right back into it and gradually in increments, 69ed Molly into consciousness.

 Molly flicker blinked awake and smiled. “Well, Hi there!”

“Hulm-luh!” Squeaked Pyxxy from the end of Molly's morning wood and finger waved to her. She ground her crotch in mollys face cuz now that she was awake she should help with the numbering. Communicating in an increasingly private language of skin on skin they both understood that they were integral components in a delicately balanced yet robustly multifunctional 69ing machine. Imagining being a 69ing machine pulled the Pyxxy'z trigger.

 A sudden mouth full of pink Pyxxy juice made Molly blow. An absolutely jizzy drenched Pyxxy crawled up to perch atop mollys messy torso, they made out like kitten cream bandits.

They might have post coital cuddle made-out themselves into yet another nap like they’d been doing a few days in a row,  but Pyxxy rolled over off of Moll and  plunged her foot up over the ankle in a just now discovered full to the rim  bucket of cold cum.

“WTF?” She squeaked, kicking it off her foot by physical instinct. Her kick woulda sent the bucket over a house if they had been outside, but in the bed of the Molly’s ‘77 Mercury Monolith Villager wagon, the bucket slammed into the ceiling and spent the rest of its energy spinning around a few times glooperizing everything. A greater volume of white goo than could have possibly fit in that bucket saturated everything, the sheets over the windows, the laundry duffle bags and food wrappers they slept in, everything.

Pyxxy and Molly just stared at each other in uncomprehension, both drenched in dripping glops of white gloops glorping down their nekkid bodies.

Molly was still not operationally awake and her left arm was autonymousy dragging itself around hunting for cigarettes. “Jesus it's all over the roof and everything. There are cum stalagmites”

“Stalag-tights” Said Pyxxy in a wet cat voice. Molly tried to peel open a curtain to look outside but the window was a slow milky waterfall. She glued the curtain back on to the window and felt around to locate her glasses which were half submerged in goop.

. “How did this much cum even accumulate?” cried out bewildered Pyx with gloop dripping out of her hair. I thought I drank it all?”

“I dunno. We are parked on dirt and are not level at all so we are technically slanted downwards slightly towards the front drivers side. I guess it’s been accumulating ?”


“No, how could we have made like buckets of cum we forgot about?”

“Easy we've been screwing around in our own mess  for days” she experimentally put on the glasses she couldn't possibly have seen through.

“Well even though you can cum multiple times in a row I never seen you pour out a pint at  time. And I just make little cums.”

“I love your little cums. I swear, I can lit’rally tells whose is whose cuz your is totally  cum pink!”

Molly sat up with her back to the back of the front seats and dragged sloppy wet pyxxy into her lap for messy cuddles. “Your pink cums are like an enchanted treat I can only get from doing a quest in narnia. Alice had to get it bottled in wonderland and here I am drinking it fresh. Everytime I wake up and see you I bask in you, my ultimate lucky talisman, knowing anyone who sees us will be struck with such envy as see me rejoicing in the magical girl magical spoils of my enchanted adventures.”

“We should probably be a bit less drenched in cum if we go outside? I can see this beginning to cross over from totally hot to lit’rally cold and wet.”

Molly Noticed a chocolate chip stuck to Pyxxy’z shoulder and  got an idea! She swiped a finger upwards under her right boob. She sucked her finder and tasted it. “I have used my powers of deduction and criminal mastermind skill to solve the riddle. You have found the tubs of  ice cream we got 2 nights ago when we were drunk and then we passed out..”

“Ooohhhhhh.” said Pyxxy, seeming a little let down at the revelation.

“Well that's how living in a car works. You can try to keep your stuff sorted in bags or you can live in a clutter nest but when it's time,the car tells you when it's time to clean.”

Molly stubbed out the butt she’d found for her wakeup smoke and turned her mouth to the task of de-ice-creaming Pyxxy’s tits. “.. after breakfast.”

Pyxxy struggled her arms and legs everywhere kicking a splatterhouse mess in a squicked out version of ticklish that was super cute. She warble-giggled “Yee-ee-ee-ee-ee-eek! I’m so stiiiiiiiickee-ee-ee-eeey!!!!”


        Molly bumbled  out the back passenger door into the junk yard along with an increasingly coagulated and cigarette butt filled splash of whitish goop. Lloyd looked back and forth between the puddle of curdling cream and Molly still groggily  waking up at 3pm who had very incompletely tried to clean herself up with a wet towel. “Jesus
Kryyst. “ he wearily quipped and cracked another 12oz.

“The car is parked at a bit of an angle so liquids run towards the front drivers side” Moll offered as an unbidden explanation.
Lloyd drained his beer, crushed it and threw it in the pile, “Don't think you're coming inside the house like that.”

“Aw c’mon Lloyd. We had a crazy busy few days working on projects ‘n’ stuff.” Moll nodded at a milkcrate full of drugstore makeup n nail polish they'd forgotten outside in the frost last night. Pyxx shimmied out he door and in to her purple mini skirt at the same time and knocked a second milk crate of drug store makeup out of the car and in to the gloopy cream puddle which was begging to rehydrate all the cigarette butts on the ground and turn the oily rusty dirt into mud.

“We have had a serious ice cream accident and  need showers ‘n’ stuff.”

“A WHAT? Not in my shower that no one but me cleans!” said Lloyd, putting on an air of aghast. “You got a perfectly good hose and your turtle pool you never even use anymore.”

“Guh,” Molly sheepish turned to Pyx. “This is my turtle pool I’ve had since before i was born. It’s been involved in numerous biker meet ups so its actually a pretty hardcore turtle.”

“Yeh, you can fill it with ice n beer, or you can dump sand in it and make Mary a sandbox.” cajoled Lloyd from his perch.

“The slide on that dumb pool has been too short for me since I was five. He just calls me Mary all the time cuz he's old.”

“Go on, hose yer lil friend off so you can take her inside, eventually with my clearance,  and give her a proper hot shower and wash each other's hair together or make ice cream whatever you genZs do.” He was smiling and scowlin at the same time.

“Thank you Lloyd :)” sang Pyx kind of flirtily as Molly sprayed her down with horrifically cold water and totally sprayed her extra long right in the face for being flirty with Lloyd when she knew it made her nuts..

“Well, Miss Pinky, I think it's great to see Mary with a little friend to drink with instead of just drinking in her car by herself. Plus you just being here pretties the place up,” we waved his hands indicating their modest junkyard. ”Finally we get a nice feminine touch .”

“Hey, I been the feminine touch here for years!” snapped Molly.

nuthin’, you lil’ ATF dipstick! Get the lady a clean towel. Cuz I dont got any. Don't touch mine.” He opened a new beer with his keychain, drank the top off it and burped.


Later when they were clean enough to be let into the real shower they stood with arms around each other in highschool dance pose with their honestly depleted dinks still engaged in some half mast soapy jousting.

“I really can't tell If Lloyd can even tell that I’m a tran.” mused Pyx.

‘You wish’, thought Moll but what she said was “He's an old retired bad guy; that man is a real storage locker of secrets.”

The bar of soap fell on the floor with a blunk and they both looked down at it.


Every hour of Cleaning out the car seemed to bring a doubling of the estimated time to finish cleaning it. Molly owned hundreds of tshirts, seemingly one for every band she’d ever heard of, most of which Pyx had never heard of. She had one dress and two toolboxes and had a spare fancy dress carburetor with a whole dead car battery protecting it from getting stepped on. Molly crawled around in the front foot wells for hours in awe of the non stop parade of treasures from under the front seats. She marvelled at underwear she hadn't seen in 2 years and  how she now had more lighters than pockets and there were dozens of cassette tapes she hadn't seen in months and needed to play and sign along to immediately.

Pyxxy was a little bit thinking of actually ditching out of here and going to her coven’s house but then found 2 paper shopping bags of fireworks in the MollyMobile’s boot.

 “Oh yeah, they were on sale on  january 2nd. I was gonna light em all off inside one of the scrap cars cuz it would look awesome, but Lloyd thinks he’s gonna fix em all one day, so bleh.”  She’d found a small sledge hammer and was turning it over in her hands hunting around for something in the yard she could practice hammering on.

Lloyd stepped over from his beer chair to check out Pyxxy sitting in the back of the car in a pile of dumped out fireworks.

He said “hey check this out” and then with his hands he took Molly's hands, made her 2 hold a roman candle and aim it over the house. Molly watched him touching her very sternly very carefully, what the fuck  was the big idea, buddy? He pulled some shit  where he lit the tip of  fire work with a 9 volt battery and some metal turnings from his pocket. Pyxx was giggling delightedly like she had never seen a roman candle before, shooting green and red balls of phosphorus up on the roof  and rolling into the gutters to fizzle on last year's  wet leaves.

Lloyd gave Pyxxy his 9volt battery and winked at her.  her giggle turned into a maniacal cackle.


As the sun set and the car cleaning project dragged on endlessly the girls decided to go out and do some simpler crimes so they could at least feel productive. A few nights ago they’d watched some TV crime movies on the porch while Floyd and Lloyd were passed out and were developing a new theory of compound bootstrap crime.

“We have really upped our shoplifting game in the past couple weeks, but as we sucede at crime more often it inversely credits our rap sheet and the amount of crime sentences we’d have to do if they ever caught us.“ Pyxxy knew for a fact she hadn’t seen any wanted posters for them yet but she listened.

“Now it is time to use that practice and those skills to escalate to higher strakes crimes. Our end goal should be us doing crimes that are 10 times the amount of crime for the same amount of time.  And to do this we need to level our criminal game up to a master’s level.”

        “They need to make a Mistress of crime level. But that sounds wrong on 3 different meanings.” sighed Pyxx.

“If only but one day we could steal that men commit most of the crimes! At least women are stealing most stolen objects. Scientists have proved this is related to the nesting nurturing instinct. But I digress,

What we need to commit is a compound crime, a series of seemingly unconnected crimes which dastardly add up to a climactic caper built upon all the previous crimes to pull of an ingenious maniacal scheme!”

        “Wait, wait wait, wait wait wait!” Squeaked Pyx,  Molly could see Pyxxy was completely serious which she’d never done before.'' What are we doing ? we dont actually have to do a crime for every sigle time we fuck. What are we doing? I mean what are we ? Why are we suddenly in love or whatever ? All we do is have really great sex and then get everything for free but what does that make us just cuz the sex is perfect? Isnt the thrill of having amazing sex just cuz we stole a whole milkcrate of makeup, each,  from Shoperama 3 days in a row and eat junk food? What if we’re not really in love, what if we are just an idealised version of the tran 4 tran trope? What if we’re just mega weirdo pervo enablers trapped chasing a weird compound fetish.”

“Pyxxy, OMG.” Molly was so relieved it was some existential stuff and not anything lit’rally real. “Pyxxy our sex isn’t great, its perfect! And you are just 24 and a half but I”m 26 and two thirds and my transness really derailed me from going in to the Hells and I’m not getting any younger and need to think about my career and my future and if you aren't in my future then I don't even care about it and might as well just run at a cop with my fake gun and see if he shoots me.

Pyxxy blushed and Molly saw she did.

        “Pyx, the future we will have with each other together all the time is gonna be us being lit’rall Mistress Criminals. Tonight we aren't just a nuisance, we are juggernaut plowing through and crushing any who obstruct us on our path to take that Misstress Criminals title.We steal a getaway car and some weapons and then we steal some identities and disguises and then set off a distraction crime to thin out the cops for the cherry on the cherry bomb!” Molly had obviously thought about this a bunch.

“Mastermind class Mistress criminals don't have lasers and secret bases cuz they worked hard and saved up for them. They have them cuz they stole them.

If there is a league of world crime organisations then they probably really respect when new criminals steal their way up by their bootstraps. You gotta steal the bullet to steal the knife to steal the gun to steal the RPG to steal the Deathray to steal the space laser to steal a whole nation of earth. It's like a band, where you have to pay yer dues by stealing tons and tons of shows. You tour and play shows, um… I wonder if we should try to get an opening spot for a big criminal?''

“Bootstraps?!” Pyx sneered. “I hate euphemisms. It’s no help when people tell you to do a thing that hasn't even been a real thing in like 200 years”

Molly could have indicated the bootstraps on the backs of her fake doc martens but didnt wanna get in to it. “In crime mode we gotta be  111%!   looking out for each other and on each other's side. Wey move as a unit and when shit went off script, like it almost always seems to do even before I swore my life to crime with you, we always Must present a united front; completing each other's movements, communicating in a secret code of the natural secret code we already seem to be developing that already couldn't be translated to an outsider even if they tortured us! We intuit eachothers next moves with  our own practiced telepathy.”

“I kinda like it when you get all emo” Pyxxy Chirped.


And So, Molly & Pyxxy to level up their crime ranking or gear up for some larger crime they come up with after the stole a laser or something At least that was the plan if Molly & Pyxxy actually made plans their plans would fail more often  so they charged off with a mod podge gun in one hand and each others hand in the other. Every petty crime they got away with made however many they botched before no big deal as long as they won eventually together. They were committed to keeping this rush going all the way to the maximum and that was enough to make them a deliciously dangerous nuisance.

Mission # 1 of operation bootstrap// Vehicule.

Mission # 1 was a catastrophe seconds into implementation.. They’d need a transport better than running. The molly mobile was horribly un discrete with its memorably ugly rusty bondo body and the engine that only worked sometimes and sounded like a tugboat with a shovel for a propeller and even before it was full of white goo it was full of car parts and laundry. By careful criminal math they worked out the simplest low stakes semi ethical plan; the would steal the bikes of some rich hipsters as they left all their fancy bikes unlocked in a pile while eating hipster avocado hotdogs at HOT DOG PRINCE, located next door to the icecream prince where they’d had their first date.

Less than 30 seconds after rushing the bikes Molly was in a tug of war for a yellow fix gear. She’d never been on one before and  hadn't understood it was a fixed gear when she’d jumped on it and peddled backwards to prepare to Launch and actually reverse into its real owner.. Molly was keeping the twisty moustache boy back by swinging a boxcutter between them. Dude wasn't gonna get within 24 inches of her but also wasn't gonna let go of the bike.

It was only then that Moll even noticed that Pyx had successfully obtained a pink bike with a basket cuz she came flying out of nowhere and plowed into a twisty moustache’s girlfriend knocking her down. Moll took advantage of twisty moustache’s distraction, threw his bike into traffic and didn't even look to see if the honking brake squealing car ran over it. She and Pyxx booked it round the corner.

 Molly looking back once with her boxcutter arm outstretched, the hipsters were glad the freak with the box cutter was gone and not likely to chase them.

 Moll & Pyx spat and disappeared into the shadows. Moments later the hipsters and everyone out front of the hot dog prince were showered in roman candle fire balls. Hopefully it singed their moustaches and left burn marks on their jackets. The hipster’s had no idea what to do and all the did was scream curses uncertainly skywards.



“Whatever. Good thing we tried but actually bike thieves suck,”

“Running away everytime sucks”

“I really wasn't expecting people to be so eager to fight me while I’m waving a knife at them.”

“I basically got one”

“More likely You almost got chased by 4 other retro mustaches swinging U-locks at you. If they wanna fight me when I have a knife they would chase you with the cyclist leg muscles they coulda caught you.”

“I thought we were on the same side” Pyx rumbled.

        “I’m analyzing the situation and what I’m doing. We missguaged the wussiness of hipsters. A lot of them looked like they do gym stuff.”

“Oh i kept the u-lock when we got outta there” she was still carrying it. “I dunno. Bike chase? That mighta been fun?”

        She’d been planning to take pyxx on a real robbery for days now, she knew it was something Pyxx really wanted and yearned for her to squeal in delight and appreciation like she had the night they’d smashed the ATM together. They did not dwell on what might have been but abandoned the hot spot and activated plan B. They needed cash, supplies, a little exercise and some practice, plus they needed
a pick me up after the hipster bike fight; Molly was gonna take pyxxy liquor store robbing.  With Their  sights set on a sink or swim kamikaze dive in to Plan B,  Molly took her to the Liquor store next to the ATM they’d destroyed just a week or two ago


Molly plunked a bag of spicy pork rinds and two Maddog 20/20s down on the counter to get the cashier's attention, one green one one pink. “Don't bother to ring it up bud. Just give me everything in the register in a double bag and carton of belmonts.”

The cashier looked like a dude who’d been a cab driver for 25 years and they became night-guy of the liquor store for the simpler life. “Sorry babe, yer gun won't work in here. I’m behind bullet proof glass”

“I don’t care! Make it two cartons of Belmonts!” Molly almost threatened to fire wildly through the pay slot but remembering she had a cardboard gun. ”I’m not fucking joking?” she accidently asked.

“You see this nick in the glass right here? That's where a guy shot at me, it ricocheted right off the lexan and tore the bastard open at the neck! I sat in here watching him bleed on the floor while it took two hours for the cops to get here cuz no one was in any hurry to help him. I’m Pretty sure he died and all I had to do was nuthin’.

 Molly just kinda stared back and forth between the guy and her gun looking flummoxed. You seem like young happy go lucky kids. Iit would suck if you shot yourself at a liquor store in your prime. But knock yourselves out,  be my guest, I get paid the same no matter what happens out there.”

Molly looked over at Pyxxy who looked furious and hopped up, nervously hopping from foot to foot, but ultimately also uncertainly sadly powerless.

“The fuck kind of gun you even got there? Those are those cardboard guns off a youtube, eh? Nice. Those can like shoot a pencil through a phone book n shit, eh? Lucky for me I got this bullet proof fish bowl!” Dunk-dunk-dunk, he knocked on the plastic glass.

        Molly and Pyx just frowned at each other.

        “The fuck is goin on?” asked a huge dude who had just appeared in the fish bowl, popping in a secret door when he got the silent alarm. He was really really huge with bulgy veins and ‘roid neck and so  many horrible scars that it  looked like people had failed to kill him on multiple occasions.

“Its just those two homeless gay kids who sneak around tryin’ to rob people. They were asking if they could rob us.”

“Tell em I’ll beat the shit out of them so they can't pick their nose let alone people's pockets”

“Nah. It’s fuckin kids being kids. I should at least get a teacher salary for all this free life advice but hey,  it's a nice spring night.” he double bagged the pork rinds and 2 maddogs and threw in a couple  loosies.

“There. You two have a great night and stay safe out there. You can pay me next time. That's $12.85 you owe me and I’m always here. You remember my face for next time cuz I’ll definitely  remember yours.”

        Pyx cautiously grabbed the bag and walked backwards out the door, not looking away till her pink sneakers
touched sidewalk..

“Kay thanks bye,” said Molly really snarkily before she could stop herself.


They drank in the loading bay of a Chapterbooks book warehouse.

Tonight had been kinda stupid and  Molly almost had a mega panic attack that Pyxxy hated her but after half a Maddog together was  mostly sure Pyxxy doesnt hold her responsible, shes just grouchy and sullen and she so happy when shes happy that when shes upsets Molly whos never not sure if its not her. But like a true criminal mastermind Molly has plan c up her sleeve.

“This crap tastes crappier than usual cuz he totally thought we were little kids. “Pyx Pouted between gulps of  her pink maddog. “I should have fireworksed those assholes.

“Sweet candy color 19% alcohol syrup befouled with the flavour of patronizing-ness !” Molly spat, and sucked back her second free cigarette down to the filter. Personally she actually thought mad dog the queen-king of gas station alcohols. So many colors and flavours, and sugar for energy.  “I got you the pink one.”

“Thanks I guess.” She was drinking it with a straw. The guy had given them straws; bendy straws”

Moll suddenly theorised that Pyx probably came pink cuz she ate and drank mostly pink things, many of which probably were full of pink dye that ran pink all through her veins and pinked everything inside her. She wondered what would happen if she drank a pink maddog increasing her blood:pink-dye ratio.

She took one more drag till she was smoking filter and flicked it at a puddle. “Nights not over yet and now we’re drinko! One more stop! Its about time we got some new guns, and this was gonna be justa in out sticky finger run, but tonight was dumb, third times a charm, we need to take out or frustrations on some unexpecting innocent people! Never has a place been more opportune ripe for the picking. After victorious marauding and plundering, new heights of victory sex and a pork rind feast!”

“Oh, there's a few left I saved for you,” said Pyx, passing the broken crumbs left in the bottom of the bag which she'd inhaled when Moll hadn't been lookin.  It must have been  maybe 3 bites of her giant extra toothy mouth.

Molly dumped the bag of  pork dust down her gullet and Pyxxy threw her bottle to smash on the loading bay and Molly hurried to chug the rest of hers and whip it at a wall along with her. The breaking glass sounds perked them up  and cheered them up and they had smiles under their kerchiefs as they circled the building.


“Ante up, you fuckin’ pigs !! Move, or I will execute every last one of you!” Screamed Pyx as she climbed up on the new releases display at Chapterbooks big box bookstore, and slowly spun round pointing her cardboard gun at people. She was great, people were freaking out, she could do this thing where she would bug out wild eyed and screamy and everyone had to think she was feral and insane but she could turn it on an off like a switch. Molly was glad they had never had a fight.


Perhaps five staff and maybe ten customers froze in their boots. They all tried to fade into the woodwork  and hopefully this would blow over soon. M & P had  kind of planned this for a few days, or at least they’d flirted with the idea of hitting Chapterbooks big box bookstore in between fucking around and napping. Nothing concrete planned except they needed gun magazines.

Bookstores seemed pretty easy to steal from: the staff are all head-in-the-clouds nerds, their merchandise is all flat. Molly had already achieved the primary goal which had been rounding up every copy of every gun magazine including BULLETS AND GUNS, NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, GRAVY SEALS, THE RUST BELT GUN TRADER, and a hardcover picture book of world war 2. Now they were just threatening people. They had discussed the need to practice mindfully agressing and appropriate measures of creating authority reinforced through mean ness and Chapterbooks had turned out to be a great safe space for practicing intimidation and selling their menacingly and grabbing headphones and useless gift cards and stuff cuz they needed a dramatic crime they could feel good about.

Molly was actually kind of joking when she pointed her shriveling, beginning to peel, paper gun at the cashier and demanded the contents of the drawer. The stuff under the drawer too!  She’d expected a few handfuls of change and a good supply of fives and tens but that robotic emotionless book clerk was putting 50s and hundreds  in a Chapterbooks shopping bag in front of her.

Pyxx saw that and immediately charged across the top of bookshelves to rob the second cashier. Moll ran around her to rob the third.

They blinked and found themselves in the parking lot with a shopping bag of magazines and two more shopping bags of thousands of bux. “What the fuck just happened?? Why the fuck is there so much money at a book store ?!”

“I dunno shit about books I dropped out in eighth grade.”

“Well arn’t you such a  nerd! I was homeschooled by hippies who dropped acid twice a day. Half what they taught us was that our main purpose was to be married to sunlight and moonlight at the same time and be ready to do anything to win the approval of alien saviors who never showed up. I hate school.”

“No one ever told me books is a thousands of  dollars business. If they had, I mighta given grade nine a shot.”

“I always knew too much to be interested in school.”

“Me too, I’d just figure out the teachers' deal real easy in the first few weeks and after that I never had to work, I’d just play mind games with em.”

“Yeh me to. Their mind games never worked on me cuz i’d see through them,”

“Yeh! Beat ‘em at their own mind game!”

Suddenly 3 cop cars with lights spinning and wailing sirens pulled into the parking lot out front of ChapterBooks. They screeched up in bootlegger donut spins to the spot the girls had just been but  Moll & Pyx had double speed reversed back through the loading bay they’d been drinking in earlier  and popped through a hole in the fence only to find their escape route blocked by a mile long freight train rolling by at 20kph. 100 ton cans of wheat or something  over and over and over again.

Moll, without discussion, grabbed Pyx by the hands and then spun in a figure 8 and wrapped Pyx around her shoulders like a scarf.  Suddenly they were lifted off the ground by the shuffling train, her legs catching the little ladder by luck, adrenaline,  and the power of Mad Dog 20/20.

They had enough time to collapse out of breath on the tiny porch of a big tank of grain where all the hydraulic brake cylinders were, before a cop face appeared  coming up the ladder after them!

His name tag said McGubbin and he looked like the canadian version of the guy from DieHard. “Well well well if it isnt the gay crime duo whove been disturbing the peace and breaking private property all week?! And i bet you have something to do with all the makeup thefts we've been having at Shoperama all week ?”

Molly had totally froze, she was screaming at herself inside her head to move but her body did not move. Suddenly Pyx jumped in and was swatting the heck outta the cop with a rolled up copy of BULLETS AND GUNS. Molly came to her senses and stomped the guys hands as they gripped the ladder. Pyx pulled out another firework and fired some glow balls at him.  Kick stomp  kick kick, pkssshhew!!  He fell off. Maybe he got chopped up by the train wheels who knows. Behind them was darkness, In front of them was city limits and hell knows what.

The train left town and the strip malls and light industry turned to small farms turned to large farms. A few hours went by and  they'd crawled beep inside the funnel of the grain car to a little triangular metal room inside the grain dumping funnel. They were out of sight and out of the cold wind. Even tho they had more thousands of dollars than they could count in the dark the victory sex was kinda meh cuz it was increasingly cold hard and filthy. Come with me, commanded Molly and took Pyxxy and led her to the prow of the grain car and fucked right there with one hand on the ladder and one wrapped around the other. She made her grab the ladder to the top of the train molly had one arm round her waist and her other deathgrip round the other side of the ladder  while Pyx rode Molly riding the bang bump clanging 100000 ton kilometer long metal train pumping off towards what they supposed to be the south east

 They stared down any car headlights that shone on them as the train rolled crossing country roads and anytone who caught a glimpse of them would not have believed it. Soon they got so cold that sex wasnt warming them up anymore and the curcled up tight for warmth under the funnel, Pyx with Molly for a pillow and Molly lay her head  on the bag of money.


The next morning they were awakened by some used car salesman as they slept it off in an Oldsmobile  Cutlass Ciera. They were in the front seats and totally hadn't even fucked in this car. It was just the first civilised place they could get off the train. Molly wanted to tell the guy to come back and wake her up  in an hour but Pyx had her wits about her the second she woke up and screamed “surprise this is a robbery!

They shoved him at cardboard gun point into the used car dealership trailer. They  demanded the car money he made with all those cars with five, ten, fifteen thousand dollar price tags on them

. Dude was scared as all heck and shaking nervous almost crying he tried to explain how leases, financing, and lines of credit worked. Molly was tired after a crappy sleep on the run and incomplete feeling sex and nervousness about carrying around over $5000 in book money and exhaustapated from last night which was technically still going on. She impressed herself with her own clever idea to grab the guys stapler off his desk and belt him with it in the back of the head with the cardboard gun at the sme time so he’d think he’d been brained with a real gun.

“Give us the keys to the oldsmobile then.” Moll snarled.

He said they’re all in the keys locker in the back

 “Well, go fucking get it” Molly barked and smacked him in the head again.”

        “Yes yes yes one second its right here he said.” He scampered around the corner and then disappeared.

        “WTF” screamed Pyx.

        “Shit!” said Molly and threw a fire extinguisher through the door ahead of sticking her head around the corner. A big dark room of shelves, he must be hiding ? “fuck this lets go.”

        Pyxxy poured them both a coffee with whitener and splenda in a RUST TOWN PRE OWNED OLDS BUICK LINCOLN mug. Molly pocketed the guys jar of pens, the stapler she’d hit him with, and a bag of balloons. There was zero money
in his desk, why were there balloons?

Molly looked around and noticed balloons, floating, tied by ribbons to almost every car’s mirror. She noticed a big wheeled tank of helium next to the back door that seemed to lead to the train tracks and a drainage ditch,

They split down a drainage ditch and disappeared off the map for the price of wet shoes.


At 7pm It was pretty dark at the diesel filling station closest to the weigh scales at the rust town interchange and old town expressway. There were not usually Lot Lizards here. And the girls that did lurk around here usually weren't doing dances around the parking lot in micro miniskirts with 10 layers of makeup pink hair and a hat with animal ears.

Pyxx was outraged with shock when the fat old goofy face guy driving the KINGBIRD truck had said, “No not you, the green hair one”

She sullenly stewed and fumed around the overnight  parking area trying to regain her composure as Molly went off with the guy.

She stewed about it wordlessly in her head till she forgot exactly why she was upset. The sun had gone down and she figured that was a long enough wait and  clambered up the truck they were in  to burst in the passenger door  by surprise and yell, ”hands up fucker this is a robbery!”

Pyx was greeted by the sight of Molly sitting on the edge of the guy’s truck bed with her dick in his trucker mouth and her fist clenched in sexual stimulation around at least 80 bucks.

Molly saw her and kind of snapped out of it. She said “oh” and activated, pulled herself  together and face fucked the guy hard while grabbing him by the ears. He choked and Moll knocked him down and pinned him to the floor with both hands and her dink in his mouth while Pyxxy tied him up with jumper cables.

They muzzled him and buried him under all his stuff in the sleeper cab. It was time to get the hell outta there!

Molly quickly discovered she actually didn't know how to drive a big truck but they took off outta the diesel station as fast as first gear would take them. They then cruised down a service road for hours. Pyxxy wanted to ditch the guy somewhere so they could fuckaround with their new truck they’d totally hijacked but Molly said they were leaving too many witnesses everywhere already.

“We`ll just keep him tied and gagged, he prolly will pee himself but he's lit`rally in his own bed.”

“Shit we gotta kill this guy now.”

        “No way. Then we’d have 4 times as many cops after us and I think homicide is federal or federal and provincial and If they nabbed us for that it wouldn't be just jail, it would be extra-jail with counselling and shrinks like every day. They’d lock us up with the murderers.”

        “But, It doesn't have to be all intense, we could just drop him out of the moving truck so it looked natural.”

        “No. No, I gotta figure out how to get it going faster than 35 first. Besides, that guy just wanted to suck a girl’s dick.” Molly banged on the wall behind her that seperated the sleeper. And started yelling  “Isn’t
that right, cocksucker? Getting kidnapped by a couple she male punnishers and totally dominated. We are gonna sell your hole at the next truck station for 5$ a pop.”

        “Don’t call me a she male. You’re a shemale.” Pyx pouted.

There was some muffled thumping from the sleeper.

        “Ew! He’s in there listening to us and probably humping his mattress. Why are you anthropomorphizing that asshole?” Pyxx seemed a bit irritated and uncomfortable. “You hang out getting old men to blow you at the truck stop a lot?”

        “Well, not ‘
a lot’” Moll confessed. She saw the Pyx was jealous from multiple POVs. she arched an eyebrow at her. “I’ve had a ton of old dudes beg to suck my dick, it’s how I pay for my parking spot and beer n groceries and all the boring stuff you gotta do. Stuff stuff. That guy fit the usual profile is all I’m sayin’.”

        Pyxxy glowered back at her for eyebrowing at her like she was inferring that she was holding multiple conflicting viewpoints  “Fine, whatevzyxx” she squeaked in a low gear tremolo and  brattily honked the big horn twice at all of the nothing in front of them.


It was almost midnight when the KING BIRD truck first geared its way into a grungy  Tim’s Donuts parking lot just outside the municipal borders of  town. They had made it most of the way back from some wild and fruitful capering but they weren't home free yet. They had a 70 foot long truck with a hostage in it that they still had to ditch.

Molly got a box of Tim’s bacon ‘n’ egger bagel donuts, some cherry donuts with extra pink dye, a salted caramel ice latte  and a strawberry banana smoothie and they got to work. Using the markers and glue stick they’d swiped from the Olds dealership and the backs of 2 dozen paper placemats they stole from Tims they made 2 dozen posters for


Party truck
2nite Tims Donuts parking lot

It wasn't till they’d already done that that they got around to looking inside the truck. KINGBIRD ? This thing was full of frozen chicken fingers.  A quick drive around with the back door open managed to dump most of the fingers by the second time they drove through all the speed bumps at the nearby bankrupted mall. Molly ran around to the closest rave posters they'd put up and added FREE ALL YOU CAN EAT CHICKEN FINGERS.

By one am the KINGBIRD trailer was bouncing. All kinds of county people, at least the kind who will go to a Tims donuts at 1am on a weekday for kicks, were buggin out in the shiny formerly refrigerated trailer now repurposed as a pop-up rave club.

Molly was disguised in the trucker’s carhartt jacket and a snapback that said BORN ON A MOUNTAIN RAISED IN A CAVE on it. She  had been pulling double duty bbqing chicken fingers on the truckers personal hibachi and  keeping an ear on the trucks stereo in case the one party rap-rock CD skipped or stopped.

Pyxxy was doing Door in her kerchief and the trucked sunglasses as a disguise. The next part was everyone had hilarious tiny squeaky voices cuz they’d hot boxed the whole fridge truck with the helium tank from the buick olds dealership which they had had with them this whole time.

.All these farm kid hooligans speed addled truckers, four wheeler freaks, feral drug fiends  and randos on all night drives were squeaking and giggling and eating chicken fingers and devolving into cuddle puddles banging their heads to rock rap hits of 18 years ago.

At the stroke of 2:00,  Pyx abandoned doing door declaring their fake pop up rave successful enough to abandon and she and Moll stuffed their faces with chicken fingers and guzzled their leftover coffee.


“Well, now, ” squeaked Pyxxy in extra high squeaky voice with a purring vibrato. “Take at the door was like 115 bux. Not our most lucrative should get us a cab home.”

Molly had just finished tagging Tims dumpster with a g04t<3yxxy. Even her graphix skills were leveling up. Hearing Pyxxy call her car ‘Home’ gave Molly’s heart a squeeze.

They took one last look in the truck, their two dozen or so rock-rap ravers were in a sloppy wasted makeout pile. “Wtf” said pyx in her lowest possible squeaky voice.

“Awe shit i gave em a bit too much moly.” Molly sounded like a dodeca-nerd with her voice like that.

“You gave them moly? You had moly on you?!?”

“Yeh,I blew it in as a fine powder when I sprayed the helium. Just to make sure things went swimmingly. I mean like, Hello? I always have Moly on me!  What did you think I was always microdosing?” Moll sounded like super extra nasal. Like she was talking from way inside a nose.

“You are always microdosing molly?” Pyx sounded like an irate chipmunk.

“Well not always always. Just when stuffs really cool or sexy or fun or if I'm bored.”

“Well damn! Stupid me  thought you were really attracted to me.”

“I am, I am Pyxxy! I’ve just been microdosing molly for like a year to help me not do drugs cuz I used to do non stop drugs back when I sold drugs but I scaled down like a lot.”

        “No Duh. I bought drugs off you last year.”

“In fact I was sober many of the times we had sex! It was cuz I didn’t wanna stop giving all my attention to your body touching mine. When I’m with you drugs aren't even necessary, just optional.

Pyxxy, You are so much more powerful than any drug I could do and I am addicted only to you. Even small doses of you are ecstasy and I fiend for you when you're off at your witch place and no substitutions ever scratch that itch. Touching you Is the highest I’ve ever been.”

They both still had helium voices. Pyxxy was smirking amused. “Who the fuck is substitution?”

 “You are the hottest girl in the whole world. I'll give you anything you desire, become whoever you desire, kill any who stand between us with my bare hands, my teeth, all for you! Just to be by your side. Just hearing your voice saying nice things to me is my water. Your body is the only sex that's ever felt like home, I would smash and burn a whole city and lay a mountain of dead cops at your feat just to see you smile at me cuz I made the world a little bit more how you like it!” She whipped off her glasses like a superhero and doffed her snap back, “I love you so much, you total terror tart!”

“Well fuckin’ good! Cuz I love you you fuckin nerd bird berzerker bimbo”

        They both broke out in silly unstoppable laughter at their squeaky voice squeaked out  professions of Love and then laughed even worse at how dumb they sounded laughing. It just snowballed like that over and over til they finally crashed from all the coffees they’d guzzled.

        Just then a taxicab from VICTORY CABS pulled in the lot.

“Cab for…” The driver barked out the window, then checked his dispatch, “...Ragnarok and Bellezebub ?!?

“That's us!” bleat Molly. “Hey Py... Hey Belleza-Bubbles, our cab is here!”

Pyx was over at the tow truck trading the tow truck guy a folded slip of paper for a handful of money. She waved cheerfully back at the tow truck as she bounced over to the taxi beaming with her bite-yer-hand off grin.  “I just sold the KingBird Party Truck to a wrecker! Had to give him the title”

“Awesome, how much we get?”

“Well one hundred bux. I just sold it for scrap. I dunno I’m kind of sick of it and  I’m just  really tired and wanna go do nuthing for days.”

“Girl we up enuff cash to do nuthing in bed for months !”        

“Whatchew mean “Do NOTHING in BED” ?!  As-if!

Anyways, yer place is still drenched in cum and ice cream and laundry and pizza boxes and milk crates of slightly weather beaten makeup.”        

“Yeh… well we can hose it out tomorrow when it's warm and then buy all new blankets and a memory foam topper with all our money and have it delivered.”

        “I’ve heard there's this new invention called
 ‘the motel? It’s like an apartment, but it’s indoors inside a building, and other people you hardly interact with clean up after you.”

Moll shrugged, “Sounds suspicious but could bear investigation.”

The Taxi cab rolled off the Old Town expressway while GRINDR BROS CAR CRUSHING AND MELTING FACILITY towed away the  KINGBIRD still raving full of Helium rap-rock party giggles and also that tied up guy down the Rust Town road to heck knows where.

Molly & Pyxxy clutched hands and wove their fingers together so they wouldn't stop holding hands even if they fell asleep.  They both  lay their heads on the Chapterbooks sack of their big pile of money and also magazines between them and each quietly smiled in happy exhaustion and hoped the other would initiate the victory sex when they got back, and also do most of the work.

* & *

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Molly & Pyxxy Do Crimes Part 2
The Cum car train sexin’ chiken finger rave  


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She liked to consider herself just over the county line of gender presentation, flaunting that she’d got away with it,