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Police letter (no common law reference)
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Dear ,

We, The People of Canada, would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your service.  We acknowledge that you have joined the Police Force out of a desire to uphold the law.  Moreover, we are mindful that you have committed your lives to the protection of Canadians, and their families.


Earlier this month, MPP Randy Hillier brought forward information that should have caused our Premier Doug Ford to stop all lockdowns.  While COVID-19 testing purports to be revealing a growing number of "cases", a negligible number of these cases are assessed by a medical doctor or require hospitalizations.  Mr. Hillier pointed out that 20 frontline Ontario physicians who treat patients on a daily basis came out saying that lockdowns have created significant negative health effects.  Hundreds if not thousands of doctors from all over the world have substantiated their claims.  We do not need to tell you what the dire consequences are that go beyond negative health effects.  We are quite certain you are witnessing them and seeing them escalate as time passes.

What was two weeks to flatten the curve are orchestrated WHO and the World Economic Forum plans rolling out.   Deaths are occurring not only because of other illnesses along with what is claimed to be coronavirus, but also as a result of destroyed economies and no vision in sight for the individuals affected by business and job losses.

Your authority is called upon to enforce many of the arbitrary measures imposed. These arbitrary measures are currently jeopardizing Canadian lives.  The forces' oath to the Queen in exercising a chain of command set in motion to destroy the fabric of many if not all the countries of the world can be reversed by unanimous action by first Ontario's forces, and then police forces across Canada.   Police are vital to the strength of Ontario's "fair and impartial" fabric, as coined by former OPP Deputy Superintendent Brad Blair.  Police forces are service corporations separate from government.  ALL OFFICERS  must take Brad Blair's imperative judgement to heart and be clear on their position as members of an independent organization.

We hope you will come alongside the few but determined patriots to deliver our message to police forces across Canada.