Kindergarteners are really starting to get what school is all about! We have a nice routine and have noticed many acts of kindness from our friends! We plan to make homemade applesauce in the near future. We also have a date planned with 1st Graders to harvest the turnips in our “Kinder-garden.” With this nice weather we thought we would let them grow a bit longer! We continue to be “shape hunters” and are learning to count by 5’s and 10’s along with counting by 1’s. Momma Echo is having fun helping Kindergarteners know all about letters and sounds! We are looking forward to nature walks, leaf art and pumpkins!

First Grade

First grade has spent the last month learning how to become better readers and writers through independent work stations.  This month we are excited to add to these jobs with reading groups and Writer’s Workshop.  This group of students love to write in their journals and I know that they will enjoy writing books just as much!  We begin with writing Small Moment stories and learning how to stretch stories to fill an entire book.  We write from our personal experiences and work on finding the most interesting part of the story to write about.  I can’t wait to hear all the stories and share their books with you!

Second Grade

Second graders have released the last of our monarch butterflies. (see the front cover of this newsletter!)  What a fun and exciting experience for all of us.  We will miss the excitement of checking the science center each morning in hopes of welcoming another monarch butterfly into the world.  We look forward to participating in the Symbolic Monarch Migration where we will each create a life size paper monarch to send to a classroom in Mexico where they will stay for the winter.  In the spring our monarchs, along with thousands of others from the United States and Canada will head north to new classrooms.  We look forward to seeing whose monarchs we receive and finding out where ours ended up.  The start of October brings a new literacy unit for us.  We will be doing an author study of Cynthia Rylant.  You may be familiar with some of her popular book series such as Henry and Mudge, Poppleton, and Mr. Putter and Tabby.  Cynthia has also written several beautiful picture books about family life, children and nature.

Third Grade

This month we will begin a study of our community. We are planning a few walking field trips to the Town Clerk’s Office, Fire Station, Town Garage, and Post Office. We are also looking forward taking a short bus ride to Fairmount Cemetery as well as inviting community visitors into our classroom. We are gathering information about Wolcott through survey questions and interviews. Students will be presenting their learning with personal learning projects in November.

Science studies include an investigation of the Lamoille River with a focus on the health of our local watershed. Students will also perform investigations of matter and energy related to The Water Cycle.

Fourth Grade

How is it that the first month of school is ending already? Our routines are established and we’re well on our way to a successful fall in fourth grade! Students are reading a variety of fiction novels, focusing on a review of comprehension strategies. Our spelling groups are in full swing with word sorts and a variety of activities to practice spelling rules. In math we’re learning about factors and multiples, primes and composites. October will take us to the Vermont Statehouse to learn how to pass a bill. Every day we look forward to our read aloud, Wonder, by R.J. Palacio.

“When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.” Happy Autumn!

Fifth Grade

Fifth graders have picked topics for their informational writing pieces that are geared towards their interests.  They are excited to start learning how to research and put the information into an interesting paper.  Topics range from learning how to code, the negative effects of technology on kids, the positive effects of technology on kids, how to prevent pollution, and many more.  Students are also learning about Native Americans in literacy.  Our read alouds are centered around Native Americans.  Soon, students will be beginning book group books that will also be about Native Americans.  Surface area has been the focus during math class and will continue to be until students master how to solve for surface area for a 3-D rectangular prism.  In science, students are investigating how animals have energy to move around.  

Sixth Grade

The Sixth Grade has begun fundraising for their class trip to Nature’s Classroom, which will be at Silver Bay, New York, this year!  They had a successful Bake Sale/ Hot Dog Stand during Open House, and appreciate all the support from Wolcott families!  Our next big fundraising event is the Harvest Festival & Craft Show on Saturday, October 27th from 9:00am to 3:00pm!  It’s a wonderful event with a variety of local vendors, a ticket auction, baked goodies for sale, and seasonal crafts in the Library. Please help us spread the word! 6th graders are also selling delicious popcorn in a variety of flavors until October 12th. Ask any 6th grader to see an order form.


Music classes are in full swing! Younger students have been exploring instruments with hands on experiences. Ask them about the four instrument families (Woodwinds, Brass, Strings, and Percussion) and what instruments belong to each family. We will also be exploring music that sounds mysterious, spooky, or sad with lots of references to the changing seasons. “Pass the Pumpkin” is always a favorite song game for us to play in October.

Older students are exploring the symbols of music from the treble clef and the notes on the staff, to dynamics and tempo markings. Putting all of this together makes music more interesting to listen to. Ensembles are off to a GREAT start! We are singing rounds and partner songs in chorus, and starting to work on music for our first school concert. Color guard is already starting to toss (and catch!) flags, and will be starting to put together their first routine. Band members are playing their first five notes and learning how to play together at the same time. Students playing in band should be practicing at least 4 times a week for 20 minutes each time. It is also important that we keep our instruments in a temperature controlled space when not playing. Exposing instruments to cold temperatures for long periods of time can severely damage them.

Visual Arts

All students have been exploring the “art” of designing an eagle to represent our school’s mascot, WES. The kids are all excited about this activity. Some classes spent some time with Mr Greenia viewing computer images to enhance their choices of drawing methods and styles. Others practiced with class handouts and are all learning the art of rendering/copying a picture without tracing. Some of our upper grades are creating images of their eagle on laptops. This is truly a creative way to integrate Visual Arts & Technology. Eventually, a few drawings from each class will be chosen and those finalists will have their artwork printed on some form of clothing which can be sold to students & our extended community as a fundraiser. All other pictures will be used in some form to decorate our school; and the like. All kids seem to really be enjoying this project; and are learning while being creative. What a fun way to learn! This project is in its early stages; more information to follow.

As always, if you have any questions; feel free to contact the school, or you are welcome to stop by & visit an art class that your child is in.

Thank you for your continued support of the Arts!

Happy Autumn!


In K-2 this month, we will be continuing our core learning technology proficiencies from proper handling and maintenance of our devices to using digital tools to express ourselves. Every grade will get some essential typing training even down to the kindergarten. The Third through Sixth grade is in a mad dash to get to 3D rendering (creating digital 3D objects). After the first week of the month, we will begin using TinkerCAD, the 3D software. Students will begin with creating their own sculptures.

About TinkerCAD...They have just released a new version of the tool that has been tailored to schools. This will allow me to create and monitor accounts for the students.  It will be much more effective to have me create the accounts in this way and so I am going to move forward with this method. I appreciate all of you who signed the form and got it back to me promptly.  If you would like me to share your student’s account username and password with you, please just ask and I can email that info to you.



As of August 25, 2018, a total of 180 pediatric flu-associated deaths had been reported to CDC during the 2017-2018 season. This number exceeds the previously highest number of flu-associated deaths in children reported during a regular flu season (171 during the 2012-2013 season). Since flu-associated deaths in children became a nationally notifiable condition in 2004, the total number of flu-associated deaths among children during one season has ranged from 37 (during the 2011-2012 season) to 180 (during the 2017-18 season, as of August 11); this excludes the 2009 pandemic, when 358 pediatric deaths from April 15, 2009 through October 2, 2010 were reported to CDC.  During the 2017-2018 season, influenza-like-illness (ILI) activity began to increase in November, reaching an extended period of high activity during January and February nationally, and remained elevated through the end of March. ILI peaked at 7.5%, the highest percentage since the 2009 flu pandemic, which peaked at 7.7%. Influenza-like illness (ILI) was at or above the national baseline for 19 weeks, making the 2017-2018 season one of the longest in recent years.

REACH AfterSchool

The REACH! Program has really taken off this session!  None of it would be possible without our fantastic teachers and assistants!  There are great songs being written by students with the help of WonderArts and beautiful art projects being constructed with nature.  And that’s just on Mondays!  Students are also working on a play through acting and scenery.  Others are designing art using various mediums.  Marshmallows are being used (and eaten) to build catapults and eggs are being dropped from various heights using student designed containers!  On Thursdays, arrows fly to targets in archery using various bows! Other students are learning about birds and their habitats!  Whew!  It’s tiring just thinking about it all!  There is so much fun happening in our afterschool enrichment program!

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