0: The x Side x Switch

Lucy T's POV

"Hey Natsu, Lucy!" I exclaimed happily.

"Sup Lucy Number 2!" said Natsu as we brofist.

"How's it going me?" Lucy said.

"I'm traveling to the Hunter x Hunter world today!" I told them.

"I'm gonna miss you..." Lucy said about to cry.

"Come back soon! So we can both enjoy Lucy Number 1's delicious food! Ehehe," Natsu said to me patting my back.

"I have everyone in the guild's number, I'll stay in contact no matter what," I said.

"Because we are," I started to say. "FAIRY TAIL WIZARDS!" Natsu and Lucy said with me as we high five.

"Time Elusion: World Travel!" I said as I started to glow blue.

"Good luck Lucy 2!" Natsu shouted, tears actually falling. I'll miss you Natsu.

"Have a safe trip! Text us!" Lucy shouted. Don't worry I will, sis. Tell Happy and the others, k hun.

After that I was immediately at the Hunter x Hunter world. I just started roaming about with out a care in the world. I only just turned 10 when I came here.

1: The x First x Step

Lucy's POV

I was just taking a stroll and using my phone, I overheard people taking about a hunter exam. Interesting. I asked them about it and they said it takes place at this very ship - today! I must've been lucky!

There were a lot of men; there were also 1 other kid - he had black hair with little tips of green hair... Odd. There was also a blonde boy and a 30-year old looking man.

There was a guy who was supposedly called Katsuo. It looked as if he was getting bullied by these men.

I walked up to them and tapped one of them with my finger. I had my other hand in my pocket.

"What do you think you're doing little girl? This place isn't for a squirt like you-"

I kicked him in the stomach as he flew off the ship. I picked up an apple and it socked a man's face, as it ricochet to the rest of their faces and back to my hand.

"Here ya go. You okay?" I said to Katsuo.

"Thank you very much!" He replied and got back to his job swiftly.

The black-haired boy walked up to me and said, "Wow, that was so cool! I'm Gon! What's your name?"

"I'm Lucy," I replied.

Guess it wouldn't hurt to know a few people.

Suddenly, seagulls started to come together. The Gon guy said there was a storm; he could smell it. This kid is impressive.

~time skip, the start of exam~

"Why do you want to become a hunter?" The examiner asked.

Well. I didn't even think twice about that.

"I want to become a hunter because my father was a hunter! I want to know why he chose being a hunter over being with me!" Gon said, happily.

"I just overheard people talking about it and figured, why not," I answered truthfully.

The examiner stared. "What? I'm being honest here," I said.

The other two said that they wouldn't tell, and the examiner told them how the exam had already started.

The blonde haired boy said he wanted revenge, and four-eyes said he wanted money. I sweat dropped then.

Anyway, four-eyes insulted Kurapika (that's the blonde guy's name) and walked off. They seem to be having a bit of beef. Gon said to leave 'em be.

~time skip~

Katsuo literally fell off the ship. Gon jumped out to save him, caught him completely, and was about to fall when I caught his legs. Kurapika and Leorio (four-eyes) caught my legs and we pulled each other back aboard.

When the storm calmed down, Kurapika and four-eyes made up, as we celebrated our victory!

And that, my friend, concludes the first phase of the hunter exam. :)

2: The x Hunter x Exam

Lucy's POV

The second challenge was to choose who to save, yeah. Also, some dude was stalking us. Huh. He said he would save his mother, because you can get another lover. What kind of nonsense is he talking about? The old lady let him through anyways. Four-eyes threw a tantrum, I am not surprised.

When the old lady asked us the next question, we didn't say anything and she let us pass. Neat. Leorio actually almost killed her. Lmao. Anyway, Gon was still trying to figure the answer and came to no conclusion. You know what, let's move on.

~time skip~

After we figured out the husband and wife and that lot, they flew us to the hunter exam place. It was in some fancy restaurant. We got in a lift, Leorio and Kurapika had a little arguement about which hunter is better, and when we reached the top, we were revealed to one big, green hall with hundreds of people. They all stopped and stared.

"Hey-" Gon shouted then stopped. You could feel the tension in the air. Gets me revved up.

"These people aren't messing around,"  Four-eyes said, in a kinda serious tone.

Just then, a green bean walked up to us and said, "Here is your badge. It is very important so please keep it on at all times + try not to lose it."

And with that, he walked off.

He looked so tasty like a grape, I literally drooled at the sight of him. I'm sure he noticed since when I eyed him up and down I caught him shivering.

Then, this fat guy in blue walked up to us. His stomach looks as if it's bulging out of his shirt - is he pregnant?

"Hey. I'm Tonpa. You must be new here."

"Yeah, how can you tell?" Gon asked.

"This is my thirty-fifth attempt."

"Really?! Your thirty-fifth?!?!??" Four-eyes said, surprised.


Is that really something to brag about..?

He told us about the people we should avoid, they didn't look so scary except for Hisoka (I wasn't actually scared, just impressed). Then, he handed us this drink. I could smell the poison from a mile away.

"Here, let's have a cheers to our friendship!" Tonpa exclaimed, handing us each a drink.

I waited for the others to try it first.

Killua's POV

Tonpa gave me more laxative. He seemed surprised that I was still alive. Fat old man. I saw him walk off and wanted to see who his next target was. I saw it was another old man, a blondie, a boy and a girl. Girl? Anyway, I was watching and saw Tonpa offer the drink.

"Tonpa-san, I think this juice must've expired! It tastes funny," said the black-haired boy.

"That was a really close call!" blurted the old man, after he spat out the drink.

"Oh really? That was my mistake! Hehe..." said Tonpa.

I saw the blond guy just pouring the drink on the floor. Lol.

Then the girl opened her drink, walked up to Tonpa and slumped her arm on his shoulder.

"Here, buddy, want a drink?"

"No thanks, I'm cool-"

The girl sprayed the laxative on Tonpa's head. Then threw the can at him after stepping back a few steps.

Tonpa was enraged and stomped off.

"Catch ya later, loser!" shouted the girl to Tonpa.

I snickered as I thought, The fat pig totally deserved it.

Gon's POV

"Catch ya later, loser!" shouted Lucy.

"Lucy! Lucy! That was so cool!" I said.

"Eh, it was nothing, just teaching him the lesson he deserves," Lucy said back.

Kurapika was about to speak when the examiner caught everyone's attention.

"Welcome all contestants! The hunter exam is about to begin!" The examiner started.

"We are not responsible for any heavy or permanent injury or if you die. If you wish to leave, exit through the door behind you."

Nobody left.

"Alright, my name is Satotz, and I'm here to take you through the hunter exam. Please follow me to the end of this hallway."

"Alright!" I said, cheerily.

"This is getting interesting," Kurapika said.

"He better not try anything!" said Leorio.

Lucy was skating instead of running, but was behind most of the people.

Let the first phase begin!

3: Phase x 1 x Start

Lucy's POV

I was skating near the back and saw Tonpa. I rolled up to him.

"How'd you like my- I mean your drink? I'm surprised you can even run," I said to Tonpa.

"Shut up brat, you don't know anything. You will get yourself killed," He said.

That bastard.

"Whatever," I said, rolling ahead to Gon and the others to see Tonpa and 3 men picking on some ugly squirt with a runny nose and who was crying like a wimp. I heard him say, "I live for it," whatever that's supposed to mean.

Gon's POV

"Hey Lucy, where were you?" Kurapika asked.

"Just visiting my old buddy Tonpa is all," she answered.

Then, we could hear Leorio shouting to a boy, "Hey kid! That's cheating!"

"Huh?" The kid said, looking back.

"Using a skateboard isn't allowed! That's against the rules!"

"No it isn't," I said to Leorio. "The examiner just told us to follow him."

"He has a point," said Kurapika.

"Not you too! Just who's side are you on here?" Leorio asked, kinda shouting.

"Four-eyes, shut up and run!" Lucy said, clearly annoyed.

"Not you too?" Leorio said, looking at Lucy skating.

The white-haired kid slowed down to roll towards me and Lucy.

"Hey, how old are you?" He asked.

"We're both twelve!" I exclaimed happily.

Killua's POV

"We're both twelve!"

Hmm.. same as me.

I did a little trick to get off my skateboard.

"I think I'll run for a while." I said.

Gon laughed a little before I said,

"I'm Killua."

"I'm Gon!" said the cheery kid.

I looked over to the girl running beside Gon with headphones on, who wasn't really listening to our conversation. Gon nudged her and she said, "Lucy," as she put away her headphones.

4: Still x Phase x 1?

Lucy's POV

I put away my headphones after introducing myself. I put away my phone too. It had been about 3 hours since the exam began. It was beginning to get boring, and the old man seemed to be running out of fuel. He eventually stopped and Gon stopped to look at him, worried. The kid who was supposedly named Killua stopped as well, but only because of Gon and I.

"Gon, forget about him, let's go," said Killua.

"Dude, he's our friend, we can't just leave him behind!" I hissed at Killua.

Gon continued to stare at Leorio patiently with faith. He shortly stood up and shouted, "SCREW THIS! I'M GONNA BECOME A HUNTER! DAMN IT ALL!" as he charged past us, leaving his suitcase. How irresponsible.

Gon used his fishing rod to hook the old man's suitcase towards us.

"Cool!" Killua exclaimed.

"Nice," I said.

"Let me try that later!" Killua said to Gon.

"Okay! But only if you let me try your skateboard!"

Gon and Killua started talking and I just heed no attention. There were stairs up ahead and the examiner just pranced up the stairs as if they weren't even there. Don't joke with me ;-;. I was about to roll away until Killua said, "Hey Gon,- and Lucy, wanna race to see who finishes first?"

"Sure, I'm bored as hell," I said as I switched my skates off.

"The loser has to buy dinner!" Gon said.

"Alright! You're on!" Killua said as we all started dashing forward.

We shortly caught up to Kurapika and Four-eyes as we said:

"See you guys at the finish line!" - Gon

"Kurapika, take care of four-eyes will ya?" - Me

"Catch ya later, old man!" - Killua

Leorio was annoyed at Killua's statement, "Hey! I'm a teenager just like you guys!"

We all froze in shock after hearing that. "Huh! No way!" Gon and Killua said.

"Pfft! Sorry, just everything about you says old man! No offense, four-eyes!" I snickered, causing Gon and Killua to laugh. Even Kurapika did. Leorio reminds me of somebody I know... the me from the other side. Leorio was about to say something again when me, Gon and Killua went ahead.

"Hey Gon, why do you want to become a hunter?" Killua asked Gon.

"Well, I wanna become a hunter because my dad was a hunter!" He exclaimed happily.

"Really? What kind of hunter was he?"

"I don't know."

Killua started to laugh before saying, "You're weird, Gon! You wanna be like your dad but you don't know what kind of hunter he is?"

"What about you, Killua?"


"Why do you want to become a hunter?"

"I don't."


"I heard the Hunter Exam was supposed to be hard, so I decided to try it. But this is too easy."

"Sounds like Lucy's reason." Gon said.

"What?" Killua said, looking over to me who was at the right of Gon - and who was doing some parkour on the participants who were rolling down the stairs.

"..Would you look at that? The finish line!" I said, as we all dashed towards the finish.

Just as Satotz hit the top, we all sprinted past as we shouted, "GOAL!" all at the same time.

"I won!"

"What do you mean? I was faster!"

"Did you guys hit your head or something? I was totally faster!"

Then Gon asked Satotz, "Hey, who was faster?"

"I believe you all crossed the finish line simultaneously."

"Wha-? Ok, how about I buy you two dinner, and you two buy me dinner!" Gon said in resolution.

"I'm confused," Killua said.

"Why don't we all just buy our own dinner," I stated like it was obvious. Well it did seem like that to me.

"Hey, is this where the second phase starts?" Gon asked Satotz.

"No, it's still quite a trip from here."


"Listen up. This is the Numere Wetlands." Satotz began, as the shuttle started to lower and a participant got left behind.

"Rest in pepperoni's," I muttered as Satotz continued to speak, "This swamp is filled with monsters that use the art of deception - they will use every trick in the book to fool you."

Satotz was interrupted when some intruder from who knows where butted in: "The examiners a fake! This is the real one!" and held out an.. ape?

People like Baldy started to fall for it. Even Four-eyes did. Shouldn't I be surprised. Then, some cards came flying at Satotz and the intruder. Satotz caught the cards between his fingers and the intruder got hit and fell to the ground. The ape tried to escape but failed.

"That settles it then," Hisoka said as he was flipping his cards into order. "You're the real examiner."

People just stood there with their mouths agape and I was just nodding in agreement the whole time. Even Gon and Killua were shocked and were looking at me.

Hisoka just told everyone how the real examiner would be hunters and would be able to catch it...blah blah blah I wasn't listening to the rest.

"Now, follow me," Satotz suddenly said. Finally. It's starting, I thought as I was stretching my arms. Wonder what Natsu and the others are doing right now.

Me, Gon and Killua were ahead as we didn't want to lose sight of Satotz. We could all feel the bloodlust in the air. Yeah. Clown-face.

"Gon. Lucy. Let's move forward," Killua said.

"Yeah, we don't wanna lose sight of the examiner," Gon said.

"I'm more worried about that Hisoka guy; we should stay far away from him."

"Really? Why?" Gon asked. What the hell dude..?

"That guy's dangerous..I can smell it in the air."

"Really? I don't think he smells."

"Baka, he doesn't mean it like that," I said as I playfully hit Gon on the head and he pouted.

"Oww, Lucy-san, what was that for~"

"C'mon guys let's move forward," Killua said.

Killua's POV

"C'mon guys let's move forward."

"Hey Kurapika! Leorio! Killua says we should move ahead!"

"Idiot! Don't you feel the tension in the air!?" I said facing Gon.

"If I had the strength I'd already be there!" Leorio shouted across the fog.

"Don't worry about us, we'll catch up to you later!" Kurapika shouted.

Me, Gon and Lucy strayed from the group into the forest.

Lucy was on her phone whilst me and Gon were chatting. Then, this big, black figure came from behind us and engulfed us - well, me and Gon - and we landed in the stomach.

"What the hell?" I shouted.

"Killua! What happened?" Gon shouted and his voice echoed.

"I think we just got eaten."

Then, all of a sudden, we were spat out and covered in frog's puke.

"Look who's back!" Me and Gon turned around to see Lucy.

"Where were you?" I asked suspiciously.

"I just, y'know - I dodged out of the way~"

"I guess the frog didn't like the taste of us," said Gon.

"Nope," I said. "It was this."

"The fatty's juice, huh? Even snorty pigs like him could come in handy," Lucy muttered. I giggled.

"Let's keep going," I said as we continued running.

After a while, I was about to ask Gon something but stopped mid-sentence after looking back to see Gon wasn't there.

"Hey Lucy. Where'd Gon go?"

"He took off after Four-eyes and Kurapika," Lucy sighed.

"Great. Now I'm stuck with the gloomy girl," I said under my breath but Lucy still heard.

"Hey! I heard that you know! What else could I expect from a rash kid like you though? And what's with the white hair? Are you turning into Four-eyes? I'm surprised your hair is just fine, it should be like Baldy's by now," She pondered as I grew a tick mark.

As I was about to say something in response, Lucy's phone started ringing. Who could that be. And at a time like this.

Lucy picked up the phone and after a short while, responded by saying, or shouting, for that matter: "NATSU-SAN!"

Natsu? Who's he?

Then the people were talking so loudly that the phone was no longer at Lucy's ear and even I could hear:

"Come back Lucy 2!"

"Lushee! We miss you!"

"We want you back in Fairy Tail right now!"

"Stupid! We all do!"

"What was that, popsicle?"

"Isn't it obvious, flame brain?"

"Shut up! Stop being such a nuisance!" Along with a bonking noise. What is going on.

Finally, Lucy spoke up, "Hey Wendy...tell the others to just text me ok? Cya," she said putting away her phone.

Who where those people just now? Surely it was more than just that Natsu person. I heard about 5 different voices just then.

I was about to ask Lucy about it when she lighten up her face from her boredom saying, "Look! We finally made it!"

I looked ahead to see a wall and a lot of participants waiting everywhere. Along with Satotz.

Me and Lucy just waited near a tree as we spotted the old man and went towards him.

"Four-eyes! What happened," Lucy said to herself, poking the old man's cheek.

Then, we saw Gon and Kurapika running towards us and panting.

"Killua! Lucy! When did you guys get here?" Gon asked, panting.

"More like, where were you?" I asked.

"I went back to check on Leorio and Kurapika.."


"I couldn't help it," Gon said, scratching his neck and laughing nervously.

"Next time, mind telling us where and when you're gonna take off?" Lucy asked whilst slumping her hand over Gon's shoulder and poking him, "So adorable~"

I could see Gon blushing. I don't know why but I felt irritated. Does she like Gon? Wait, why do I care. Don't tell me..I'm falling for Lucy? No, that's impossible. But, what else could it be? Ugh, damn it!

"Will all participants please prepare for the Second Phase." Satotz announced. "In this phase, I won't be your examiner. Instead, you will have someone else. Please try your best." Satotz said as he vanished from our sights.

Then, a gate started to open and there was a girl with.. greeny-hair and a fat man with a big stomach. Whoa. Lucy and Gon stopped their playful act and they stared at the two, with dot eyes, mouths open, and Lucy's hand still over Gon's shoulder.

"My name is Menchi," said the girl. "And this is Buhara," she continued, gesturing to the man beside her.

"Phase two will involve...cooking!"

To be continued...

Volume 2!