Calicut: the City of Truth Revisited

Prof. M.G.S. Narayanan

Former Chairman of Indian Council for Historic Research

Professor M.G.S. Narayanan, former Chairman of Indian Council for Historic Research, is a veteran historian from Kerala. He was a professor and head of department of History in University of Calicut. He has penned hundred and twelve of articles and books like Cultural Symbiosis of Kerala(1972), Aspects of Aryanaisation in Kerala (1973), Foundations of south Indian History and Culture (1994), Perumals of Kerala ( 1996) etc.


Calicut: the City of Truth Revisited.

Kozhikode has no colossal pyramids, enduring palaces, or meditating mausoleums to witness its history. Breeze here is still blown as somebody whistles from the silent bed  of the Arabian Sea. In the remote days of history, it fanned the coconut palms that invited pirates, traders, horses, and flags of creeds through Hippalus, the ancient windway Hustles of land breeze, retumed news about calico, fragrance Spices, and delicacies of Malabar sweet meat. Factories were established and the kingdom of Kozhikode signaled colonialism in India.Battles alias wars were fought but peace returned soon to ports and the markets. Forts were not rebuilt or palaces were not reinforced. Whisper of gossips continued and when the kingdom became history there were no monuments to attest its past glory. However, Calicut testifies a great heritage and culture in witnes to its history. The paper portrays its evolution through centuries from c. 1100 to c.1800 AD and explores the Calicut With a view to understand it's message for the present and future.