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1492. Disclaimer: This guide is only provided for informational purposes. I’m not a fasting expert or medical doctor and I’m only sharing my experience with fasting. Fasting has its risks. You agree that you use this resource at your own risk.

1493. What’s Water Fasting?

Fasting is the process where you abstain from food and/or water for a period of time. In water fasting, you don’t eat but you are free to drink as much plain water as you want. A popular form of fasting is juice fasting, where you consume nothing but juices (such as greens or fruit juice).

I include cold herbal tea (not brewed) and black coffee.  If that proves to be a problem, I will go all spring water which I bought this morning.

Loren Lockman:

…Virtually all symptoms that we experience are evidence that the body is attempting to heal itself. Sinus congestion, fever, swelling, even pain, are created by the body on purpose, and are nothing more than evidence that the body is working to address some problem and restore balance, or homeostasis. When the body is given an opportunity to cleanse and heal, all manner of symptoms may arise, and they often do.

There have been many reported benefits of fasting, including but not limited to:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Fat loss
  3. Improved physical complexion
  4. Increased mental clarity
  5. Emotional detox / Purging of past baggage
  6. Physical detox / Body cleanse
  7. Vividness of dreams
  8. Increased spiritual connection
  9. Increased creativity
  10. Improving one’s relationship with food
  11. Reset poor eating and poor lifestyle habits

In my own case, I have started what I hope turns out to be a 21-day fast to knock out diabetes once and for all.

I intend to post about my fasting experience via daily logs at PE. During this experiment, I’ll share what I’m going through as transparently as I can, from the pros to the cons. This includes anything that I experience, including emotional (emotions, mood changes), mental (insights, thinking, mental power), physical (weight, complexion,  physical sensations), spiritual (vividness of dreams, etc) where relevant. I’ll also measure and record the amount of water that I drink daily. I intend for the journals to be helpful to those who are curious about fasting or who intend to try out fasting for themselves in the future.

To experience the full benefits of a fast, you should rest much as you can and limit the physically challenging aspects of your regular routine. If you plan to exercise or engage in physical sports, then schedule your fast to another time. I’ll be using my energy for brain work during my fast. I might go for light strolls, but otherwise, that’s about it.

1494. (Note: I’m not a scientist or doctor nor do I claim to be one. The information below is from my personal research and is outlined for your benefit. When in doubt, do your own research.)

1495. 21 Day Water Fast and its Benefits

A 21-day water fast can be done for various purposes ranging from therapy for chronic illnesses, detoxification of body, spiritual purposes, control over food cravings, weight loss, rejuvenation of body, etc. Whether you are attempting it for the innumerable benefits or for mere thrill of it, please consult a doctor before, during and after the fast.

“Benefits of a 21 day Water Fast

  1. 21 day water fast can solve chronic health problems like dyspepsia, loss of appetite, diarrhea, colic, gastritis, inflammation of bowels, sinusitis, allergies, skin problems, diabetes, migraine, joint pains, gas problem, constipation, etc. One should consult a qualified doctor or naturopath and discuss one’s health issues before attempting long term fasts.
  2. Fasts give a much needed rest to the digestive system. It helps to repair and heal all the organs of the body. Toxins are removed and one feels improved energy and vigor.
  3. Fasting can improve immunity and rejuvenates the body. It can improve the texture and glow of the skin.
  4. Fasting is the easiest way to lose weight. One may lose anything from 8 – 12 kg during a 21-day fast. But you will gain back most of this weight once you return to normal food. Following a controlled diet after the fast can help in maintaining the reduced weight.
  5. If you are wearing glasses, long term fasting can improve eye sight to some extent.
  6. During the fast, one gets to observe the mind closely. It helps to understand of our food habits and cravings. This understanding helps to control the diet after the fast, thereby helping in weight loss.
  7. Many practice long term fasts for spiritual reasons. Fasting is a time of introspection and emotional cleansing. One has to maintain the witness attitude and watch the various thoughts and emotions thrown out from the subconscious mind. By witnessing, the blocked energies are released and the negative mental impressions are erased.”

1496. Robert Ringer:

“If you’re in business – any business – you have to also be in the marketing business.”

“Every business that was not marketing driven, no matter how good

its products or services and no matter how well managed it was,

had either gone broke or struggled to keep its head above water.

On the other hand, every business that was marketing driven, no

matter how inferior its products or services and no matter how

poorly managed it was, was successful without fail.”

“the biggest successes of all come from companies who have good products or

services, good management, and are marketing driven”

“Misconception No. 2: Concentrate on keeping costs down as though

cost-cutting were an end-all, be-all.”

Easiest trap for IBMs* to fall into, especially when low on funds.

“Remember: From sales come cash, and from marketing comes sales.

Who needs investors or partners?”

Jay Abraham charges 25% of increased profits he earns for clients.  This could be the model for solopreneurs.  He charges nothing up front.

“Misconception No. 5: During bad economic times, it’s an

inefficient use of resources to invest in marketing.”

I think bad times are coming.  Marketing will be key over the next few years.

“While everyone was pulling in their horns, I was bombarding the

nation with a marketing blitzkrieg that seemed to be without

competition. I believe that our country is in for some very

rough economic times ahead (mainly as a result of a badly

bloated national debt), and though I wish economic chaos could

be avoided, I also see this inevitable scenario as a marketer’s


“(1) He is value-for-value oriented, more so than any person I

have ever known. His whole approach to business is to give the

client so much more than he expects that he will be happy to pay

Jay his percentage of the profits.”

“(2) Jay feels that the more a client understands his concepts, the easier it will be to work with him, the more likely he will be to adopt Jay’s suggestions, and the better the chances for success. Thus, the first thing that Jay wants to do is teach you as much as possible about everything he knows.”

“First, Jay will teach you anything he knows, without hesitation.

But he’s impatient. he will not assuage your ego. He will not

tell you what you want to hear. He will tell you what he really

believes—quickly and candidly. He has no interest in being your

“yes” man or your psychiatrist. his main objective is to make

both you and him lots of money—quickly, ethically, and with as

little risk as possible to either of you.”

“(5) Jay Abraham’s approach to marketing is scientific. He

doesn’t guess; he studies, analyzes, and tests. He learns

everything he possibly can about any product or service he

markets, as well as the results of his marketing.”

“(6) Jay Abraham is obsessed with solving marketing problems. He views your marketing problem as a personal challenge to his genius. That’s why he always finds a profitable solution.”

“(9) Jay Abraham believes that no matter how good a product or service may be, it will not reach a fraction of its potential without sound marketing.”

“(10) Jay Abraham believes that no company, especially small and medium-sized companies can afford to NOT advertise or market.”

“(11) Jay Abraham believes that an advertising firm or marketing consultant should be paid only on the basis of results. To say the least, his viewpoint does not endear him to most of the people in the advertising and marketing industry.”

This is the whole basis of affiliate marketing.  He is essentially an affiliate of companies he takes on at 25%.  I need to figure out how to create a system for WS that allows me to get paid the same way.

“(12) Jay Abraham firmly believes that in a bad economy, marketing efforts should be increased rather than decreased. he is convinced that during the coming bad times, the vast majority of businesses will make the classic mistake of cutting back on advertising, which will leave virtually an open field for opportunistic, resourceful marketers. ”

“(14) Jay Abraham has an impeccable reputation for honesty and integrity, and he is the ultimate value-for-value entrepreneur.”

1497. Here’s the ten-point criteria you must satisfy:

(1) You run ongoing advertising or direct mail that’s

ineffectual but you spend a lot of money on it.

(2) You have a sizeable complement of field or “in-house”

salespeople you’re not optimizing.

(3) You have a ton of past customers and prospects you never

work, solicit or attempt to actively resell.

(4) You have a marketplace posture that’s a natural “host” for

other kindred or synergistic products and services.

(5) You’re making all your money up-front and have no real

existing “back-ends.”

(6) You engage in lead or prospect generating, conversion and

reselling but perform these functions poorly.

(7) You have valuable intangible assets you don’t acknowledge or


(8) You are unimpeachably honest and ethical and your references

check out without a blemish. In other words, you’re “rock

solid,” you provide a quality product or service and you’ll

honor, dutifully, your contract and commitment to pay Jay when

money is due.

(9) You are operating in a very competitive industry where

virtually everyone is marketing the exact same way, and neither

you nor your competitors understand or utilize “Unique Selling

Proposition” strategy.

(10) The marketing elements of your business either are (or can

be easily made) totally quantifiable – they can be measured,

compared, and tested against.

1498. I must know the key market drivers for success in affiliate marketing.  It could be email/list marketing, or it could be something else.  Changing marketing strategies is the fastest way to improve results.

1499. You cannot build a good business, even WS, without planning, policies, and procedures.  Base each on testing and results.  Don’t make yourself the evil boss.  The most common example is McDonald’s which has every process down to a science.  The system is written down, and new people can learn quickly (which helps with their 200% annual turnover rate).  I am determined to isolate and record the best practices for individual solopreneurs which may depend on automation and outsourcing instead of hiring.  

Using computers and software, you can create a business that can run without you for extended periods of time.  That’s the value of affiliate marketing where the vendor takes care of product fulfillment and customer service, and you focus solely on the marketing.  For peak performance from the start, you must have excellent planning, policies, and procedures.

1500. I try to understand why certain online marketers are heads and shoulders above the rest of us.  Over 77 days, I will test and refine what works best today for individual solopreneurs.

“Maximum result, minimum effort, minimum expense, minimum time, and minimum risk.”

Hell, I’m lazy.  Especially now that I’ve retired.  I don’t want to work 70 hour weeks to be able to buy a bigger house or a luxury car.  I would prefer to have a system that earns money 24/7 even if it only supports a beach bum existence in Thailand or Costa Rica.  The true value of the Internet is anytime, anywhere income.

1501. Big companies are doing affiliate marketing in a way that will not work for most individuals.  It’s a form of arbitrage by buying millions of banner impressions on major internet sites like news or sports organizations, and maybe Google and Facebook.  The only trick is to sell more affiliate products than the banner ads cost.

The idea is to spend 10 or 20 grand on ads and make 30 grand in commissions.  Great work if you can get it, but if done wrong, you can lose your ass in a second.  And nothing about this is “set it and forget it”.  You have to be on it every second and pull the bad ads before they destroy you.

1502. As an individual WS, marketing and innovation are your friends.  Big companies with massive ad budgets and branding waste more money than anyone can imagine.  Think about the Mean Joe Green Coca-Cola ad years ago that everyone loved.  It was copied around the world in dozens of languages using local sports heroes.  Trouble was, it didn’t sell any additional Coke.  And you can’t afford for your ads to fail.

1503. Innovation can mean developing your own blend of social media marketing strategies that bring visitors with credit cards in hand to your squeeze page.  As a WS, you want to be an expert, trusted advisor.  You want to view your buyers as clients more than customers.  Don’t sell products you don’t 100% believe in.

1504. As individual solopreneurs, we fall in love with getting bigger than we need to be.  Instead, we need to fall in love with our clients.  I guess it’s like advice to fall in love with your wife.

1505. “Being different, distinctive, special, unique, and advantageous in the eyes of your clients is basic to your success. The concept of “Unique Selling Proposition” no longer is merely having an advantage over your competitors. Today you have to be seen as the only viable solution, strategy or opportunity for the problem or desire that your marketplace is trying to address. And you have to be much more refined in it, because there are too many choices. Needs today may be singular, but means to fill them are so vast it’s scary.”

1506. I Am Tom Hagen

I have been a big part of taking care of my mother for the last 5 years.  She’s 91, and an incredible pain in the ass.  But that’s not the point.

I am being pushed aside.  Finally.  It’s like when Michael Corleone removes Tom Hagen as consigliere, I think in Godfather II.  They are about to find out how tough it is.

Once Corbett is back from Pakistan, I will become even more invisible.  I need to leave Jacksonville as soon as possible and help my daughter and future grandchild.  I can work out the details of an iPT lifestyle before leaving the country.

First things first.  Make Walkabout Solopreneur a reality.

1507. Enemy Number 1:  Television

The things we love can hurt us the most.  I love television.

I leave the TV on in the background while I work on this laptop.  It stays on through naps and maybe even a night time of sleep if I crash on the couch.  I can go days without turning it off.

From elementary school, I can remember coming in from playing outside to catch Superman around 5 o’clock.  In college, I paid to see Noel Neill (the second and longest running Lois Lane) give a lecture on the behind the scenes secrets of the actors long before Hollywood movies came out to show the dark side we never learned as children.


Lois Lane still looked great, even better in color.

We were glued to the tube when President Kennedy was murdered, and watched live as Jack Ruby took out the assassin.

Later, we watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon, and the preacher learned to cut the sermon short if the Redskins were playing that Sunday.  You had one game.  In black and white.

Television was our iphone, the defining technology.  Color made it even better even when you appreciate the great black and white shows like Twilight Zone or Perry Mason.

Now, it’s the enemy.  NFL football is on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday.  All day and night on Sunday.  You can get packages on satellite TV that show every game.  And baseball too.  Maybe even hockey.

Soap operas are mostly gone, as are stay-at-home moms.  But you can binge watch whole seasons of your favorite shows on Netflix.  No Netflix?  Set the DVR, or check On Demand, and you can lock in whatever you’re addicted to.

NCIS.  Criminal Minds.  Long running shows repeated endlessly on cable.  All the violence, all the time.  I keep one episode of Criminal Minds on the DVD where Gary Hudson gets killed.  He graduated a couple of years behind me at Warwick High School, as did Michael Vick.  You can still see both on TV today.

Many people pick up minor shows as guilty favorites, like My 600-lb. Life or Naked and Afraid.  I personally love Animal Planet.

We love to watch people and animals suffer, as long as it’s not us.  I never understood addiction until watching 600-lb.  You have people killing themselves with food.  I just use sugar to slowly murder myself via diabetes.  It’s hard to stop.  

The main goal of my 77 day reboot is to eat nothing but real food, control my blood sugar, and as much as possible, reverse or “cure” my diabetes.  I could watch all the PBS doctors tell me how to do it, but we all know.  

Eat real food.  Walk and lift weights.  Sleep.

And turn off the TV, even if it’s just background noise.

1508. The Walkabout Solopreneur

Niche Selection

Many Internet marketers choose a niche solely on the basis of how products are selling in that niche.  If that is your only criteria, you can be safe with forex, gambling, and porn.

If those are your interests, have at it.  All are dominated by companies around the world that are better at marketing than you are.  Some areas like porn are declining as more and more amateurs want to see themselves naked online.

Field of Dreams gave us the mantra, "If you build it, he will come."  No so with online marketing.

While I don’t believe you should choose a product niche you care nothing about, like acne creams or scrapbooking for my 64 year old ass, it doesn’t make sense either to build a huge authority site in a niche where you can’t make money.

Not all niches make for a profitable online business. Not all niches will appeal to you.

Bad niches include 2 types:

1. A niche so broad like diabetes or music that you can never rank for keywords;


2. A narrow niche where no one is spending money online.

Picking a niche has a ton of benefits. Being focused on one narrow area inside a large niche allows you to concentrate your efforts in one direction. You know what appeals to prospects in your specific audience.  You know how to approach them with with laser-focus marketing making them more likely to buy.

The first step is figuring out if there’s a market for that product. Are there actual customers online who want to buy it? That’s the first thing you must determine. And can you build enough trust to get people to buy from you.

At the same time, you use your authority blog to build expert status, which accelerates the process of your prospects coming to know, like, and trust you which is essential to turning prospects into paying customers.

Find out what people are buying and create a product that fills that existing need - preferably evergreen.  If there is no existing competition, chances are that someone has tried to exploit that niche and failed.

Online marketing is much like the way McDonald’s and Burger King act in the offline world.  McDonald’s pretends to be a restaurant chain when it’s really a real estate company.  They have a detailed algorithm showing them how to find the best locations.  They do sell burgers and fries to pay the bills, but it’s really about the land below.

Burger King could try to steal McDonald’s algorithm and refine it to beat them to the next great location, but why bother?  All they have to do is find a cheaper location nearby, and they will still be in a good spot where people will show up at the drive-thru window.

Instead of trying to rank in Google for “diabetes”, and trying to compete with the Mayo Clinic or WebMD or the American Diabetes Association, choose specific products using long tail keyword phrases.

You don’t have the marketing budget that Amazon has. If you have 100 different types of products, how will you promote it? You won’t be able afford the time and money it takes to put out ads, create email marketing campaigns, and optimize your web pages for SEO.

Trying to keep track of so many niches of your business is a pain in the ass – especially if you’re a one-person operation.  I am working on a number of niches and setting up estores for each niche, but I have a ton of software and plugins to set these up once and have them updated automatically.