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Day __1__

Read Pumpkin Book

Investigating the life cycle of a pumpkin. Complete the life cycle of a pumpkin anchor chart.

Complete the pumpkin life cycle cut and sort. TEKS 1.10B

Day _2___

Read Pumpkin Book

Review the anchor chart together.

Complete the Pumpkin Seeds sequencing life cycle. TEKS 1.10B

Day __3__

Read Pumpkin Book

Review the life cycle anchor chart together.

Complete the life cycle pumpkin crown. Have students write the stages under the pictures. TEKS 1.10B

Day __4__

Read Pumpkin Book

Properties of the pumpkin (measurement of pumpkin, sink or float, size of pumpkin)

Students will begin the rotations through stations to document their findings. 1: They will measure the pumpkin with cubes and linking chain.

2: They will see if their pumpkins sink or float.

3: Determine if their pumpkin is small, medium or large.

4: count how many lines are on their pumpkins. TEKS 1.2A, B, C, D; 1.4B, 1.5A

Day ____

No School

Day ____

No School

Day __5__

Break open a pumpkins.

Using the anchor chart have students help you describe the pumpkin using their 5 senses.

Students will complete the describing the pumpkin using the 5 senses page with help from the anchor chart. TEKS 1.5A

Day __6__

Open up a pumpkin. Have students help clean out the pumpkin.

First estimate how many pumpkin seeds they think are in the pumpkin.

Count how many pumpkin seeds are in the pumpkin. Have student complete the pumpkin seeds estimate page. TEKS 1.2A, 1.3B

Toast Pumpkin seeds

Day __7__

Revisit or break open another pumpkin.

Together describe the inside and outside of the pumpkin. Then have students draw their pumpkins inside and out. TEKS 1.10B

Day __8__

Revisit or open another pumpkin.

Labeling the parts of a pumpkin (inside and out) on anchor chart.

Have students complete the cut and sort of the parts of the pumpkin.TEKS 1.10B 

Day __9__

Have students try pumpkin pie. Explain how pumpkin pie is made or watch video on how to make it.  

Make a chart and graph how many liked pumpkin pie and how many did not.

Have students then build their own pumpkin and label the parts. (Provide seeds and vine) TEKS 1.10B, 1.2D

Day _10___

Complete a KWL on how we can roll or move our pumpkins.

The pumpkin roll. Students will take different pumpkins and document how they can roll their pumpkin. Straight line, zig-zag, up and down, back and forth, round and round, fast and slow. TEKS 1.6D

Make pumpkin slime 

Day ____

Halloween: Field Trip

At the Pumpkin Patch Book

Day __11__

Read Pumpkin Jack

Talk about why the pumpkins rot and what happens to them after that.

Take some of the left over pumpkins and put soil in them. Then go plant them. TEKS 1.7A, 1.10B

Day __12__

Finish anything you did not get to.

SCI: Unit: Investigating Properties of objects: 1.1B, 1.2A-E, 1.3B-C, 1.4A-B, 1.5A, 1.6D, 1.7A, 1.10B