SVCS 2018-19 Academic Contest guideline (English)

Academic Contest Guidelines:

  1. Contestants must arrive at the assigned classroom 15 minutes prior to the start time of the contest for further instructions or drawing for order of performance. Late arrivals will not be accepted into the testing room and will forfeit the contest.

  1. Contestants and parents are asked to be courteous and respect instructions given by the Academic Contest Volunteers, Judges and Proctors. All decisions are final, and the right to appeal is forfeited.

  1. DO NOT place any marks, or write names/signature on the testing paper. Exceptions are the Chinese Painting and Brush Calligraphy contests.

Such actions will result in disqualification.

  1. Parents must remain in the waiting area during the contest, Parents are prohibited from entering any testing room. This includes all speech related contests.

  1. Students participating in Speech, Impromptu Speech and Read Aloud contests must NOT announce their name, class or school name after entering the testing room. Once inside the speech testing room, students cannot exit and reenter until the contest ends.

  1. No private recording of any type will be allowed during the contests The SVCS office will make records appropriate for each contest category.

  1. Once a category contest is complete, all contestants must leave the testing room immediately. Judges will make their final decision and submit results to SVCS Academic Contest Group.

  1. Students must NOT misplace their admission slip. Parents,  please help confirm all information is correct and true. Any discrepancy must be reported to the SVCS Academic Group ASAP. Attendance sign off on the slip qualifies the student to exchange it for a small prize. Limit 1 prize per student.

Mandarin Speech, Mandarin Impromptu Speech

  1. Mandarin Speech - theme and topic will be provided by the ANCCS & SVCS office. This information will become available and posted online at Announcements will also be made in the SVCS newsletter. This is a prepared speech contest - students must compose and memorize a speech from a selection of topics given.
  2. Mandarin Impromptu Speech - theme and topic is determined in a drawing at the time of contest. Each student has 30 minutes to compose and prepare the speech. No help will be given in the speech preparation.
  3. Order of contestant is determined by drawing names.
  4. Judging is based on: Content 25%, Pronunciation 25%, Tone 250% and Etiquette/Aesthetic 15%,time control 10%.
  5. Speech time: A,B group 2:30 – 3 minutes is the standard speech length. C,D group 2:00-3:00 is the standard speech time.

For A,B group,

5 points deducted if less than 2 minutes.

3 points deducted if between 2:01 – 2:29 minutes

3 points deducted if over between 3:01 – 3:29 minutes

5 points deducted and speech stopped after 3:30 minutes

For C,D group

5 points deducted if less than 1 minutes.

3 points deducted if between 1:01 – 1:29 minutes

3 points deducted if over between 3:01 – 3:29 minutes

5 points deducted and speech stopped after 3:30 minutes

Mandarin Read Aloud

  1. Students will read 2 scripts, one is pre-set and a 2nd is chosen from a selection of scripts. All scripts will become available online at prior to the contest date. Announcements will be made in the newsletter.
  2. Performance order for Read Aloud is determined by a drawing in the speech waiting room.
  3. Judging: 60% based on “Expressive Reading” - tone, volume, pitch (correct accent placement), phrasing and etiquette. 40% based on “Aesthetics” – appearance, composure and eye contact.
  4. Expressive reading of scripts is the goal, taking into account context and theme. Sincerity in delivery is highly encouraged.
  5. Use of a microphone is NOT permitted. Students read aloud in their natural voice.
  6. Students will be able to use scripts during read aloud, hand gestures are allowed within the context of the script. Hand gestures are not given consideration in judging.

Chinese Composition

  1. Contest time limit:

Division A/B: 1 hour 30 minutes

Division C/D Combined: 1 hour

  1. Division A & B must compose to a set topic or theme given at the time of the contest. Division C/D Combined will be given picture prompts to set the topic and theme for the composition.
  2. Chinese Dictionaries are allowed (printed books only), limited to the use to traditional characters or zhu yin.
  3. Students must provide pencils, erasers and sharpeners.
  4. No points are deducted for incorrect stroke or zhu yin, except for  Division A.
  5. Compositions cannot contain identification of or references to the contestant; judges have the right to disqualify such entries.
  6. Judging is based on Theme/Topic Relation 40%, Body 30%, Chinese Grammar 20%, Punctuation and Formatting 10%.

Chinese Pencil Calligraphy

  1. 60 minutes total time limit to copy scripts given.

Division A: 100 characters

Division B: 72 characters

Division C: 56 characters

Division D: 48 characters

  1. SVCS will provide paper for drafts, but only 1 can be submitted.
  2. Students must provide their own pencils, erasers and sharpeners.
  3. Division A, B & C test scripts are printed in Xi-Ming Font (standard printing font). Division D test script is printed in Kai-Shu Font.

Students are required to copy exactly the given scripts onto a sheet of squares within the time allotted.

  1. Judging is based on aesthetics (40%), cleanness (30%), stroke order and correction (30%). The same mistake will have points deducted only once, with 0.5 as the point size for each deduction.

Western Art/Drawing

  1. Time Limit:

Division A/B/C = 1 hour 30 minutes

Division D = 1 hour

  1. Each division will be given their theme at the beginning of the contest. Proctors will provide further explanations or translations if needed.
  2. Students should bring their own art supplies. There is no restriction on the type of art material – color pencils, crayons, pastels, markers etc. Students must also provide stationary and art supplies related to the material used – sharpeners, erasers, brush etc.
  1. Each student is provided with 1 sheet of art paper for submission. Do not sign your name or make it part of the artwork. If found, Proctors and Judges will disqualify the entry.
  2. Judging is based on overall appeal of the artwork as a whole, as well creativity, color, theme and structure.

Chinese Traditional Painting/brush painting

  1. Time Limit:

Division A & B = 1 hour 30 minutes

Division C/D Combined = 1 hour

  1. Students select their own Theme and Topic for the artwork.
  2. Students must provide their own paper and paint material. There is no limit to the size of the artwork.
  3. Paper material cannot be marked for tracing, and no pre-defined painting is allowed (no other artwork is brought to be copied). Proctors and Judges will disqualify such entries.
  4. Judging is based on overall appeal of the artwork as a whole, as well as placement, brush strokes, and use of ink tones to express light/color, theme and topic.

Chinese Brush Calligraphy

  1. Time limit is 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  2. Contest details and script selection will be provided by ANCCS & SVCS office. This information will become available and be posted online at Announcements will also be made on the SVCS newsletter.
  3. Contest entry cannot contain punctuation. No restrictions on the brush/stroke style used. Upon submission of entry, students DO NOT sign or mark with signature s
  4. Contest entry must be written from top to bottom, from the right side to the left side of the paper. Only submit 1 entry.

Chinese – English Dual Translation

  1. Time limit is 1 hour.
  2. Contest includes 1 piece translated from Chinese to English (50%), and 1 piece translated from English to Chinese (50%).
  3. SVCS will provide paper, and students must use the paper provided. Use of any other paper used will be disqualified.
  4. Students must provide their own pencils, erasers and sharpeners. No other writing materials will be allowed.
  5. Students cannot use dictionaries, graphs or look-up material.
  6. Judging is based on: Connotation and context of original script 50%, Preciseness 25%, Grammar 15% and Word choice 10%.

Zhu Yin Phonic Dictation

  1. Dictation is played from a CD; students transcribe in zhu yin phonic characters onto answer sheet.
  2. Division B & C = 150 Characters total

Division D = 100 Characters total

  1. Dictation format:

Phrases – first read in normal speed, second read with a pause after each character and a third time the phrase is repeated again.

Sentences – repeated 3 times

Short Passage – first sentences are paused at each punctuation mark, second the whole passage is given in slow tempo and a third time the passage is repeated again.

  1. Points are only given for correct zhu yin phonic characters, For example, the accent tone must be correct with correct placement (right hand side in between last two zhu yin phonic characters). Zhu yin phonic characters with hooks in their stroke must be shown, and characters with NO hooks cannot have hooks written. Deductions are only taken once for any repeat mistakes.
  2. Each character in an answer must be placed in the correct square to be counted as a valid entry.
  3. Each answer has a set of possible points; deductions can only be taken up to the total points possible.

Han Yu Pin Yin Dictation

  1. Dictation played from a CD, students transcribe in han yu pin yin onto answer sheet.
  2. Division A & B = 150 Characters total

Division CD = 100 Characters total

  1. Dictation format:

Phrases – first read in normal speed and a second time with pauses after each character.

Sentences – repeated twice in slow tempo.

Short Passage – first time sentences are read with pauses at each punctuation mark and second time the entire passage is read in slow tempo.

  1. Points are only given for complete han yu pin yin, including the correct use and placement of tone accent markers.
  2. Correct spelling and use the han yu pin yin rules must be adhered to.
  3. Each answer has a set of possible points; deductions can only be taken up to the total points possible. Repeat mistakes can only be deducted once.

Chinese Typing

  1. Time limit is 50 minutes.
  2. If a Simplified Chinese script is required, please indicate this at the time of registration.
  3. Students must provide a fully charged computer notebook/laptop. No power adapters will be allowed during the contest.
  4. Proctors will not answer/help with any tech support questions. Student must be proficient in the operation of their computer notebook/laptop.
  5. Student must open a blank Word file. Typing may be done in either zhu yin or pinyin entry, traditional or simplified. After each question number, type out the characters, including punctuation marks. Must use Chinese punctuation marks. Spaces need to be entered for any words that are skipped.
  6. Students must save the Word file. File name should only be the admission number written on the contest admission slip. Proctors will transfer the file onto a SVCS flash drive, and after this is done, the student will be asked to exit the testing room.
  7. Judging will be applied to both simplified and traditional answers. Student cannot mix the two types of characters. If traditional characters are chosen, then all typing must be done using traditional characters
  8. Students will set this Font type: Xi-Ming or New Xi-Ming, Font size: 16

Chinese Reading Comprehension

  1. Time limit 60 minutes
  2. Division A = 9 reading passages

*(4 passages without zhu yin phonics)

Division B = 8 reading passages

*(3 passage without zhu yin phonics)

Division C = 7 reading passages *(2 passage without zhu yin phonics)

Division D = 6 reading passages (with Zhuyin phonetics only)

Each essay will include multiple-choice and free response questions.

  1. Proctors only provide instructions on test administration.

No help will be offered in explaining the passages.

  1. Contest Procedure: Test paper is handed face down in order of the student’s admission number. Proctor will indicate the start of the test, at which time the student will turn the page and begin the test.
  2. Deduction of 2 points for each incorrect multiple choice answer. Short answer question deduction of up to 5 points. The student with the fewest deductions receives first place.
  3. The total deduction is the average deduction of all judges present.
  4. For students with an early submission before the time limit is reached, the completion time will be recorded and used if more than one student has the fewest points deducted. The shortest completion time when the same number of points is deducted will have the better placement.

SVCS Academic Contest Date:

Sunday, 1/27/2019.

Contest Venue:

Lynbrook High School

矽谷中文學校                                                                      11/9/2018