Chair: Regan Rodgers

The job of the Chair is to oversee all of the following people. They guarantee that we are on task and on time, making checklists to be certain that everything is done by deadlines required and that it is done well. This person will communicate with the directors directly about any questions, comments, or concerns that the board may have at any time.

Secretary: Morgan Piper

The job of the Secretary is to put everything in writing. They will collect all of the information, organize it, and spread exactly what people need to know. This person takes the abundance of information and consolidates it into an easy-to-understand format. They are in charge of the boards in the directors rooms, as well as the Thespian page on the website. They make the calendar of events to be shared with active Thespians (shows, sporting events, etc.).

Communications: John Linch

The job of Communications is to encourage Marcus Theatre to put itself out there into the school. They control non-theatre school affairs, such as what sporting events we will go to and when. They will embody school spirit, going to all the pep rallies and leading Marcus Theatre’s section. They will talk with adults within the school if Thespians want to make announcements, or perform anywhere, etc.

Community Outreach: Rachel Matthews

The job of the Community Outreach board member is to work on charity events, as well as any group event that takes place outside of Marcus, like other LISD school shows (deciding what days we go as a group, etc.), Relay for Life, and things like that. This person is the connection between Marcus Theatre and other high schools/feeder schools. This person will also work on poster put-out sessions, making a master list of shops that put up posters to make these sessions more efficient. They will assign certain shops to certain groups during these sessions, and do something similar with neighborhoods during Trick-or-Treat-So-Kids-Can-Eat. They are the main person when it comes to bringing Marcus Theatre out into the public.

Parliamentarian: Logan Collins

The job of the Parliamentarian is, in simplest terms, to keep the peace. Relations between board members is very important, and this person will keep relations positive. Other board members will check with this person before going to the Chair or the directors with small questions, because this person is involved in every aspect of the board. When other officers need help or an extra set of hands, they will go to this person.

Historian: Rachelle Jitariu

The job of the Historian is to document our year. They will control social media, take pictures of Thespians at events, make the show promotion videos, as well as the banquet video. They will give Marcus Theatre an online identity, as well as share information with those that need to receive it.

Event Coordinator: Bri Johnson

The job of the Event Coordinator is to work out the details of all meetings, parties, and group events. They will work out the monthly itineraries for Thespian meetings, as well as handle most of the party planning. Their job will be geared around individual events, but they will still contribute to other areas as needed in between events.