Thanksgiving Brawl!

Heroes of the Storm

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Premiered at BlizzCon, the Brawls arrived in the Nexus as a way to let players have fun in a more unstructured environment. While there are still objectives, most enjoy the all out teamfights that happen constantly. Even so, this past week saw the Nexus’ first PVE brawl - an escape from Braxis where five Heroes are teamed up and must make their way through hordes of infested enemies only to take down a boss before claiming victory.

Jeff’s Choices

Brawl Name

Holiday Travel

Hero Selection


All players will be forced to play a version of Lucio that always has increased movement speed and his “Q”  ability to push other players. The other basic abilities will be picked up throughout the match.

Hero Level

All Lucio players will be level 20, but will not pick any talents for this brawl.

Time Limit

The brawl takes roughly 10 minutes to complete and this will be a best of 3 to determine the winner.

Brawl Introduction

We all know that holiday travel can be the worst part of the holidays. Trying to get to your plane on time after spending the morning last minute packing is some peoples major issue, others arrive too early and end up playing nintendo switch for 4 hours just waiting for their plane to board. The Nexus is no different- and Lucio is flying standby on a full flight and had to beat the other characters to the gate.

The brawl will be laid out like a very long airport hallway decorated for the holiday. THe hallway will be approx the length of 4 full maps put together- but will only be as wide as half a lane. At the start of the race all lucios will take off from the hall of storms and head toward the airplane gate. Throughout their path they will encounter many obstacles that could hinder them from arriving to the plane first.

        --Stitches Family blocking the hall.

        --Sky way walkways that will be traveling in all directions

        --D Va pulling a cart of all her luggage that blocks part of the path.

Throughout the race the luco players will need to choose when to wall ride to avoid these obstacles. To entice players to not wallride there will be loot chests on the battlefield that if a luco run over them while skating in the hallway will give him items that he can use on the other players.

        --Null Gate drop that covers the entire lane including walls

        --Black Heart Coins (silver shoots straight, gold seaks out the next target)

        --Skate rockets that will boost the speed of the player for a short amount of time.

        --Ride Share driver that picks you up in a golf cart and takes you too the lead.

        --Hammer of Justice that drops on the leader out front and stuns them.

First player to reach the gate will be able to board the flight and score a point- first to 2 points wins the brawl!

Brawl Reward

Upon winning the brawl 3 times players are rewarded with a special Lucio Skin that has him dressed in an ugly overwatch holiday sweater.

Kristen’s Choices

Brawl Name

Black Friday

Hero Selection

        All Non-Humans

This includes Nephalem and any other race that appears to be human. Only the truly depraved shop retail on a holiday.

Hero Level

Each Hero starts at level 10 and gets to choose their talents up to that point, including their heroics.

Time Limit

        The brawl is twenty-four minutes long with three rounds of eight.

Brawl Introduction

On a tile set located somewhere in the hellish region of retail, three teams of five are pitted against one another to see which team will take home the most stuff. Each player begins with 100g. This gold is lost upon death and, in order to be picked up, must be channeled. If a shopper can’t get their gold (or anyone else’s) back in a minute’s time, they are grabbed by the store’s security and made to wait in their starting space until the next round.

The goal is simple - spend more gold than the enemy team. All around the hellish store are items on display. These items have to be channeled to be picked up. Once in the hands of a shopper, they have to be escorted back to the shopper’s starting position (their checkout line). Once across, the cost of that toy is deducted from the shopper’s total gold. If they don’t have enough, they can’t buy it.

Items range from stuffed murlocs to usable items, such as healing pulses and turrets. If useable, the item must be purchased first before it can be activated (as the security tag must be taken off).

The brawl is broken up into three rounds with the first offering no special items and the last spawning enough to turn the tide of battle. Each shopper’s gold amount is replenished at the start of each round.

The map is designed as a circle with four shopping displays in the middle that rotate. When an item is restocked, players can see terrified grunts placing the latest thing on the display before fearfully heading back to the stockroom.

Brawl Reward

Upon successful completion of three Black Friday runs, players are awarded a portrait of a terrified grunt.