Prepared for my granddaughter Liliana Cortez Gastón, by Maria Luisa Gaston, May-July 2017

SÁNCHEZ SIDE: Sanchez Macia Culmell Barraque Batista Domenech Vaurigaud Adue Adan Domenech

  1. MARIA LUISA SÁNCHEZ MACIÁ, born Dec 5 1922 Havana, Cuba, d. June 27 2016 North Lauderdale, FL. Called Nani by grandchildren, she was only daughter of Bernabé Sanchez Culmell and Ana María Maciá Barraqué. Married Melchor Gastón Segrera and had 6 daughters, 15 grandchildren, 25 great grandchildren. Known for her paintings of Cuban scenes, flowers and shell crafts, her service to church and civic groups and happy attitude to life. Their daughters:

MACIA BARRAQUE ANCESTORS: Our grandmother Ana María Maciá Barraqué, b. Dec 4, 1901 in Havana, Cuba, d. March 1989 in Hialeah, FL. Her parents were: Narciso Maciá y Domenech, b. 21 April 1855 in Barcelona, Spain, d.10 Nov 1933 in Havana, (son of Román Macia y Domenech, b. 1808 in Cataluña, Barcelona, and Emilia Domenech y Suris, b.1831 in Matanzas, d. 1913 in Barcelona) and Mariana Barraqué y Adué, b. 1865 in Barcelona, d.1942 in Havana, daughter of Jose Andrés Barraqué Sotolongo, from Matanzas, and Josefa Adué y Cabot, from Cataluña. Mariana and Narciso had 7 children, Ana María being the youngest. The Maciá y Barraqué families were Bacelona business people, who came to make it big in the “New World”. They were involved in Cuba in the production of Tropical Beer and Sensat Olive Oil, as well as a successful foodstuff commercial agency “Barrraqué, Maciá y Cia.”. Narciso Maciá, in addition to his business enterprises, served in many civic & social organizations, as Treasurer, Vice-president and President in many: Sociedad de Beneficencia Catalana, Cámara de Comercio e Industria y Navegación de Cuba, Lonja del Comercio, Asociación de Sociedades Económicas Unidas, el Habana Yacht Club, Centro de la Propiedad Urbana, Banco Mercantil Americano, La Tropical, Ermita a la Virgen de Monserrat, and the one he was proudest of and considered most important, the Casino Español de la Habana, where he was President for 8 years. Above all, he was proudest of his 25 grandchildren and the wife and children he so loved. Their 7 children, Mom’s first cousins Maciá Barraqué and our second cousins:

  1. BERNABE SANCHEZ CULMELL – Born in Nuevitas, Camagüey Jan 26, 1900. Died Oct 28, 1989 in Hialeah, FL. His parents: Bernabé Sanchez Batista and Anaïs Culmell Vaurigaud (see below). He married Ana Maria Maciá Barraqué in 1921 and had one daughter Maria Luisa and 3 sons Sanchez Macia:

One of the memories we grandchildren have of Abu: his love of fishing, his boat “Damují”, time he took to teach us fishing, love of the sea and love of our Cuban roots. He always wore his distinctive “cowboy” SOMBRERO. He played basketball in his youth, and dedicated his life both to improve the cattle business in Cuba and to serve his country.

In business, he had interests in Senado Sugar Mill, owned by the family from the 19th century, in northern Camaguey, Nuevitas municipality. From his father and on his own he received, developed and administered several ranches:

El Oriente – a cattle ranch, on the road to Sibanicú; had been both a Sugar Mill and a milking cattle business.

Santa Beatriz – cattle ranch, close by the Oriente, it was where the family lived.

Mola – near the city of Camagüey, the best of the cattle ranches, included “Finca Guarina”, where the Guarina Industry was developed, “the biggest milking enterprise in Cuba”, producing not just milk, but also the famous Guarina cheeses, butter and ice cream.  (Another “La Vega” – also a cattle ranch?)

Bernabé Sanchez Culmell and his Sanchez Maciá sons are credited with crossbreeding good Criollo cattle with bulls imported from business partner Texas King Ranch, crossbreeding for 30 years the Hereford, Cebú and Criollo breeds, to create a hardy breed for meat “cuatro nalgas” (‘four buttocks’, big round back side!) It was also named “Tínima” brand as the Sanchez Corporation was called since 1945 – Tínima Cattle Company, S.A.   Also cross bred dairy cows with pure-bred Holstein bulls imported by son Fernando Sanchez Maciá in the 1940’s from Illinois to improve the milk production.            

He developed other industries together with his sons: “El Agro” producing livestock feed for cattle and other animals. In the ‘50’s they developed the chicken breeding industry “El Caporal”. He also began in 1953 a Co-op of Feed Primers, as well as the slaughterhouse “Fuster” and the “Yankee Packing” industry for the sale of superior meats.  He also created an Insurance Company for the workers “La Cañera” and participated in many “Cattle Fairs of Camaguey”.

In the political field, he was first elected a Representative for Camaguey in 1936, then 1954 to ’58 was elected national Senator, representing Camaguey with honor and honesty. When he tried to resign his seat, due to a lot of graft and corruption, a group of his constituents begged him to stay, saying “if the honest politicians resign, we are left only with the crooks.” Upon his death he was praised as “a paradigm of patriotic honesty.” When he left Cuba due to the Castro Revolution, he worked in Colombia in the cattle business with his partners from Texas King Ranch, then returned to the US and lived in Florida. He worked in Hialeah in the National Bank of South Florida as their Vice-President for Public Relations, a job given him by his bank president friend, who knew how many people knew and loved “Bebé Sanchez” especially among the people of Camaguey who knew of his generous heart, and would come to visit him and ask for his help at the bank.         

  1. BERNABE SANCHEZ BATISTA – b. July 21 1871 in Nuevitas, d. March 5 1956 in the mansión “27 y N” in el Vedado, Havana. Sanchez Batista was in New York recovering from wounds he suffered in the Cuban Independence War, which ended 1898. He went to the Opera in Carnegie Hall and there he met and fell in love with Anaïs, who together with her sister Rosa, were Opera singers, singing in a fundraiser to collect money to send to the Cuban Revolutionary army.  He was considered a “great catch” as a rich Cuban landowner. He married Anaïs Culmell Vaurigaud in 1899 and had 7 children, the first of which was Bernabé Sanchez Culmell, my grandfather.

Since his father, Bernabe Sanchez Adan, had left the Senado Sugar Mill as inheritance to his second family (Sanchez Laurent), Bernabe Sanchez Batista began again to raise a fortune, this time very successfully dedicating his energy and business talents to the cattle business. By 1945 he set up a corporation, the Tínima Cattle Company, S.A. consisting of several cattle ranches, which his son Bernabé ably dministered. He was also Governor of the province of Camagüey from 1913 to 1917, a dedication to service to the country which he passed on to his son Bernabé as well.

 Sanchez Culmell children, of Bernabe Sanchez Batista and Anais Culmell Vaurigaud:

ANAÏS CULMELL VAURIGAUD ANCESTRY (1876-1968): Born Augut 1 1876 in Sagua la Grande, Matanzas, married Bernabe Sanchez Batista, d. Feb 19 1968 in Miami, FL at 92 yrs old; spoke French, English, Spanish, played the piano and sang for her grandchildren in all 3 languages. Her parents:

     Father: Thorvald Culmell Christensen, of Danish descent, born in Copenhagen, Denmark 10 June 1847. Came to America (Mexico) to work in his brother Peter Emilius' business, later went to New Orleans. He then travelled to Havana, Cuba, was only businessman of Danish descent there, was part owner of the firm Truffin Company and became quite wealthy. He married Anaïs Vaurigaud in 1870 Havana. His father-in-law praised him as “a competent businessman”. He was named Vice-Consul of Denmark in 1891 for the Spanish Island of Cuba. It was reported that he was involved in peace negotiations between Spain and US during the Spanish-American War. Appointed consul in Havana by the Cuban independence government in 1902. Died 1906 in Havana. Thorvald father: Lars Peder Christensen b. 1808 St.Lyngby, Denmark, Royal coach builder, master & member of Coachbuilder Guild, Alderman same guild d.1891; mother Marie Dorthea Kindt, b.1800 d. 1880 both Copenhagen. Thorvald switched last names, used Culmell Christensen. Born Thorvald Christensen Culmell 1847. He is GRANDFATHER OF THE NINS, SANCHEZ, CARDENAS AND CHASE COUSINS.

     Mother: Anaïs Vaurigaud Bourdin, b. 1853 in Matanzas, of French descent, died 1920 in Havana. Youngest of 9 children, (oldest was Auguste Theodore, b. 1836 in New Orleans). She was called “Pichón” by her father, was his favorite and didn’t want her to marry a Danish but she did anyway… eventually Theodore came to respect him, and lived the last few years of his life in their home in Havana.  Her father was Theodore Vaurigaud Vauchez, born Matanzas, Cuba 24 April 1806, d.1880 in Havana. Married Anaïs Bourdin Flack 1835 in New Orleans, of French descent living in the US. He is writer of a Journal in French (we have English translation), which records his life in Cuba, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Charleston, Texas, back to Matanzas and Havana. His parents: Theodore Pierre Vaurigaud Lechelle, d. 1812 (parents are Jean Pierre Vaurigaud and Marie Lechelle both of Pons, France), moved from France to St Domingue, and Emilie Francoise Vauchez Gilbert, b. 1788 in St. Domingue, of French landowners in Haiti before Revolution (parents Pierre Vauchez, and Jeanne Francoise Gilbert, both of La Rochelle, France. After marriage, the Vauchez went to St. Domingue at L’Arcais, as supplier to the French Army). Due to the Haitian Revolution by the slaves (1791-1804), Theodore’s parents Pierre and Emilie fled to Cuba, where Theodore is born, and then to New Orleans, which had belonged to France before the “Louisiana Purchase” in 1803 by the USA.  

Anaïs and Thorvald Culmell had 9 children; 5 girls: Rosa, Juana, Anaïs, Antolina, Edelmira; 4 boys: Thorvald, Enrique, Teodoro, Pedro. They lived in a house in Havana in front of the “Malecón”, with entrance on San Lazaro Street. The house had the letters “TC” – for Thorvald Culmell – carved on the wall facing the Malecón.

One of their daughters was Anaïs Culmell Vaurigaud, my greatgrandmother also called “Nani” who married Bernabé Sanchez Batista (see info above). Another daughter was singer Rosa Culmell Vaurigaud, who in 1902 in Havana married Joaquin Nin Castellanos, a famous concert pianist in Europe and Cuba, of Catalan descent, known in the Levy Conservatory in Havana. Rosa and Joaquin had 3 children. Their oldest, Anaïs Nin Culmell, b. 1903 in Neully, France, became a famous American writer of feminist diaries and poetry, gave lectures and poetry readings in many US universities in the 60’s, died in Los Angeles in 1977. Her name is immortalized in the famous perfume “Anaïs-Anaïs” and in her risqué feminist writings, still popular college reading today. Her brother Joaquin Nin-Culmell never married, was famous composer and pianist, gave performances in Europe and US, was music professor primarily at U.C. Berkeley, d. Los Angeles 2004. He composed numerous works including an opera, La Celestina produced in Madrid Sept. 2008. Other brother Thorvald Nin-Culmell, businessman in Latin America and Texas, is father of Ana Gayle Nin, Charles Thorvald Nin, and Katherine Nin.

  1. BERNABE SANCHEZ ADAN – born 15 July 1841 in Camagüey, was Lieutenant Coronel of Nuevitas Militias, and Landowner. Married in 1869 Caridad Batista y de Varona, belonging to the highest society of Camaguey (parents: Melchor Batista y Caballero, Lawyer, “Padre General de Menores”, Regidor de Puerto Principe, Camagüey, b. 1813, d. Puerto Principe 1890, and Irene Varona y de la Torre, Puerto Príncipe, Camaguey, b 1823, d 1876). Caridad died when she was only 26 yrs old. They had 6 children, Sanchez Batista: Maria de la Caridad, Catalina, Carlos, Alvaro, Pedro, and Bernabe Sanchez Batista (my great grandfather).

Bernabé Sanchez Adan then married in 1889 the daughter of the children’s French governess, young Eliza Laurent y Julliart, with whom he had 6 other children, the Sanchez Laurent.

His parents were Pedro Sanchez Dolz and Catalina Adan. He died 26 Sept 1926 of cancer in the liver, in Old Havana’s Hotel Inglaterra, after a long illness; he was 85 years old, and was highly respected in social and financial circles; was one of the pioneers of the sugar industry in the island of Cuba and the owner of Central Senado, located at Minas, Camaguey. This Sugar Mill is one of the most progressive in the island (a recent book about Julio Lobo “The Sugar King of Havana” has a whole chapter dedicated to Bernabe Sanchez Adan).

Since his 20’s he had been the right hand man in his father’s import/export business in Nuevitas, which prepared him to take over that business and later grow his own. Under his leadership, his father’s house grew in splendor, commercial affluence and territorial expansion, duplicating the number of imports and exports. In addition, the young Sanchez took over for his father the British Vice-Consulate in Nuevitas.

His greatest accomplishment as a man of business intelligence and financial ability was the development of the Senado Sugar Mill, having bought parts from others, then improving and building it up until it became one of the best and biggest, a source of national pride for the sugar industry.  In addition to the incredible growth of el “Senado”, Sanchez Adan was also a great innovator for the growing sugar industry in two other areas:      

 *He was the precursor in Cuba of the use of henequén sacks to package the sugar, instead of bulky and expensive wooden “bocoyos” crates. At first using “yute” sacks, he then dedicated great tracks of unused lands around Nuevitas as henequén plantations, to produce the sacks for sugar packaging. Soon all other sugar mills were using the much cheaper and handy henequen sacks for their sugar packaging.      

*Many had dreamed about using the green bagasse (left after liquid is squeezed out of sugar canes) as possible fuel. It was Sanchez Adan who fulfilled that dream, brought an expert from New Orleans, bought ovens and soon put them to work burning bagasse as fuel in the Senado Sugar Mill. This new improvement was soon followed by all Sugar Mills in the island.

 There is a lot written about the generosity of Don Bernabé with the workers of the sugar mill, for anyone who suffered necessity or hardship, and his disciplined simplicity of life. He woke up early, by 6 am was at work in his tall writing desk –he worked standing up, a practice he followed for 60 years. He walked a lot and often, for which he credits his good health. He lived his motto “It is better to give than to ask for” throughout his life, both in business and in his social and family life.  

  1. PEDRO SANCHEZ-PEREIRA y DOLZ, came from Cadiz, Andalucía, Spain, at beginning of 19th Century, in 1840 married Catalina Adan y Arteaga, from a distinguished family of Camaguey. Pedro founded and administered in harbor city of Nuevitas, Camaguey, an extremely successful export and imports house, bringing from foreign lands food provisions and other articles, and sending to other lands extraordinary quantities of sugar, honey and wood, in addition to carrying out the few banking operations that were being conducted at the time. The economic magnitude of the business made it one of the most important enterprises in Cuba at that time. When the elderly Andalusian decided to retire and move to Havana, accustomed as he was to confide in the financial acuity and in the honesty and talents of his last son, he handed over completely the leadership of his business to son Bernabé Sanchez Adán.

Earlier ancestors of Pedro Sanchez-Pereira y Dolz family:

Source: "Rama B" Sanchez-Pereira, Page 354, Volume II, "Historia de Familias Cubanas" (History of Cuban Families) por Francisco Xavier de Santa Cruz y Mallen, Conde de San Juan de Jaruco y de Santa Cruz de Mopox

Pereira family appears during the second half of the XVI Century, living in Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico, from where they moved to Havana at the beginning of the next century. One of the family’s members moved to Villa of Santa Maria de Puerto Principe (later named Camaguey) in the Island of Cuba during the second half of the XVII Century, giving origin to a distinguished and numerous family.

13) Mateo Pereira Sanchez was a field teacher of the Infantry regiment of Aragon, Governor of Yucatan and Gentleman of the order of Calatrava. He married Maria Catalina Gutierrez and they had three children: Maria Magdalena, Juan and Bernabe Sanchez Pereira y Gutierrez.

12) Captain Bernabé Sánchez Pereira y Gutiérrez, México, married Ana Del Rio Espinosa and had two children: Sebastian and Bernabe Pereira Sanchez y Del Rio, whom:  

  1. Sebastián Pereira Sánchez Del Rio was a priest.
  2. Captain Bernabé Sánchez Pereira Del Rio (11), native of Havana, moved to Villa Santa Maria of Puerto Príncipe. He married Juana Agramonte y de la Torre, daughter of Accountant Juan Salvador Agramonte y Ponce and Eugenia de la Torre y Cabrera. Bernabé and Juana had three children: Catalina, Sebastian, and Bernabe Sanchez Pereira y Agramonte.

10) Bernabé Sánchez Pereira y Agramonte married Jerónima Aguero y Zayas-Bazán in the Cathedral of Puerto Príncipe May 8, 1687. Jeronima was daughter of Fernando Aguero y Miranda, treasurer, Governor and Ordinary Mayor, and Antonia de Zayas-Bazan. Bernabé and Jerónima had five children: Maria, José, Fernando, Felipe, and Bernabé Pereira Sánchez y Aguero.

9) Bernabe Sanchez Pereira y Aguero was Ordinary Mayor of Villa of Santa Maria of Puerto Principe. He made his will on October 4, 1760. Bernabé married Beatriz Zayas-Bazán y de la Torre July 6, 1715. Beatriz was daughter of Lieutenant Junior Grade Fernando of Zayas-Bazan y Barreda, Governor of Santa Maria of Puerto Principe. Beatriz’s mother was Maria de la Torre and Torrente. Bernabé and Beatriz had seven children: Maria del Rosario, Maria Magdalena, Mariana, Andrés, Bernabé, José and Jerónimo Sánchez Pereira y Zayas-Bazán.

8) Jeronimo Sanchez Pereira y Zayas-Bazan made his will on February 9, 1785. He married Ana Maria Boza y Vergara in the cathedral May 14, 1745. Ana Maria was daughter of Captain Jerónimo Boza y de la Torre and Maria Antonia Vergara y Miranda. Jerónimo and Ana Maria had six children: Grace, Beatriz, Maria Antonia, Maria Loreto, Bernabé, and Pedro Sanchez Pereira y Boza.

7) Pedro Sanchez Pereira y Boza was a Teacher of Posts and Mails of Puerto Principe. He married Maria Jacinta Sanchez Pereira y Zayas-Bazan October 1, 1780. Maria Jacinta was daughter of Juan Felipe Sanchez-Pereira y Zayas-Bazan and Maria of the Asuncion Zayas-Bazan e Hidalgo.

(Juan Felipe Sanchez-Pereira y Zayas-Bazan married two times. The first time, 1782, he married Maria Asuncion Zayas-Bazan e Hidalgo, daughter of Pedro Urbano Zayas-Bazan y de la Torre and Maria Jacinta Hidalgo Agramonte).

Pedro and Maria Jacinta had two children: Soledad and Bernabe Sanchez Pereira and Sanchez Pereira.

6) Bernabe Sanchez Pereira y Sanchez Pereira was baptized June 16, 1789. He was Second Lieutenant of the Royal Spanish Guards, decorated with the Distinctive Cross because he participated in the bloody battle of Alcuhera on May 16, 1811.

Bernabe married Joaquina Dolz de Castellar y Lopez de Ganuza in the army parish in Cadiz, Spain August 23, 1813. She was native of Havana, and daughter of Joaquin Dolz de Castellar y Ruiz Morales, Brigadier of the Royal Army, Colonel of the Royal Corps of the Square of Cadiz, and Gentleman of the Order of Saint George of Alfamo and Mountain. Joaquina’s mother was Maria Josefa Lopez de Ganuza and Perez de Medina.

 Bernabe and Joaquina had four children: Adela, Emilio, Jose Maria, and Pedro Jose Sanchez Pereira y Dolz de Castellar.

5) Pedro Sanchez Pereira y Dolz de Castellar, (same as #5. above) born in Cadiz, was Public Surveyor of the villa of Puerto Principe/Camaguey August 26, 1842. In order to enter the army, his mother made declaration of nobility on March 3, 1831, in front of Captain General and Governor of the Cuba Island and in front of Juan Entrialgo, Public Notary of Havana City. He married Catalina Adan y Cardet in Puerto Principe/Camaguey October 12. Pedro and Catalina had five children: Catalina, Abigail, Hortensia, Joaquin, y Bernabe Sanchez Pereira y Adan (Bernabe Sanchez Adan, # 4. above).


El Camagueyano, several issues (bio of Bernabe Sanchez Adan 1926, and Bernabe Sanchez Culmell 1989)

Encyclopedia of Cuba

Libros de Empresas de Cuba y Propietarios de Cuba

Libro de Familias Cubanas

French Journal of Theodore Vaurigaud (translated by Gayle Nin)

Diary of Narciso Macia Domenech

Photos and info from various genealogies and emails sent by cousins

C:\Users\MLGaston\Pictures\My old pictures\Sanchez ancestors\The 3 Bernabe Sanchez.JPG    C:\Users\MLGaston\Pictures\My old pictures\Sanchez ancestors\Nani Anais on steps.JPG      C:\Users\MLGaston\Pictures\My old pictures\Sanchez ancestors\Mom Maria Luisa Sanchez w grandfathr Bernabe Sanchez Batista.JPG

Three generations: Bernabé Sánchez Adán (l), Bernabé Sanchez Batista and child Bernabé Sánchez Culmell, circa 1905 

Anaïs Culmell Vaurigaud, in front of their mansion in Vedado, “27 y N”, circa 1910

Maria Luisa Sanchez Maciá, 15 yr old, with her grandfather/godfather Bernabé Sánchez Batista, circa 1937

C:\Users\MLGaston\Pictures\My old pictures\Sanchez ancestors\Family of Bernabe Sanchez Batista y Anais Culmell.JPG  C:\Users\MLGaston\Pictures\My old pictures\Sanchez ancestors\Abu y Abuela Mom y Dad.JPG

Bernabé Sanchez Batista and Anais Culmell Vaurigaud and their growing family, circa 1938

Maria Luisa Sanchez Maciá & husband Melchor Gastón Segrera with her parents Bernabé Sanchez Culmell and Ana Maria Maciá, 1971                                      

 C:\Users\MLGaston\Pictures\My old pictures\Sanchez ancestors\Lili w great grandmother Maria Luisa Sanchez.JPG   C:\Users\MLGaston\Pictures\My old pictures\Sanchez ancestors\Mariana Barraque.JPG   C:\Users\MLGaston\Pictures\My old pictures\Sanchez ancestors\Narciso Macia.JPG    C:\Users\MLGaston\Pictures\My old pictures\Sanchez ancestors\Abu con sombrero y nietos (2).JPG

 LILI Cortez Gaston AND HER GREAT GRANDMOTHER “NANI” Maria Luisa Sanchez Maciá, 2013

Mariana Barraqué Adué and Narciso Maciá Domenech, parents of Ana Maria Macia Barraque, wife of Bernabe Sanchez Culmell

Bernabé Sánchez Cúlmell with his “cowboy” sombrero, and grandson Bernabé Sanchez Hevia, circa 1967

C:\Users\MLGaston\Pictures\My old pictures\Sanchez ancestors\Pierre Theodore Vaurigaud 1867 writer Journal.jpg   C:\Users\MLGaston\Pictures\My old pictures\Sanchez ancestors\Anais Bourdin Flack wife of Pierre Theodore aurigaud.jpg    C:\Users\MLGaston\Pictures\My old pictures\Sanchez ancestors\Anais Vaurigaud Bourdin 27 nov 1853 Sagua Matanzas married to Thorvald Culmell.jpg

Pierre Theodore Vaurigaud, 1867, and Anaïs Bourdin y Flack. Their daughter Anaïs Vaurigaud Bourdin. 1853 in Sagua

C:\Users\MLGaston\Pictures\My old pictures\Sanchez ancestors\Narciso Macia 1922 50 ys after arriving in Cuba.JPG 

Narciso Macia and 70 relatives, commemorating 50 years since arriving in Cuba, Jan 7, 1922