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“What if I Don’t Qualify for VR

Services?” Bedarius Bell Video

Video Description: A black man looks at the camera, sitting. Text insert appears: Bedarius Bell, VR Counselor, What If I Don’t Qualify for VR Services? He speaks English.


But it’s also important to understand that just because you become eligible for VR, doesn’t mean that you will qualify for all VR support, certain states have limitations on who they’re going to support to go out of state or to do other things.

Some VR programs just don’t have the funding to get to everybody and so there may be a waiting list. So you can't’ let that be the reason that you don’t pursue your goal or your dreams. As far as school goes, there are other options, financial aid is another option, and there are, there’s a lot of grant money that goes unclaimed because students don’t apply for it.

And there are a lot of grants that are specific to people with disabilities, some even, are specific to people with hearing loss.

So there are other options as far as employment, there are other options as far as college in your state and you just really need to do some research and find what those options are, but don’t let, you know, a lack of VR support be the reason that you don’t pursue your dreams or your goals.


Video Description:

NDC Logo appears above text, black lettering on a white background:

“This video was developed under a jointly-funded grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) and the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) #HD326D160001. However, the contents do not necessarily represent the positions or policies of the federal government.”

Next to it, three logos appear. The first reads “IDEAs that Work” with an arrow drawing a circle from “IDEAs” to “Work” and the words “U.S. Office of Special Education Programs”. The second logo shows a red-and-blue star with text next to it that reads “TA&D”. The third logo shows a blue circle around a tree. In the blue circle are the words “U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.”

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