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Concurrent Learning Expectations for Parents and Families
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Concurrent Learning Expectations for Parents and Families
2nd Semester

Updated 2/1/2021

A student participating in a remote learning environment is just as much a family commitment as it is a commitment by the student participating in the classes. The entire household will likely be impacted when a student is engaged in a remote class because the camera can see and the microphone can hear so much of what is around the student. We ask that family members work with each student as he/she is engaged in the remote learning environment to adhere to these expectations to better ensure a student’s success.

Basic Rules:

Parent/Family Responsibilities:

Remind your student of these Unacceptable Behaviors:

These inappropriate behaviors and others will receive appropriate consequences in accordance with School Board Policy JICDA and Administrative Rule JICDA-R Student Code of Conduct. Consequences may result in temporary or permanent loss of synchronous learning opportunities.

Parents/guardians should email your child’s assistant principal, school counselor, or the child’s teachers with any questions or concerns regarding privacy or remote classroom expectations.

Source: Detroit Public Schools Community District, SMSS Virtual Classroom Expectations, and Garden Grove Unified School District