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PEH Course Changes
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  1. What is the procedure for making course changes?

Students have 5 school days to change a course in the first semester, and 4 school days in the second semester (subject to availability).  Please note that any student wishing to switch an in school class to an elearning class must follow this same procedure outlined below. Availability for elearning classes once school has started in September, especially for grade 9 and 10 students, is very limited.

Students have 2 options as to how they can request a course change

Option 1:  (most time effective)

              Option 2:

Guidelines for course changes:

Appointments are limited and all course changes will be prioritized on the following basis:

  1. When is the last possible date to make changes to timetables?

Students will have 5 days to make changes to their schedules, subject to availability (4 days in semester 2).  Level changes, however, may occur up until  five days after the first reporting period.

We understand the concern for both students and parents surrounding course changes.  It is our goal to have students settled as quickly as possible in their classes for each semester.  Please respect the process so that schedule changes are done quickly and efficiently.